Max Payne 2 / The Fall of Max Payne: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the properties of the shortcut, enter -developerkeys
We start and when you press [F3] you can move the camera anywhere with the arrows, [HOME] and [END] slowing down the acceleration of time in the game, [INSERT] and [DELETE] moving through the level, [PAGEUP] and [PAGEDOWN] changing the character.

I don’t know about the others, but I have some kind of buggy version of Payne.
After the first level, the game is cut down and writes Directory ……… not found.
If someone is also struggling with solving this problem, I can help. Go to Payne’s folder. Further data \ database \ level_items \
There will be other folders and some text files in the folder. So: we are looking for any TXT file starting with the word Ammo (ammunition), followed by the name of the weapon. For example Ammo_Shotgun.txt Create a folder with the same name. If the file is Ammo_Shotgun.txt, then the folder should be named Ammo_Shotgun (without txt). Copy the Ammo_Shotgun.txt file to this folder. We do this with all Ammo _… txt files located in the level_items directory. ALL. Must go. (At least 98 and 2000 Windows works for sure).

PART 1, Chapter 7, there is a secret room outside the building. There is a shelf at the bottom, you will see a part of the cut off pipe – there is a shelf that leads away from the open window. Follow this ledge (pipe jump) around to the secret room..

Who has a buggy game like Not Founded?
There is one secret to go to the data \ database \ level_item \ folder and create the folder that is required, for example, Ammo_Shotgun. Then the game will go.

At the end of the game, when Vlad throws cocktails, you just need to scribble at him so that he cannot do anything and then he will die immediately.

Part 1 Chapter 8.
After descending on the platform for window washers, you will see a killed man from the window. Kill the shooting cleaner and go to the side opposite the window, along the cornice. Around the corner there will be a secret room with some kind of book.

Part 1 Chapter 8.
After descending on the platform for window washers, you will see a killed man from the window. Kill the shooting cleaner and go to the side opposite the window, along the cornice. Around the corner there will be a secret room with some kind of book.

At the Million dollar question level, when you run along the parapets and throw grenades at you, before entering the window, after a corpse flies out from there, run on the parapet further, jump over the pieces of iron and you will have a secret…

In the second level, right after the hospital, there is such a secret: there is a tap in the room with two cleaners. You need to go to him, press, “use” and he will raise a beam, along which you can get to a box with a paykiller, a grenade and cartridges for the gun.
If anyone does not know, at the level, in the theater you can go into the room (behind the bar), and there … a bunch of stuff + new weapon – JackHammer.

In chapter 7 of the 3rd part, when you are in the basement and with one pistol, you need:
1. Quickly soak 4 thugs
2. Run back and hide in a white trailer and quickly close the door (otherwise you will blow yourself up)

In the third chapter, at the end of the level “War” there is a secret room.
At the end of the level in front of the last door (a fat man with a shotgun got out from there) at the end of the street where the car is burning, on the left you need to blow up two tanks. They will explode and take out the garage door where there are a bunch of strikers.

In a mission where you have to run away from the commandos, and then from the man with the MP5, you just need to stand behind the commandos and it turns out that the man will start shooting at the commandos. Then you just pick up a weapon and kill this guy. And you don’t need to run from anyone!

After activating at the beginning (1 ch. 1 part.) The high jump code, climb onto the roof of the container with graffiti. See a couple of cool posters.

If anyone writes “Not Founded” my advice:
There is a patch on the Max Payne installation disk …. as soon as you install the game, install the patch, it looks like it won’t install itself. Personally, after the installed patch, I did not have any problems.

At the level where at the beginning the sniper is in the house opposite, you can get a free shotgun and paintkillers.
For the shotgun: go straight from the beginning of the level, you will see Mona shooting reptiles. Run after her, wet a few more brakes, and you see an old woman wetting the cleaner with a shotgun. Walk up to her, listen to the chatter and talk to her again. She will open the cabinet with the gun. Take her, wet the old woman and take her gun. Painkillers from an old woman who annoys you with phrases like, What a good boy came!,. Do exactly the same with her.

After Max’s first nightmare, there will be a moment when it will be necessary to endure the cleaners chasing the bum. We take out. We push one of them with shots from a shotgun into the elevator so that his legs stick out a little from there. We go into the elevator, click on the button, and after that the corpse will perform SUCH breakdance, which you have never seen.

When the “cleaner” takes you to the door, kill him and another dude, go to the yellow car, jump on it, press “use” and the board will rise. When the barrels roll down, walk along the board to the box. Jump from it to the right – onto a row of boxes, go further. There will be a small box. There you will find a grenade, pain reliever and ammo.

Super cool secret!
If you see that there are a lot of dudes, and there are few cartridges in the clip (especially for a shotgun), then you just jump to the side and suddenly, you have a full clip!

Want to watch a cartoon?
Then walk to the end of the Million Dollar Question level, but do not go into the elevator, but go to the room you entered through the window. Walk up to the TV and turn it on.
P.S. the secret works if you have completed the level completely!

