Operation Silent Storm: Tip (Shop on any map and weapon durability)

Edit the “autoexec.cfg” file in the “cfg” folder of the game directory by adding “wirbelwind” (without quotes) to the end of the file.
You can use the [`] key to bring up the console, then enter the codes
WaitForUI (uiShowShop ()) or simply uiShowShop () – open a store anywhere (and buy / repair weapons, as well as sell, the store is absolutely the same as at the base)

For the main character:
UnitWeaponRepairAsOnBase (GetHero ()) = Repair the weapon as in the base (in the store, with the loss of 1 unit of maximum durability).
UnitWeaponSetDurability (GetHero (), durability, curMaxDurability, maxDurability) = set the strength of the weapon as you wish, for example, for 50,000 the code looks like UnitWeaponSetDurability (GetHero (), 50000, 50000, 50000), the durability of the weapon becomes 50,000/50,000, will last for a long time.

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