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December 25, 2020
2 minutes

Hacking will be done using the ArtMoney program.

Step # 1:
Downloading ArtMoney.
We save in any place convenient for you

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Step # 2:
– Opening the game Ostriv
– Starting a new game (- or continuing (no difference))
– Open the ArtMoney application

Open application ArtMoney SE v8.08

– Click to select a process: Ostriv

Step # 3:

  • After the performed manipulations in the game, we find a line with Coins
    Them according to the 2000.00 standard (with a dot).
  • Go to ArtMoney
    Click search and select:
    A type: Dot (standard),
    Search: Exact value (stands for standard),
    Value = 2000.00.
  • Click search

Step # 4:

– Lots of addresses found

  • Let’s go to the game;
  • In any way we are trying to spend several dozen coins – For example, we can issue financial assistance (-press the tent -> Financial assistance)
  • In the best case, it will be to “finish off” a penny (- since it will be much easier to search – I have = 1959.45 left (you may have a different value))
  • Go back to ArtMoney and click weed out, entering the resulting amount there.
    – There are 3 addresses left – these are 90% correct addresses;
    – Select them using Shift and click add.

Step # 5:

  • After adding addresses, select them again, then -> RMB (right mouse button) -> Set value (-set any value)
    – Checking the value in the game

Don’t try to replenish the population with a trainer. When adding an error occurs -> Crash.

If you have done everything correctly, the account is replenished instantly

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