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March 2, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

PC Building Simulator: Tip (A Few Tricks or Life Hacks)

I played an early version of the game, so some points may not work:

1. Every day after work, turn off the computer and the lights in the room! This will save a little on your electricity bill.!

2. If you installed the programs, forgot to get the USB flash drive or do not shut down the computer safely (clicked the right mouse button), then it’s okay! There will be no fines, clients will have computers working and you will have a flash drive! Time saving – 50%!

3. I still recommend setting the mod to the speed of 3D Mark, since most of the orders need to be counted in some numbers! 

4. I don’t know about you, but when I receive an order for “diagnostics and repair”, I turn on the light in the room to check if there is dust!  

5. Want to save money? Then you should be a little Vanga! How? Accept any order, then (IMPORTANT) save! Click next day and rummage around with computers! Write down those items that you need (spare parts) and exit to the main menu! [Load your save game] and order the parts you wrote down! The next day not only computers were brought to you, but also spare parts! Earn more!

6. I don’t know if it works randomly or not! In short, there will be a letter from test.telecom that you will earn 4,000 bucks! Letters from this addressee with “0” balance went through three times! I took a chance and paid 4.000! I did this 4 times from the very beginning and for all 4 times I was paid 4.000 bucks!

7. Be aware that if you do something wrong (not all components were returned to the client, they stole, etc.), your reputation will deteriorate and you may go bankrupt! By the way, some clients may contact you three or even 5 times! And these same clients can advise your firm (improve your reputation)! So read carefully!  

8. Sell or dispose of broken parts! You don’t need them, and besides, you can’t fix them!

9. You should not take 3D Mark with a certain number if you are a beginner or do not know enough about the complete set of your computer! Some of these jobs don’t pay off! 

10. The cabinet is not worth buying as there is no need! But … if you really like cabinets or buy a lot of cases, then “Welcome”!

11. The only thing necessary for me is “auto-connect to cables”! Very convenient and most importantly saves time!

12. And one more thing, if you look at the monitor and read a message and you urgently need to turn off the computer without looking up from the screen – press the button (P) and the computer will turn off! 

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