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June 25, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Left 4 Dead 2: Tip (Card Name, Full List)

Open Steam. Launch Left 4 Dead 2 and go to Options -> Keyboard-Mouse
Turn on your console. Now every time you press [~] (tilde),
then you will have a console appear.
Press [~] to turn on the console (no campaign or anything should work,
just game menu) and enter sv_cheats 1
Next in the console enter: map <название карты>

Dead Center
map c1m1_hotel (hotel)
map c1m2_streets (streets)
map c1m3_mall (park)
map c1m4_atrium (river port)

Dark Carnival
map c2m1_highway (highway)
map c2m2_fairgrounds (main fair)
map c2m3_coaster (coastal area)
map c2m4_barns (barns)
map c2m5_concert (…)

Swamp Fever (Swamp Fever)
map c3m1_plankcountry (…)
map c3m2_swamp (swamp, swamp)
map c3m3_shantytown (slums)
map c3m4_plantation (plantation)

Hard Rain
map c4m1_milltown_a (city plant)
map c4m2_sugarmill_a (sugar factory)
map c4m3_sugarmill_b (sugar factory)
map c4m4_milltown_b (city factory)
map c4m5_milltown_escape (city factory escape)

The Parish
map c5m1_waterfront (waterfront)
map c5m2_park (park)
map c5m3_cemetery (cemetery)
map c5m4_quarter (French Quarter)
map c5m5_bridge (bridge)

The passing
map c6m1_riverbank
map c6m2_bedlam
map c6m3_port

map c7m1_docks – Docks
map c7m2_barge – Barge
map c7m3_port – Port

No mercy
map c8m1_apartment – Apartments
map c8m2_subway – Metro
map c8m3_sewers – Sewers
map c8m4_interior – Hospital
map c8m5_rooftop – Roof

Fatal flight
map c9m1_alleys – Lanes
map c9m2_lots – Garage

Death knell
map c10m1_caves – Fencing
map c10m2_drainage – Drainage
map c10m3_ranchhouse – Church
map c10m4_mainstreet – City
map c10m5_houseboat – Boat station

Death in the air
map c11m1_greenhouse – Greenhouse
map c11m2_offices – Crane
map c11m3_garage – Construction
map c11m4_terminal – Terminal
map c11m5_runway – Runway

Bloody harvest
map c12m1_hilltop – Forests
map c12m2_traintunnel – Tunnel
map c12m3_bridge – Bridge
map c12m4_barn – Railway station
map c12m5_cornfield – Farm

Cold stream
map c13m1_alpinecreek – Alpine Creek
map c13m2_southpinestream – South Pine Stream
map c13m3_memorialbridge – Memorial Bridge
map c13m4_cutthroatcreek – Fierce Creek


god 1 – invulnerability for the whole team on.
god 0 – invulnerability for the whole team off.
give health – maximum health
give defibrilator – Get a Defibrillator
give adrenaline – get Adrenaline
give first_aid_kit – Get Full Equipment
sv_infinite_ammo 1 – infinite patrons on.
sv_infinite_ammo 0 – infinite patrons off.
kill – suicide
quit – quit the game
noclip – the ability to walk through walls
upgrade_add incendiary_ammo – upgrade, get incendiary ammo
upgrade_add explosive_ammo – upgrade, get explosive ammo
upgrade_add laser_sight – upgrade, get vision devices
give weapon_grenade_launcher – get a grenade launcher
give melee – hand fight
give rifle_desert – battle rifle
give rifle_ak47 – Get AK-47
give sniper_military – get a sniper rifle
give pistol_magnum – Get a Magnum pistol
give smg_silenced – Get Silenced SMG
give shotgun_chrome – get a chrome shotgun
give shotgun_spas – get an assault shotgun
give tonfa – get a club
give electric_guitar – get an electric guitar
give frying_pan – get a frying pan
give machete – get a machete
give pistol – get two pistols
give pumpshotgun – get a pump action shotgun
give autoshotgun – get a self-loading shotgun
give smg – get SMG
give rifle – get an M16 rifle
give hunting_rifle – get a hunting rifle
give molotov – Get a Molotov cocktail
give pipe_bomb – get a neutralizing bomb
give propanetank – get a propane barrel
give gascan – get (release) neutralizing gas
give oxygentank – get a gas mask
give ammo – get ammo for all types of rifles
z_spawn spitter – Spitter
z_spawn jockey – create a jockey
z_spawn charger – Spawn Charger
z_spawn zombie – Spawn a regular zombie
z_spawn mob – create a crowd of zombies
z_spawn boomer – Spawn Boomer
z_spawn hunter – Spawn a Hunter
z_spawn witch – create a witch
z_spawn smoker – Spawn Smoker
z_spawn tank – create a Tank

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