Operation Silent Storm / Sentinels: Tip (Tips and Tactics for the Game)

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March 4, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Operation Silent Storm / Sentinels: Tip (Tips and Tactics for the Game)

If you go through random skirmishes for a long time in one of the first three missions, then in one of them you will get to the bank, which is being robbed by the soldiers of the Hammer. There is a safe in the basement of the bank, in which jewelry and money for about 80,000.

In Switzerland, during the first three missions, through “random collisions” you can get to a certain guarded base, which Hammers hold a man hostage.
The base is well guarded. There are snipers on the towers. (You can take their sniper rifles for yourself and sell them for a profit.) Inside a couple of fighters with machine guns.
If you choose the right tactics, then winning the mission is easy enough.
As a result, it turns out that the man’s name is “Shadow”, and if you look at his specialty in the infe, you will not find any of the known ones there. For he is a ninja. And I’m ready to fight with you until the end.
In principle, this is a profitable move, since in the early stages of the game it is difficult to recruit more or less normal fighters into your team. And here not only is a free warrior, but also 5 thousand trophies.

I will reveal one more secret. You can get to such a base several times. Immediately after loading the map, the Shadow that was in your team dies. The main character is in the cell where the Shadow was found by you for the first time.
This is a bug. Because you are now surrounded by two Shadows in that cell. The good and the bad. Good is already on your team. The bad is the enemy. With this set of circumstances, it is much easier to defeat opponents from the rear. The main thing is not to forget to take snipers from the towers.

And I still didn’t understand about the bank. I played the game for a long time, accidentally hit the bank. It was a pity that I could not carry away all the treasures. I think the Shadow will help a lot this time.

Yes, I almost forgot. Panzerkleins will appear closer to the middle of the game. A “serpent” with a ray gun deals with them in two shots to the head. Consider this.

Enjoy your game!

About the Panzerkleins.

To destroy them, the Serpent with a ray gun is not at all necessary. Any character with a sniper skill level above 150 (or even 130 – I don’t remember exactly) can take out any panzerklein in one shot by destroying the driver.
A very cool sniper is not needed for this. I, in particular, used a Mauser 98k (sniper with a silencer) from the moment it appeared until the very end of the game, because a silencer is cool!

In addition to the bank and the base with a shadow, there is another interesting “case”. She appears in the desert. Her interest is that there it is possible to equip the team with Terra “beam” (and missile too) panzers. However, there is one panzer that “heals” its driver. Therefore, the sniper skill to obtain it must be at least 200 (better – more).

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