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June 2, 2020
20 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Might and Magic 7 / For Blood and Honor: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

If you want to always have money, cool things and even ARTIFACTS with you, then do
the following procedures:
– When starting the game, visit the Crusader – Sir Charles.
He will give you the task of killing one disgusting creature (Vramtrax the Heartless) – this is a dragon that lives in Tatalia, in a cave. But do not rush to become CRUSADERS !!! This is very important for my secret to work. First, rock your characters well (levels are 20-25); give them a class (if possible).
The most important thing is to make a Wizard-Sorcerer or Druid-Senior Druid. Next, raise their knowledge of air, water and fire magic to the master. Now you are ready for the test … Go to
Tataliya and go into the cave, but DO NOT kill Vramtrax !!! Enter the cave, cast protection from air, water, fire, blessing, heroism, CONSERVATION and regeneration (if
want to survive). Now click on the “tent” and select the icon “Sleep 8 hours”, but be
watchful !!! If you did everything correctly, then DRAGONS will attack you in a dream !!! About a couple
green or blue – RED was rare for me. Well now then you know what to do – soak
them. Not only do they give a lot of experience, but when you kill them, then save the game, search the dragon and find about 1000 gold in each and useful expensive things. If you don’t like the thing, then you can reload the game at the place where the dragon corpses remained. Sometimes in the Green Dragons you can also find ARTIFACTS with RELIC.
– I recommend saving the game every time you kill the first batch of these “cute” creatures.
– The stream of artifacts “dries up” when your characters have about 10 artifacts (in

The advice that is written here is worth nothing, with level 20 – 25 you can live like this in this game.
I did it differently, in Avlea there is Titanenburg, where titans and dragons live, so you need to get there, I did it with level 10 – 15, quickly run through the central hall, past two dragons into the right corridor and immediately to the left, then dodging titans run to the hall with dragons. there are also two of them, and hide behind a column. Dragons usually get stuck between the columns, in my case a titan chased after me and also got stuck in the hall’s colonnade, and then, of course, you just shoot from a bow to the bitter end. then you open the chests which are very well protected, so it will be better if you sign up first.
Well, if there is a desire, then you can try to sleep, during sleep more dragons or titans may appear as you are lucky and you can do this as many times as you have food reserves.
It’s harder to return, since the dragon has already closed the exit in the central hall, but you can run past the titans, it’s difficult, but you can, in case of death, you know only money is lost, but the things that you collect from the dragons will remain with you anyway.

Completely useless but funny glitch. Discovered it purely by accident.
So. If for some reason you are tired of the shimmering design of your lich’s face, this can be fixed, though in a rather bloodthirsty way.
While in Deige or Nihon, try to kill your lich in some way (there are a lot of ways, for example, armageddon, heal everyone, but there is none). When he dies, go to heal him at the local temple. He will become a zombie, that is, the face is even worse, plus a whole bunch of characteristics will be reset. Do not be alarmed, but go to Harmondale, to your home temple, where you will heal your zombie again.
He will again become a full-fledged lich, only with a pristine physiognomy..

