Mafia 2: Advice (How to make it rain, light at night, cold weapons in the demo?)

Question: how to make it rain, lighting at night, edged weapons in the demo?
Answer: 1. Download and install Visual C ++ 2010.
2. Download this archive, extract the files.
3. Run Configurable_Injector.exe on behalf of the Administrator.
4. Start the game (Injector should disappear); leaving Vito’s apartment, press F1, a weapon appears.
5.We minimize the game and open m2con.exe and add the commands there:
1) Night
game.gfx: SetWeatherTemplate (“DTFreerideNight”)
2) Day
game.gfx: SetWeatherTemplate (“DTFreeRideDay”)
3) Rain
game.gfx: SetWeatherTemplate (“DTFreeRideDayRain”)
4) Cold steel
(when trying to hit them, Vito immediately pulls out a pistol; that is, you can only look, but you cannot beat anyone)
for i = 0, 1000 do end
all commands will have to be entered manually, since I can’t insert text from the buffer into the console 🙁

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