Need for Speed ​​Carbon: Tip (Hack Landing Car)

To hack the car landing you will need:

ArtMoney 7.29 or higher;

NFS Carbon;

Straight arms and a couple of meanings.

1) Go to NFS, go to career, customization, visuals, ride height, and underestimate our creation by 100%.

2) Go to Artmani, select the NFS Carbon process:

We are looking for the exact value 1072064102:

and press the green arrow.

3) Reduce our car landing percentage in NFS to 92% and switch back to Artmani.

4) We are looking for the value 1070805811 in the selected area:

replace the value 1070805811 with for example 1090805811 and switch to NFS

5) We got a landing of more than 400%, move the slider to the left (in no case, not to the right), and achieve the best result (remember, 230% is enough), save.

That’s it, we got a low landing with negative camber!

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