All descriptions of MM7 strongly advise against lingering for a long time in the dragon’s cave on the Emerald Isle (run around the cave while the dragon kills rats, steal a bow, shield and what luck – and make legs).
And killing the dragon itself is considered to be something from the category of unscientific fiction..
I affirm that it is not only possible to bring it down, but it should.
From the moment your heroes appear on the map, turn left and walk along the coast. Lure the dragonflies from the heels into the city, so that they kill the man in the red pinjak (Mr. Malvik) near the alchemist’s booth to death. Remove the magic wand from his corpse, which he, being alive, will try to sell you (with disastrous consequences for you). There he is dear. It is not necessary to define the wand, all objects in MM7 work like that. Now go to the dragon’s cave, where your rivals suddenly disappeared in the fight for Harmondale Castle. Check the “Day of the Gods” at the altar on the way (to tone up). At the entrance to the cave, go to step-by-step mode and, as they say, go ahead and with the song! The next steps take time and patience, but it’s worth it. The dragon methodically crushes the rats, not paying attention to you (as long as there are rats). Take a stick in your hands and hand it over to the heroes in turn, bring down the crocodile! Hit – save, knocked out less than 25 eyes – load, this toy is fooling you. After this kind of bombing, the situation is usually as follows: the dragon slammed all the rats, you “ran out” of your wand, but with all this you knocked out two-thirds of his life from the reptile. Save. Press ENTER, zizgag mark to this underbit, and quickly switch back to the turn-based battle mode. Further – see above. You hit – save, he hit (you have corpses !!!) – load. Sooner or later, he will die. By the way, the creators of MM7 did not count on such impudence – for this truly heroic murder you will only get two levels off (well, it doesn’t matter, you won’t leave the island higher than the fifth one anyway).
Now for the interesting part. There is one feature in the game (I don’t know if this is a glitch, or is it so conceived), – but SOMETIMES WHEN SELECTING NISHTYAKS FROM THE CORPSE OF THEM (Nishtyakov), IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN SEVERAL “cap”). Packed full backpacks of things – and sell to stores (leaving yourself what you liked). For one trip: a cave – shops I cut up to 100,000 (one hundred thousand) money. If you have the desire and free time, you will rake for yourself such things already at the first level, which will loom to you in the standard scenario, so at 25 -30. Having dressed up your heroes in this way, you will go through the game in free breathing, especially since now you are insured against the phrase “You have little gold” in stores and training centers.
Moreover, you will spend money only on books and training, without buying anything else..
Good luck.

All stubborn roleplayers and munchkins advise to bring down the dragon on the starting island in turn-based mode and with a bunch of reboots. Do you need it? Make it easier – kill it without rebooting :). First, equip your entire team with bows and pump as much as possible. And just before sailing from the island, look into the familiar cave, of course, having done the best you can. The trick is this: the dragon smears on you if you move in real time. So all that remains for you is to cut circles around the cave (in one direction, preferably) and shower the fight with arrows until he dies. Hear the sound of a dragon shot – turn around to face it, shoot arrows and IMMEDIATELY run around again, waiting for a reload (if you stand for a long time, it will cover you). It takes about 10-15 minutes of real time and voila!
And then, as the munchkins advise, save yourself and with a bunch of reboots remove a lot of money and things from the corpse :).

Everything must be done correctly (immediately after the start of the game):
1. Find npc unlimited identification (by the way, this saves you a whole skill for the magician)
2. Take the rod from Malvik (either honestly or dishonestly – according to your taste)
3. Apply: Day of the Gods, Fire Resistance (pedestal, well) By the way, if there is more luck by 5 than the default, then in the well which is a little further than the one that gives resistance. the fire will be given 1000 gold (this is for those who are not able to kill the dragon – oh, how much money is needed in the beginning)
4. Save before entering the dragon’s cave.
5. We enter, run around and look for the 2nd wand. If it is not there, then reboot and enter the cave again (things will be different)
6. After 2 wands have been found, we insert them to 2 Persians and without ever saving (well, or 1 time%)), we easily kill the dragon just by circling around it in real time (without using step-by-step) and sending shells one by one (the only thing that can facilitate this stratum it is in the options to put the turn x16 to quickly turn.
7. Well, as already mentioned in the previous. posts after the death of the dragon are preserved. We take the corpse, if the thing is taken and the corpse remains, then we are saved and so on. The corpse disappears overloaded. After you find each 100,000 m gold relict, you can stop)).

I do not know, maybe someone already knows this secret, but I will tell it to those who do not know.
In short, if you want excellent things, do this: take the coolest ore (it has a green tint and can be found in the Brakada desert, Tatalia or the desert lowlands.) You go to Tatalia to the master to make armor, weapons, or items, save, make an item. If it doesn’t fit, download and repeat until you find what you need.

So let’s start, when you find the Hand of the Gods book, do not rush to sell it or teach it, but rather go straight to Harmondeil to the judge and specially put this book near his door, go to him and tell him that you rubbed something, he will gladly give you a book which you throw away again and again take it from him, and so you can do at least forever. Then you collect all the books you’ve made and go to the store and sell them. But do not sell all the books, leave one so that you can copy it again.