Well, this probably cannot be called a secret … Just a joke.
Remember the granny in the blue robe who took out the outfit with the shotgun? Enter the room and lightly stuff it with lead (so that it does not smudge, but also so that it starts to smack at you). Now try to play cats and mice with her, run there, jump in slow motion … In short, the cleaner’s instincts wake up in the grandmother, she will start tumbling and jumping to the sides…
Heh heh … Not funny, right? Then here’s something else:

Sometimes from time to time I got such a glitch: the point is that you have to jump on your hater, and immediately before he got up, quickly soak him (most often it turns out to be grenade). In short, your friend will turn over on a boss, and start spinning on his head around his own axis, like an idiot…
Gee … Didn’t like it again? : (

If you have an unpatched English version, start it right now, choose a level with an abundance of cleaners … well, at least “In the middle of something”, choose a Kalash and in slow motion (right-click, for gifted ones), do not shoot at the janitor’s tambourine turning off the slowdown, in short, then immediately walk around him and watch his neck (in the sense of the neck, this is for the gifted).

At the level when you run around Max’s apartment, if a sniper bothers you, then just close the blinds.

Do you want to play billiards?
In part 1 of chapter 7, where a man plays the piano, there is a billiard table next to it, give MP5, turn on the sight and play!
Walk up to the piano and Max plays a familiar tune!

In short, Vlad can (NEEDED) be thrown off the platform with MP5 and Kaufman should be killed by shooting in his left leg – he then wicks an incomprehensible weapon.

When you pass all three difficulty levels, at the end of the third level Mona will survive.

Play as a naked woman:
Run game with parameter – developerkeys
The line should look something like this:
“C: \ Program Files \ Max Payne \ MaxPayne.exe” – developerkeys
or like this:
C: \ Program Files \ Max Payne \ MaxPayne.exe – developerkeys

Now start the game, now press the [page up] and [page down] keys to switch between character models. At the very top there should be a model of a fully drawn naked woman.

Developer Keys:
Run game with parameter – developerkeys
The line should look something like this:
“C: \ Program Files \ Max Payne \ MaxPayne.exe” – developerkeys
or like this:
C: \ Program Files \ Max Payne \ MaxPayne.exe – developerkeys

Now during the game use the following keys:

[C] – switch camera mode
[PgUp] – change the player model (up the list)
[PgDn] – change the player model (down the list)
[Ctrl] + [PgUp] – change the texture of the player model (up the list)
[Ctrl] + [PgDn] – change the texture of the player model (down the list)
[Home] – increase the speed of the game
[End] – reduce the speed of the game
[Home] + [End] – set the default game speed
[Insert] – teleportation to the next starting point in the game
[Delete] – teleport to the previous starting point in the game
[F7] – show enemy movement on.

If you don’t want to waste slowing and lives, then do so. Make the enemy see you, then move away to another point (preferably a corridor) and get ready to shoot. The enemy does not have time to react and he is dead. If there are too many enemies, then stand in a place where only one or two people can hit you.
To complete the mission, go to where the enemies are (mostly). If you don’t know where to go, find a walkthrough here. If the level does not end at the right place, then go through the mission again.

Dear KILLER unfortunately not mentioned? that these same files need to be copied to the folders of the same name (a glitch with directоry not found)? with which they are of the same name, otherwise it will not work (I also had to fix this glitch manually without outside help). Although he wrote about WIN 98/2000, and I have XP. Perhaps this is the case, although it is unlikely … In the near future I will find something else (I have M P 2 recently – I have not had time to dig deeper yet).

If you go through all the difficulty levels, then at the end Mona remains alive!

In the last chapter, where you have to kill Vlad, you can just throw a grenade to where he throws cocktails and dynamite. Then the chandelier will immediately fall. If you do not have grenades, you can enter the corresponding code (coder).

Who wants to see Mona completely naked??
It’s very easy to do! When starting the game, add the -developerkeys parameter (namely -developerkeys and not -developer). You can do this through the Start and Run menu … (insert into Run … the address with the game (together with the quotes (“”)) and write -developerkeys after the quotes with a space (looks like this: “C: / Games / Max Payne 2 / MaxPayne2.exe “-developerkeys). Then click OK and in the chapter where Mona is in the shower (part 1 chapter 7) right in the splash screen press F3. Now we can move the camera with the arrows and the mouse! Press F3 again, and it appears another kind of camera! Looks very impressive.

Recently discovered some glitch.
If in the chapter in Max’s house [this is useless], after you activated the remote control, go into the room with the dead granny, go out to the cornice and go a little to the left, you will see the letter .M. if you press E several times, then if you turn around you will see Strange lights and MAX will say “ very strange ”

In chapter 7, in the first part (million dollars), right after you exit the elevator, go to the closed door on the left near it (where the light is off) and you will hear a joke.

In part 2, chapter 3, at the beginning of the level, you can jump down without dying. When you walk on the foundation, an explosion occurs, and a person flies out of there. Take advantage of the moment the explosion starts; a huge garbage falls on the left – jump on it.

Part 2, chapter 1. At the very beginning of the level, as soon as you fill up the two cleaners descending the stairs, do not rush to go upstairs. Take a walk to the far end of the room – behind the attic with the door closed. There you will find an “AK” with full ammunition.

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