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December 7, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light – Achievements + Tips

A friend in need – 20G
Play co-op.
It’s simple, play in co-op, the achievement is given immediately after starting the co-op.
Leap of Faith – 15G
Catch Totek with the grappling hook as he jumps into the abyss.
Everything is also simple, you need to catch Totek with Lara’s hook, it is done only in a coop, you need Lara to face Totek, Totek jumps into the abyss, and at this moment you need to press RB so that Lara launches the hook and Totek does not fall into the abyss.
Return to sender – 15G
Deflect an enemy projectile with Totek’s shield.
It is done in a co-op because you can only play for Totek in a co-op. We turn on the second level, we go to the bridge near which the cut scene will turn on, after it “shamans” who shoot white balls will attack you, press LB , so that Totek put a shield in front of him, we safely reflect the white ball, wait for a few seconds and all the achievement is in our pocket.
Three birds, one stone – 10G
It is done both in a single and in a co-op. We load the second level, put relics or artifacts that give a plus to the Bomb, then we look for a cluster of red lizards in the amount of 3 or more pieces, put a mine by pressing the button Y , and when the lizards enter the explosion area, press again Y.
Jump jump – 10G
Jump off Totec’s shield while he bounces.
It is done in a cooperative. You need to press playing for Totek RB , so that Totek put a shield over himself, then Lara jumps Totek on the shield, then Totek Jumps and at the moment Totek jumps, standing on the shield Lara should jump.
Beat a better mousetrap – 10G
Activate all the spikes at once in the Spider Tomb spike field.
On the third level, which is called Spider Tomb, you need to turn on all the spiked plates at a time.
Breadwinner – 25G
Achieve maximum points at any level.
At any level, make a challenge with the maximum number of points, in order to collect them you need to kill all enemies, collect treasures and not allow yourself to be hit, then the points received for the enemies will be several times more and you still need not to die otherwise they remove the hard-earned points.
Seeing Red – 20G
Collect all 10 skulls in any level.
Collect all 10 skulls at any level.
Overachiever – 15G
Complete a Special Mission at any level.
You just need to complete a specific challenge for the level.
Tomb Raider – 25G
Collect all relics, artifacts and weapons.
The most difficult achievement in the game, you need to collect all weapons, relics, artifacts at all levels, most of it is found when performing challenges.

===> Video – Guide to finding relics, skulls, etc..

Secret achievements

Instant Sushi – 10G
Defeat the Summoned Beast in the Watery Depths.
Story achievement.
Vanquish Xolotl – 25G
Return the Smoke Mirror.
A storyline achievement. Received after defeating the final boss.

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