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January 9, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Mass Effect: Tip (Editing the Biogame.ini File) [1.02]

Actually, a little advice for those players who want to quickly complete the game without bothering themselves with long firefights and without a Trainer.

I post here the setting of the Biogame.ini file.

1) Making party members immortal.
Look for the line [BIOC_Base.BioPawnBehavior] in the BioGame.ini file. She is somewhere in the middle of the file.
We are looking for lines there:


Mass Effect: Tip (Editing the Biogame.ini File) [1.02]

Change the values ​​in the following lines to 0 and we get immortal party members. A kind of “live ram” or a way to divert enemy fire from yourself.
m_fBleedOutMinDamageResistance = 0.0f
m_fBleedOutCasualMinDamageResistance = 0.0f
m_fHenchDamageResistance = 0.0
m_fHenchCasualDamageResistance = 0.0

Save changes.

2) Making recoilless skills (can be used without cooldown). Keep in mind that some enemies will also spam skills. A prime example of such spam is the Geth on Eden Prime and on subsequent missions. Hooligans can spam the entire passage with these barriers and make themselves inaccessible to the player (on insane difficulty). The way to overcome this is to carry a Liara with a Singularity with you or throw an area near the barriers with a High Explosive Grenade in the hope that a splash will shred an enemy or a shockwave will throw it into a pit, and so on … When the enemy dies, the barriers disappear.

So how to make a recoilless skill.

Find the following line in the BioGame.ini file
m_bSkipPowerCooldown = FALSE

and replace the FALSE value with TRUE

m_bSkipPowerCooldown = TRUE

In order not to mess around for a long time, you can do this.
Copy the line with False, open in the REPLACE window which is in the EDIT tab of the notebook, insert the line with FALSE into the WHAT line, and then insert the same line into the WHAT line with the TRUE value. Then click on the REPLACE ALL button.
Notepad will find this line itself and replace it with the modified version.

In such a non-sickly way, you can save yourself from the need to shoot at the enemy, since the skills will be recoilless and with the correct click settings, you can start up 3 attacking skills at a time.

3) The best gear to play.
In the console, write the following lines

giveallarmor Manf_Jorman_Armor_Hazard
– will give hidden game armor Threat. In terms of stats, it surpasses the Predator from Armax Arsenal, but loses several units in protection from those and bio damage. Looks prettier and has a unique asymmetrical pattern.
There are several more variants of the Threat, they differ only in name and color scheme. Almost identical in stats.
The armor has 3 options – light, medium and heavy. Feature and also a lack of armor – one model for all 3 types (like the rest of the hidden body armor). Available to turians, krogan, and humans. Krogan and Turian have the same armor appearance for all hidden armor. 

Armor has a hidden property – the shield has a resistance to damage and falls off more slowly than usual, it is also noticed that this armor protects well from damage when the shields are sleeping (you need to sit under very strong fire). You can get it ONLY WITH THE CONSOLE. IN THE GAME DOES NOT MEET AS DROP.

Mass Effect: Tip (Editing the Biogame.ini File) [1.02]
Mass Effect: Tip (Editing the Biogame.ini File) [1.02]
Mass Effect: Tip (Editing the Biogame.ini File) [1.02]

giveallweapons manf_spectre03_weap – will give a set of HMW – the best weapon in the game. Oppression even without mods on madness. 

giveallbioamps manf_serrice_bioamp – will give the best bio-booster in the game for biotics Scientist X.

giveallomnitools manf_serrice_omnitool – will give the best toolkit for characters with technical ability.

GiveBonusTalent No. – you can add additional talent to the character, but do not overdo it, since it is impossible to cancel it, and the hidden lines of the main talents with the inability to pump them are not good. 
You can safely add 1 talent without breaking the talent list construction, the 2nd talent is a borderline. Otherwise, the charm and intimidation will be hidden outside the field..

Talent numbers.
7 Assault Rifles
14 Shotguns
21 sniper rifles
49 Throw
50 Lift
56 Warp
57 Singularity
63 Barrier
64 Stasis
84 Electronics
86 Damping
91 Hacking
93 Decryption
98 First Aid
99 Medicine

SetParagon 999  – will give 999 Hero points (needed to increase the Persuasion skill)
SetRenegade 999  – will give 999 Renegade points (needed to increase the Intimidation skill)
After pumping skills, any of these indicators can be reset to zero by placing instead of the number 0. The skill leveling is preserved..

4) Install a “finite-infinite” number of grenades, first aid kits, uni-gel, credits.

We are looking for the line [BIOC_Base.BioInventory] in BioGame.ini

Below are the parameters responsible for grenades, first aid kits and other shnyaga.
We make according to the sample.

m_fTreasureStdDev = 0.35
m_nResourceIdOffset = -1000
m_nPlotItemOffset = -10000
m_nMaxCredits = 99999999
m_nMaxGrenades = 99999
m_fMaxSalvage = 99999
m_fMaxMedigel = 99999
srInventoryTitle = 151385

These changes will increase the capacity of grenades, first aid kits, uni-gel and credits by the specified amount.
Then we enter the following in the console.

initgrenades 99999 – give the specified number of grenades.
Initmedigel 99999 – give the specified number of first aid kits.
initsalvage 99999 – give the specified number of uni-gel.
initcredits 99999999 – give money in the specified amount.

The pomegranate will throw – do not throw, heal first-aid kits – do not heal. 
In the game we will see the numbers 99 opposite the first aid kit and grenades, but the number will be much higher.
Uni-gel will go over a thousand and the numbers will change, and not stick around at one value as before.
By the way, yes – first aid kits are also recoilless.

Hope it is useful to someone.
As I learn, I will post additional changes.

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