Fjerad’s ore is not the best, but steel ore. It is very easy to find it in Eofol and Nigon! She is red and gold!
It is not necessary to bring down the dragon at the beginning. But about the lich correctly said.
If you want to succeed in the game, then select at the beginning of some warrior and all 3 classes of magicians. Upgrade your magician with air magic and invisibility and flight spells. The main thing is to download alchemy to the druid. And the cleric is protected from magic. The most important thing is that it is possible and difficult to pump them, but you get absolute access to perfection. And it does not matter at all for the light or for the darkness you play. Good luck!

Everything that was said from above is correct and works, but in the city of titans you can do it differently: just stand far from the titans (dragons) and shoot bows not with an automatic machine, but aiming the camera, then none of the titans (dragons) even will think about attacking you, they will walk to the sides, but they will not move at you, and you can get a lot of clothes and money from the titans.

The passage of the Emerald Isle has already been written above.
However, a couple of tips. At the very beginning of the game, run to the north-west of the island, to the swamps, where clouds of dragonflies fly. You run into a house with 4 chests and press step by step mode. In it, calmly rummage through the chests, remove the step-by-step mode and run back to the city (better through the hill, where the wizard’s shop and alchemy store are). Dragonflies take off half or even more health during this time, but it is easy to refill it for free in the well next to the healer’s tent. During the time when you are being treated from the well, a couple of dozen dragonflies take out under a clean city with all its population, including a couple of guards. This is the whole trick – it is easy to finish off the remaining dragonflies (so as not to suffer at all, to hide behind the wall of the house and wet them one or two in turn mode, they usually do not fly up anymore), and to remove the lute from the corpses without unnecessary fuss and material costs (which it is proposed to buy for 500 coins) and a magic stick necessary to carry out the dragon. Beating the dragon is a must. Before that, it is better to sleep it off so that at the most inopportune moment your Persians do not develop fatigue (less damage will be done and, as a result, the process of destroying the dragon will be delayed). The use of defenses from the pillars is not critical, because with a normal turn of events, the dragon will not be able to hit you (of course, you need to beat him in real time and with two magic sticks: one taken from a local resident killed by dragonflies, and the second taken here, as written above, in a cave, having previously been preserved). In this situation, the dragon is killed in an easy way, I have both sticks intact – in one a pair of charges, in the other half a dozen.
I do not recommend removing a heap of clothes from a dragon’s corpse, because it still smacks of cheating;)

Clunker’s laboratory.

As soon as you have a water walking spell or even a scroll, it is immediately recommended to visit this place. Located on one of the islands in the Tularean Forest location. By the way, to get from Harmondale Castle to this forest or Erathia, you do not have to stomp along the path through the entire map. You can climb the hill behind the castle and go straight to the mountains, to the south, and after a few seconds you will be asked to move to Erathia or, if you go from this castle to the mountains and to the west, to Tularean forest. Trees shooting with something can be ignored, but before entering the laboratory, be sure to save: an artifact / relic is guaranteed to appear in one of the chests, and if you don’t like it, you can reload. If the level is small (about 10), then the scheme is as follows: we kill several gogs in the hallway and run to the left up the stairs, and on the left side is the first room. There will be several gogs, which are important to kill at once. And you can heal by simply taking the reagent from the shelf and mixing the potion. Fortunately, there are a lot of reagents in this room. Having dealt with the flying eye, we lure into this room one or more golems in the room opposite and below, and standing behind the “counter” we moisten them. The trick is that they can’t reach and run helplessly back and forth. It is best to jump onto the barrier in the middle (the jump spell, it won’t jump with a regular jump), dividing the counter in the middle. From there, you can beat the golems with complete impunity. And if you stand close behind the counter, they can reach out, and they will hook you with an explosion. The only hindrance at this stage is the flying eyes – this focus practically does not affect them. But there is no particular problem to soak them. And it’s worth it: there is a button in the room immediately to the right of the stairs. We press it – the wall opens, and a couple of chests appear. We are not in a hurry to climb into them, but we jump into the well in the middle of the room. It is assumed that we have already lured all the golems from the room below into the room with the counter and dealt with them there. As soon as we get to the lower room, there is a sound of movement of some mechanism. We run upward back to the room with the well and find that 2 more secret rooms with chests have opened. All chests contain decent treasures for this level. And in the secret room opposite the entrance, in the rightmost chest, an artifact / relic appears randomly (and they appear every time the location is updated, and new monsters appear in the laboratory, do not forget to look there after a year of playing time). Naturally, before opening the chests we save ourselves, because traps often kill to death. However, in the presence of a healer and a room with a bunch of reagents, all the chests are ransacked and the contents are confiscated..

