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August 20, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Mafia / The City of Lost Heaven: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the episode with the motel, it is very useful at the very beginning to shoot the wheels of the yellow “enemy” car. Then he won’t be able to quickly get away from you..


When passing the mission with the hotel, you can avoid meeting with almost all the police (on the roofs).
It is quite easy to get rid of the one that runs from below – run at least to the second or third roof. And from the second one (on the building with a sniper it is somewhat more difficult) – the main thing is that there are enough lives, so we climb onto the cornice closer to the building (near the stepped descent – where the patrol used to meet you, but you have to stand on the cornice of the third building) and jump onto porch (you will see it). It takes a lot of lives (I have 8 out of 23), but it’s better than being killed by the cops. By the way, if you open the door on the porch, then you will see the same platoon standing at attention and not paying any attention to you. 🙂

When completing the same mission, but on the roof of the church (already in the attic), be sure to take a first-aid kit – it restores lives almost completely.

The police almost never look into the alleys – so if you are wanted – go for it!


To get to the 3rd city, take a boat and, having dispersed, jump ashore.
Then push it into the water with the machines, by the pipes, and swim.

The game has a lot of jokes.
When you run away from the bad guy at the beginning of the game, you can find a pissing person in the alley.
Approach him. He will run around the yard without stopping pissing.

While driving a racing car, you probably noticed that the bridge is quite busy. When you go back, stop on the bridge and go to the guy who wants to jump, then what will happen, you will see…

It’s great to drive into gas stations. You just have to get out of the car … and BOOM.

There’s a joke in the motel episode.
When you go down from the second floor, go forward to the toilet and go into it. If you right-click on one of the toilets, the main character will take off his pants and … Then you will see for yourself.

In a mission on a steamer, you can “eat” to the glitches.
To do this, you need to go to the far left corner of the bar, there you will see a wine glass, it must be used until Tommy refuses. After a while your head will go.

A grueling ride can be avoided in a race mission.
At the start of the race, there is a place where the road is blocked by blocks. Drive there without paying attention to the WRONG WAY sign. After leaving the track, press zero on the numeric keypad. The car will be at the very finish line. Cross it, and watch with joy as one circle is credited to you. Perform the procedure 5 times.

Who does not want to go through the entire FREE RIDE EXTREME, but wants to have all the special cars, go to the northeast of Oakwood. Do you see a booth almost at the very edge of the street? Next to her is a house with a blue door. Come to the door and press the action, now all the special cars are in your pocket (write to [email protected] and I can give you a map where this door is located).

You can get a good drink on the Happy Birthday mission. Go to the bar on the ship and go to the far left corner. There is a glass of alcohol forgotten by everyone on the counter. Drink until Tommy says, “I think I’ve had enough.” Leave the bar and watch the funny effect.

In THE PRIEST – SURPRISE mission, immediately after starting, turn 180 degrees. See the bucket full of bricks? Go to the edge and see who is below. Now shoot the bucket and watch it hit the poor guy.

In the episode with the motel, it is very useful at the very beginning to shoot 1 wheel of the yellow “enemy” car, making 4 shots in the wheel axle. Then he just won’t be able to move..

In a mission with a prison tower, when you aim to kill a politician, look at the river – there is some loser, something went wrong with the boat – you can shoot several shots at him for training.

In the mission at the Corleone Hotel you can do without injuries and unpleasant encounters with guards, here’s how to do it…
First, run to the third floor and deal with Michelle (from the elevator to the right, the door is around the corner), then run to the first floor, run behind the reception desk, sit down close to him and press the action, then take out your 1911 Colt – the bloody receptionist will get the sawn-off shotgun and will stand with him, without ceasing to tell how to find a manjura in a white jacket, who supposedly sits in a restaurant, but in fact flies into his office on the fourth floor, since the alarm has already begun and Mouzon is playing.
Don’t listen to the porter, but crawl back a couple of steps (Tommy doesn’t know how to shoot close) and cover the porter, otherwise he, when he’s talking enough, will shoot you. Take the sawed-off shotgun and the key that hangs in the room.

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