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September 14, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Manhunt: Useful Walkthrough Tips

The main goal of this game is not to kill, but to rank. Therefore, a simple scuffle and
shooting (unless there is no choice) is not a method. Maximum rating
given with more than 70% Execution to Kill ratio.
Executioners can be executed with any object that comes across (disposable: wire, piece
glass, package; as well as eternal: knife, ax, bat, sickle, crowbar, machete, etc.).
In addition to the speed of action and appearance, there is no difference. So do that,
what is more like it. Personally, I prefer crowbar, sickle and knife – they are very
“rapid-fire”. The bat, the ax is slower, and they don’t look very good..
True, the bit has one advantage. This is a level three attack – chokes first,
then knocks out the brains. very effective if there is a wall nearby. You can also feints
do with a noose and a machete. The third level of attack is a stranglehold and everything with a machete allows
cut off the head, and use it as bait. But let’s continue.
The principle is simple. the main thing is not to rush. To carry out the execution,
you need to approach the hunter from behind (walking or standing, it doesn’t matter) and wait
until Cash raises his hand with the instrument. If you don’t, it will work
a simple blow, and even if he falls into the void, the hunter will hear you. Thereafter
holding the mouse button (no matter what) wait for the desired level. The first is gray
pointer. This is the simplest execution. The second, yellow appears in 2 seconds – this
second level and more spectacular “rating” execution. The third, red, will have to
wait 4 seconds. This is the most spectacular attack. (Visually, by the way, not always. But so
the authors think). No one will hear the execution, but of course they can see, be
be careful. For more security, as I said, use the “fast”
means: knife, sickle and crowbar.
Note that in a fight, almost all weapons have the same damage. Well, maybe an ax
and machetes hurt enemies a little more. But not by much. And a fight is harmful and
dangerous occupation. In addition, it is rare to be able to swing with one opponent.
And together they will overcome you in any case. To prevent this from happening, there is a trick,
which I will describe below.
The game also has ranged weapons. True, not all of them are gunshot.
The first unit is a nailgun. in Russian a nail gun (hello quake) or construction
stapler. To overwhelm an enemy, you need three or four direct hits to the head or 6-8
into the body.
Pistol. Revolver with 6 charging drum. Headshot can be done in 5 steps,
further, the accuracy drops greatly. But that’s enough. Pistol duel level
I went through the department store almost without wounds, the main thing is to aim faster and not shoot
in vain. enough cartridges, but the drum is small.
Sniper rifle. shoots either tranquilizer darts or else
something similar. On a head hit, the enemy is knocked out for 5-10 seconds. And in
it is better not to shoot the body – short-term paralysis that disappears after the first
same blow.
Shotgun. Double-barreled and, accordingly, double-shot. At a distance of more than 3
steps is useless. With a successful salvo, you can fill up immediately. The headshot is very beautiful, but
you need to go 1-1.5 steps. I warn you. Level c will be very difficult.
shotgun duels. Train your accuracy.
In principle, this is all you might need in the first couples. But I’ll tell you about
military zhity that will help you throughout the game.
In scenes where hunters are armed only with melee weapons (as a last resort
nails) can be opened almost harmlessly (if it really happened) and
hide again. Almost every level is almost filled with shadows. And the passages between them
lots of. If something goes wrong and you are noticed, run. Run there,
where there is more room for maneuver. You can make a circle or two – yours
the pursuers are a little slower, and they will hardly be able to hurt you. Along the way
notice shadows. You need to hide suddenly, right on the run, stopping in the shadows.
You will not be seen if you are off by more than half the radar circle (for
rare exception). If the pursuers on the radar are still red when you
hid and when approaching you closer than more than one body-arrow retain
red (plus music and hazard indicator), just run out again and
come off. So you can run for a very long time, even from 3-4 enemies. the main thing is not
miss the moment. when the pursuers (and they usually split into a certain
moment) will stop nearby – it’s time for the execution. Then quickly back to
shadow and you are safe!
One more tip. Mini-games with a crane and refrigerator are best in general
do not start. more precisely, you have to start, but it will be problematic to finish.
The first crane in the landfill is passed even less. but the second one is easier to pass, right away
after jumping out of it and hiding in its own shadow. One by one you
deal with hunters faster and easier than sitting in a crane.

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