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November 23, 2020
9 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Nexagon Deathmatch: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Race characteristics.

If you are playing for the first time, it is better to start with Tekhanami. Fighters, the fastest in the game, scouts that become invisible, shamans, giving lethal attacks to fighters, and, of course, golems, slow, but if they get it, then that’s it, the end. Let’s start with the golem.
Tekkhan golems have awesome defense, they mirror shots and missiles, they are difficult to knock down to the ground. But the golem is very vulnerable from the back. Almost any shot can hurt him in the back..
Fighters are like “run up, pick up, or hit, and run away.” There is no one faster than them in the Nexagon. A crowd of fighters, 2-3, can land any golem.
A scout can be assigned a variety of tactics. For example, sneak up to the sanctuary, stand for 5 seconds and become invisible (do not forget to set the “quietly and peacefully stand” mode in green). When everyone escapes from the base, move to the Nexus and soak it.
Tekhan’s shaman is, to put it mildly, a brake. He has an average speed, but sometimes he stops and starts twirling and twirling something, in the end he is caught up and killed. In battle, he, even gold, is almost zero. Has two spells, strengthening the attack of his own, makes a passage through the walls. But be careful, if you are in the passage at the moment when it disappears, then you destroy the place where it was placed, and receive damage.


Tekhan has several strategies. I advise for dr. matches to play with Tekhan 1 lvl. difficulties. They don’t have golems and they don’t plant bombs. The game will earn you a lot of points and rock the Persians.

1. A standard map, where after the sanctuary there is a bridge, a statue on the left, then a bridge and an enemy sanctuary (I advise you to play here). We carry everything that is on our bridge, send scouts to pick up the money, return and take up defense at the thin bridge in a square, leaving the passage open. The defense will fit a maximum of 5 players. Dumb opponents will run one at a time and die. If the opponent is dead, and not knocked out, then quickly wet his cross, otherwise the opponents will do it, and you will not get points.
2. You can swing the opponent’s bridge and stand there.
3. You can (and I advise you) to walk to the sanctuary, and either make a hole in it and take up defensive positions, or stand at the aisle.
In the last 30 seconds of the last round, if you haven’t killed everyone, soak the Nexus.

Purchase and titles.

At the beginning of the game, we go into the construction of the Sanctuary and sell all the blocks, leaving the field blank. If you follow those strategies, then the enemies will not get to the Nexus, and if anything, we will catch up and take it out. After that, with 1 lam of money, we buy 2 golems, 2 fighters and 2 scouts. Having bought up, we spend at least three Dr. match, and then we begin to play the game. It is advisable to play at least 2 dr. After each match. If the hero is wounded, we do not let him out on the field, he sits and heals. Each period release the same heroes, they are recorded how many matches they played, and they are given titles. If your Nexus was almost never reached, your team gets the title of “Untouchable Nexus”, if you killed more soldiers than you lost, then “Assassin”. When you are offered to buy a Persian from another team, then always agree, especially the golem, especially the Strunar golem. We put him at the end of our site or on a built hill, and he gutters everyone with rockets. But don’t let anyone get close to him, neither yours nor strangers. Close up, he scribbles from a machine gun and can hurt very few people. He bangs his own rockets. Control him separately so that he does not shoot where your heroes are located. When it becomes possible to buy shamans, buy only 1 and spend 2-3 dr. match to rock the shaman. Do not put the shaman in the battles for the passage, by this time the opponents are already swinging, the shaman will not bring much benefit, but will take the place of your stronger fighter (this applies to all races).

