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March 31, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Neverwinter Nights 2: Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

After completing the task “Restless Children” you will be given the “Amulet of Zachan”, so if you take it off and put it on you will add health, you don’t even need to be healed, you just took it off, put it on and +20 hp. Tested on version 1.3.

There are three secret weapons in the game and I’ll tell you how to get them all:
1. Tool of Death. The item is in question in inventory. Contains several powerful spells. You can use it as much as you want. Enter DebugMode 1 in the console and then giveitem intodeath.
2. Destructor. A very powerful sword. Enter giveitem n2_killerweapon.
3. Enchanted Papyrus Blade. The most powerful sword (katana) in the game. Enter irolltwenties. You will receive a sword and you will have 20 in all skills. You can no longer pump over.

So, here’s a couple of life-inspired tips. I want to note that I passed the game as a pure wizard, therefore, please note that advice may not be suitable for everyone.

Despite the fact that during the restoration of the fortress, many rightly believe that the west wing and personal apartments are unimportant, this is not so. There is a closed box in the personal suite, which contains a bottomless magic bag, and in the tactical planning room, there is a key to the box (or vice versa).

To everyone who is not in the know, I highly recommend equipping the team with at least 2-3 adamantine weapons! I made an adamantine longsword with a cold and fiery blow, two for myself and Elani.

For magicians.
Complete with “iron skin” (it seems that this is the name of the spell that covers the Persian with metal), the magician becomes stronger than many tanks. But the penalty for checking spells when using a spell is 50%, so it should be used as a last resort.

Take a close look at the garden scarecrow when you save Amon on Shandra’s farm – under the scarecrow there are two boxes with a sickly “gear”.

When you go to Jarro’s hideout, after completing all the Golem’s test tasks, throw off the extra valuable “gear” into the magic bag. When Shandra’s things are in Amon’s possession, there is a possibility that the contents of the bag will double, and the “doubles” will lie in Amon’s backpack.

If you want to earn a “strong” influence on Elani, then in the cave of the Dazzler clan you need to do the following: find captured wolves, click on one of them, select the option “I do not want to harm them” (+1 influence point), attach them to detachment and click again … and so on until you get bored.

If you have NOT pumped alchemy, then you can earn a huge influence on Sand. After completing the quest “Activating the construct”, take Sand to the team, “talk” to the golem in the basement of the fortress, select the item “Inspect the construct”, then “[Alchemy]”, invite Sand to do it, then select [Alchemy] again … the most patient will have a huge impact on Sand!

Magic practically does not work on succubi and erinii, so it is difficult for magicians to cope with them. But they do great damage from sound, so it’s good to use spells with such damage against them or take Grobnar with you.

You can earn influence on Grobnar for free in the Archives with the correct answers to questions about the books. Didn’t check if the influence would increase if you didn’t answer correctly the first time, so it’s better not to be mistaken.

Also, when examining the house of Tavorik, you can also earn influence on Grobnar. When examining barrels with exploding spheres, you should first answer that you need to tell about them, and then open the barrels. Of course, you will be blown up a little on the spheres, and you cannot rest in that area, but you can leave the mansion and relax there. Grobnar will be delighted.

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