Further – optional:
We go further into the corridor. Before turning right, make a note – there is a trap with a flying disc in the corridor. It is bypassed by simply jumping over the center of the corridor and walking along its edges. We clean the rooms on the sides. Then we pass to the library and take out the flying eyes in the following way – we jump out from around the corner, hit one of the eyes closely and jump back. As a rule, with this method of disassembly, the eyes are taken out without unnecessary problems. We are looking for a secret button in the bookcase – when you click on one of the books, the door is moved aside. You can just press the space bar so as not to suffer. We run down. There is a bunch of valuable reagents and potions in the room, and some animals in the form of a golem and gogs are loaded. But it is better to first go into the side room. There is an altar with an eye drawn over it. We press it, and in that room with reagents the coolest flying eye flies out from under the ceiling and begins to wet everyone in it. At this time, you can have time to run in and, in battle mode, profit from expensive drugs and reagents, while the eye deals with the monsters in the room. Further, it is better to retire, since this eye fights very hard and it is extremely difficult to overcome it with such a level. When you visit the laboratory again in a year, he, like all other monsters, is carried out at once.

Fortress of the Titans.

Whoever wants more money and fancy things – go to the Titan Fortress, which is in the south of the AvLi map, across the bridge from the clearing teeming with wyverns. In the presence of more or less decent archers, at least the same level 10, wyverns are caught in 2-3 pieces and in a couple of stages are fired from a distance. As soon as they get close to you, exit the turn-based mode and run to the path to the city, where you repeat the procedure. Survivors (usually ancient wyverns) are helped to finish off by local guards, if it’s hard on your own. Thus, in an hour, the road to the fortress of the Titans is cleared. We just run across the bridge, ignoring the bullet elementals. The castle is extremely spacious, don’t forget to visit the chest on the right. Then we run up the stairs. We look to the left, we look to the right. A pack of titans on each side. And if you go straight – a room with 2 dragons. We are not interested in dragons yet, the level is not the same. We save ourselves and move towards the group of titans we liked so that they would not notice us from afar. Moving as close as possible. If you noticed – we are loading. Next, cast a blessing, match the center of the screen so that the arrows fly towards the titans. After making sure that there were several hits, we hold down the a (or s) button on the keyboard, insert a match or something else between the keys so that the button is clamped and we go to drink tea. After 5 minutes you can come to check the health of the titans, re-cast the blessing, save. Thus, in a couple of hours in the evening, I cleared almost the entire Titan fortress, gaining a huge amount of money, things and experience. As for dragons and Titans, the above was again about the trick with the columns. It’s not even necessary that someone gets stuck there. If it’s a dragon, make sure it just spits at the column. You can go almost close and in the same way extinguish it in hand-to-hand combat. With Titans it is more difficult, it is better to shoot from a distance, since they shoot sparks near them, extremely unsafe at the 10th level.

When removing clothes from green and red dragons in the Titans’ fortress, as well as from the Blood Titans (I did not get artifacts from the usual ones), plus an artifact from the dragon of the emerald island and one of the Clanker’s laboratory and the colossal experience available from the destruction of a couple of dozen titans with dragons, you can already feel comfortable in the game and play for fun. And if you also rock the knight of the grandmaster for repair (very useful when cleaning tunnels and caves, when armor and weapons break, and he does not smile to return to the city), on which he repairs artifacts without any problems, and the cleric is a grandmaster of trade, it becomes completely free to play. You don’t even look at money, selling all unnecessary clothes by the cleric, and buying spells for them, and not other Persians, with their subsequent transfer to the desired Persians, you can save huge money. For comparison, for a book of the last level, such as a mass distortion in a shop, they ask for 25,000 from a character with unpowered trade. The same book is easily bought by a cleric with the skill merchant grandmaster at par for 5000. Moreover, if it turns out that the spell is already there and is not needed, then the same book is handed over to the nearest magic store for the same 5000. That is, money is not lost at all. In this situation, 600 thousand dollars of money are stable at their disposal, if you are not particularly zealous with the sale of everything found. In the latter case, you can become a multimillionaire. 🙂

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