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July 13, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Interesting Facts / Secrets (Easter Eggs)

Secret level
In the “Object” column of the game shortcut, add + set ui_console 1 + set cheats 1 + set thereisnomonkey 1. You will get something like this: That_folder_where_you_installed_Medal of Honor \ mohaa.exe + set ui_console 1 + set cheats 1 + set thereisnomonkey 1.
After entering the game, call the console by pressing the “~” (tilde) key and enter the word maplist there. As a result, we will see a list of all game cards. Left-click on the name of any level – and you will immediately find yourself at the selected location. But this is not important, but the fact that there is one copy in the list of cards, which you will not find during the passage of the game. His name is m4l0.bsp. I draw your attention to the fact that it is not a clumsy level, but a full-fledged and very interesting mission. It is difficult to say why the developers did not include this map in the list of singleplayer missions. Probably, she did not fit into the storyline (although what kind of storyline is there in MOHAA …). Or maybe the authors just prepared a little surprise for us. But in any case, it is recommended to look at this level and play on it for all fans of the game. (Thanks to Maxidrom for this Easter Egg).

The disco is hosted by DJ Hitler today!
From the very beginning of the second part (Scuttling the U-529 – NAXOS Prototype) of the second mission, we go into the room where the Germans are sitting at the table and playing cards. After entering it, look to the right – there the wall is occupied by a large window. Through its glass we can see a small section of the first floor of the submarine, where there are two fascist guards. Come close to the window and walk along its left side, while pressing the “use” button (by default E, if anyone forgot). Now look out the window – the Nazis will take turns doing push-ups, performing various physical exercises, doing somersaults and even dancing! As soon as the performance is over, repeat the procedure you did before and you will see the continuation.

He did not take the Hippocratic oath…
If you, while playing at the highest difficulty level (hard), in the first and second parts of the fifth mission, save all your colleagues alive and in the next part you will reach the tank with the whole composition, you will become a participant in an interesting but very dangerous mini-game. The following inscription will inform you about its beginning: “You have 60 seconds to find a safe hiding spot and then Bazooka-Med will be on your trail”. (You are asked to hide from a German medic armed with a bazooka in sixty seconds so that he cannot find you – otherwise you will suffer painful death). This task is not an easy one, but it can be done. You just need to find a suitable shelter, which – I suggest! – local ruins can serve. After the end of the mini-game, the mission will continue safely.

Beginner musician
At the beginning of the fourth part (called The Communications Blackout) of the sixth mission, after passing the arch, take the first turn to the left – and you will find yourself next to a building with large windows. It has a door with a sign that says “Rarten Bersteller”. We open the door and go into the room. You will find yourself in a small room, from which you must go out into the corridor in order to enter the hall located on the right, where in the corner there is a piano, and next to it – a guitar. If you go to the first one and press the “use” key, your hero will play the “branded” music of the game on the piano.

It’s more fun together
In the second part (The Rescue Mission) of the first mission, when you, having freed Major Grillo, penetrate the large arch and find yourself in a long courtyard (the entrance to it is shown in the screenshot), go up the steps of the stairs located next to the truck.
Turn left and go further along the platform until you see a small and unremarkable passage in the corner, located behind a small staircase. Climbing up it, you will find yourself in a room inhabited by unfriendly Fritz and a captured sniper in the amount of one piece, as well as full of useful things, such as first-aid kits and ammunition. But the main thing here is the same sniper captured by the fascists who will gladly join you and help you in the fight against the fascists..

Sound engineer
One of the levels will have to rescue an agent named Jack Grillo. The writers did not strain their imagination: this is the name of the game’s chief sound engineer.

Favorite developer quotes
Developers love to leave their favorite quotes in games. The authors of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault were no exception. True, it is not so easy to find quotes..
First, open the folder where you installed the game and find the Pak5.pk3 file. Change the extension from pk3 to zip and extract the contents of the archive. One of the folders in the archive is called Maps – open it and find the m3l1a.scr file. Change its extension from scr to txt and open it – dozens of quotes from developers are waiting for you, some of which are very funny.

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