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February 28, 2020
2 minutes

Hello everyone, I want to share with you with ammocheat.
To do this, you need a Cheat Engine
Download, install.
Then, once installed, go to the PayDay: The heist game. For a start, try it alone; it’s easier to pause. So we create a single game for example the card “First world bank” Start the game [F] press to start. Then press the pause “ESC” and close the game. Launch Cheat Engine (you can start it even before entering the game), click on the cheat engine on the computer, it says found below, select “payday_win32_release.exe”. Then where Value Type: change to “Float“and uncheck the”Fast scan“in order to find more addresses. When all this is done, go back into the game, select any weapon that you have, see how many cartridges there are, press” ESC “to pause. Then remember the number of cartridges, minimize the game, open the cheat engine window. Value write how many cartridges and press “First scan“Next, it shows you a lot of addresses. You open the game window again, press” Esc “, shoot the cartridge, remember the amount, open the window with the cheat engine back, enter in the field Value again how many cartridges do you have left and press “Next Scan“further addresses have become even less (it may be that 1 address remained at once, or maybe there is a lot more. To make 1-2 addresses, shoot the cartridge again and write the remaining number of cartridges in the field Value, and click Next Scan and do this until there are 1-2 addresses left. Here are the pictures. is a link how to do.

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