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June 10, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Overlord 2: Useful Walkthrough Tips

Gnome gate
Complete the quest to save the green hive from Everlight. Then return there and use the gnome gate to level up your minions and gain vitality.

1000 Gold
Defeat the spider boss in the Everlight Temple and get out of there. Then return there using the portal in your fortress. Open the secret room at the top of the stairs and collect gold from all the chests that lie there (about 1000 gold). Return to the fortress and travel through the portal to Nordburg. There, near the gate of the tower, there are 4 or 5 chests with gold. Then again to the fortress, to Everlight and to the secret room. There will again be chests of gold. Accumulate a decent fortune by traveling between these cards.

Capturing cities
If you captured the city, then use the weapons that the inhabitants produce to increase the attack of the minions. If the number of minions is 50 and their attack is maximum, you will receive a trophy (owners of X Boxing also achieve achievement). If you decide to destroy the city, it is better to wait a little and accumulate life force then destroy it!

Listen to Gnarl
If you are stuck at some level, look for Gnarl’s advice in the quest book. Really helps!

Endless minions
When you complete the quests to save the hives of green and red minions, the minions are endless. If memory serves, then 10 red and 13 green. That is, until the quest ends, they are endless. It doesn’t work with blue minions.

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