This race differs from Tekhan only in capabilities..
Golem is the fastest golem in the Nexogon. Has protection, like everyone else. But there is a joke, when the golem is knocked out, it covers some part of the arena with poison, which allows you to break down walls faster, and which reduces the defense of enemies.
Fighters are losers in life. During the passage, I was convinced of this many times. Even gold ones don’t impress. When defeated, they leave behind mushrooms that only Olfrum can pass through. Opponents need to destroy them.
The scout is, in my opinion, the best of his kind. No matter how much I watched the scouts fight, he almost always won. Well, like everyone else. Jumps and fights.
The shaman is weak in combat, but without being silly. Spells – poison (like golem), kimakinesis – paralysis.
Like Tekhan, they are also built on melee.
Like Tekhan, they are also built on melee.
A race with guns. And this is where the bullshit begins.
A golem is a cannon with fists. At a distance, figarites from a cannon, moreover, for flight, both front and rear, and near Kalashmatite with their hands (of course, not a Tekhan golem, but it will also do).
The fighter is a small golem. Only the golem shoots slowly, one powerful shot at a time, and the fighter in burst. Average speed.
Scout – has additional protection.
Shaman is a shalapike with a gun. He is the only shaman who has a cannon (though a weak one). Spells – increase protection, and create a cube (block the exit there, jump somewhere).
That’s where the kapets comes in. Gandros can still be dealt with. They have no killer types. But if the placement is wrong and the wrong battle mode is assigned, then they will shoot, touching their Persians.
Purchase and titles.
Like others.
Brakes on all counts. When I play for them, I’m ready to break the computer.
Golem – slowly creeps, firing from a rocket launcher and a machine gun. They must always be placed at the end of the site and controlled separately, otherwise SUCH will start.
Fighter – like Gandros, only with a machine gun.
Scout is the only scout with a cannon. Shotgun. But then again, do not put your heroes next to him, he will hurt them. Has a great chance to hurt.
Shaman – spells – reinforced blow (destroys walls from the first time), I don’t remember the second, I’m sorry.
If you can hardly steam with Gundros, then you have to sweat. Strunar is the most dumb-controlled race. Each needs to be managed separately.
Purchase and titles.
Like others.
General characteristics.
Tekhan: easy to play.
Olfroom: a little harder to play.
Gundros: play medium.
Strunar: difficult to play (I didn’t play more than half of the game for them, I freaked out and gave up the game).
Characteristics of some cards.
The first card is more or less easy. Persians hardly get wounded. Arrange the mono heroes according to the norm. Fighting Tekkhan – not a very strong team, but has a golem.
The second map is difficult. In addition to smart opponents, Gandros, who have at least 2-3 golems, need to capture shields, for which points are increased. Here it is necessary to do this – we wet all the shields, except for the near top. We grab him and set up a defense (1 scout and 1 fighter). We put three golems on the passage to the shield, and another scout somewhere nearby. The first attack will be without golems – they are slow, you will repel it. Then the golems will come. They can dunk your 1 golem. The scout will replace the golem to protect the passage from weaker Persians.

There is such a map “City under bombs”. She’s soooooooooooooooooo In addition to opponents, you are also carried out by bombs with missiles falling from the sky, as well as guns stuck all over the field. We fight mulberries with Olfrum. We also pocket 1 shield, the topmost one, we bang the rest.

The last card “Nexagon”, even by its name, should conceal something cool and not hollow, and the game is called. Not ah! Not a fig like that! Card for kids! And if you have the majority of the Persians Legendary … And if there is a golem Strunar … In short, we bang all the shields, except for the nearest one on the upper right. We set up a defense of five people around (preferably with the Strunar golem), one, best of all, a scout, we send to patrol the right side of your sanctuary, everyone sometimes wanders there. Above, we notice a money icon surrounded by protection, electricity running across the floor. We moisten 4 generators, the current disappears, we moisten the protection and take 1,000,000 money.

In general, the hero of the enemy team, when he is wounded, no longer participates in the match, he is replaced. You must have a replacement for a dead or badly wounded Persian. The replacement must be equal (golem to golem, fighter to fighter).

In principle, and USYO. Hopefully the crap I scribbled will help you figure out and play through the game. Well, if not, then these games are not for you. In general, I drove into it for a long time. Passed four times as Tekhan (my favorite race), twice as Olfrum and once as Gundros. Good game!

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