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September 28, 2020
21 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Postal 2: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

There are some tricks in this game, I’ll tell you everything I know.

1) Shop “Happy Ganesh”. We go inside, (we can dunk the seller, since there is 100 bucks at the cash desk) we go into the service entrance (“INCREDIBLE! Get out of here!). Let’s deal with the suicide bombers who will attack us, and then we do this. We break all the boxes, in one of them a hole. We jump there, run through the tunnel. We will meet burnt running dogs. Do not try to kill them, they are immortal. We feed them treats and run on. In the end, we will come across a real treasure: a rocket launcher and grenades. Also in the building. ” Happy Ganesha “we will come across a bunch of suicide bombers, a bulletproof vest, 2 Molotov cocktails, healers, machine guns, Fast Food, a shotgun.

2) Crush ATMs with your foot – money will pour out of there.

3) When a bank is robbed, you can become richer by 2000 (!) Bucks (By the way, on the 4th day on the 2nd floor you can buy Crocchi).

4) Shoot cats in the air – it’s fun.

5) Catnip can not only be thrown, but also eaten! (Cool effect; lasts 5 minutes).

6) Every day, in every house and building, the arsenal is replenished and updated.

7) Cars are not just beautiful three-dimensional pictures, they can be blown up.

8) On the 4th day there will be a shortage of donuts, so do not be surprised when all donuts disappear (one will still remain).

9) A good way to get rid of the queue is to urinate on everyone who stands in it and run away, because people are vindictive, and some have weapons.

10) From Tuesday at Happy Ganesh a bandit with a pistol will be waiting for you. It looks like an ordinary person, dressed in a black suit. He will demand money. You can run away – then he will start shooting and chase you. You can give the money – he will take it, and when he runs away, catch up with him and chop off his head with a shovel. You can also pull out a shotgun and headshot in response.!

11) When you give a treat to dogs, you cannot make friends with them, you only distract them.

12) So we come to the most important thing! POLICE STATION. This is a gold mine! They carry you there when you are arrested. Start a fire to escape, with all your belongings in the evidence room on the 1st floor. When you start a fire, be careful, as other prisoners will run out, and when they find a weapon, they will start a firefight. So, let’s take this building apart:
3rd floor – There is a medical room, a beautiful office (with blue doors), to which there is a dish of donuts, as well as a dressing room, in which only light lockers can be opened. There are pistols, money in the lockers, and on the right side of the mirror there is a police uniform (ENTER – to put on; in this uniform, everything does not matter: everyone respects you, you can easily enter houses, kill with impunity, but remember, if you wear a police uniform, and then the clothes of the dude, the policeman.the uniform will disappear, the next day the uniform also disappears).
2nd Floor – It’s full of food.
1st floor – Go to ARSENAL (!!!), which is updated every day and replenished with new weapons. In the proof room, your belongings + (plus) 4 health tubes – (minus) all the money. There are some donuts in the dining room. Fish finders are ubiquitous.

Walk to the store where you buy, go inside the milk and go to the door with the sign “SERVICE ENTRANCE”. Here you will be swooped down, suicide bombers kill them and ransack everything up to a meter on the first floor! You will see a hatch in the basement, jump, there will be super evil dogs like in the movie “REZEDENT EVIL”. They are invulnerable and there you will find a bazooka!

In Postal 2, you can ride medical gurneys. In order to go, you need to jump onto the gurney and kick it with your foot. It’s fun and cool! 😉

The heads chopped off with a shovel are not only works of art, but also excellent balls for games. Having cut off your head, you can play with it, feeding it!
And you can still kick the table and if it falls successfully, you can crouch and hide behind it during the shelling;)

Champ is a trained dog. If you cut off the head of some brow and kick it so that Champ can see it, he will bring you this head like dogs bring a stick.

There is a pipe behind the house (trailer) where every day begins. If you go there, there will be an underground city. There is a terrorist base. There will be an electronic switch. Find and stand next to him. If nothing opens, then shoot him. Walk there and climb to the top into the pipe. You will exit to the city of Toga Voga. There you can find a secret weapon (it is not in the codes). This is a bazooka of increased strength (not green, but yellow). She fires rockets with green fluid. 😉

In the restaurant (where you need to vote) there is a saucepan in the kitchen, a cow’s head in the pan – a lethal weapon!

There’s a joke in the bank where the check is to be taken on Monday! And you may not take the check, but rob the bank.
So that’s it. Right when you entered the bank, go to the right (there are all sorts of tables, boxes, etc.). Walk down the corridor. There is still a twist, turn There, and there will be a door on the side. Come in there. There you will evade the vault. You can rob. You won’t get anything. But on Monday the cops will storm you. So that’s it. You see the vault, but do not go there. There are bookcases on the sides. And from the right and from the left. Go to the right lane. The one that is closer to the safe is our goal! open the closet and go there. There is something like a stash (emki, pistols, fractions). At the very end, there will be vintillation (below). You sit and kick. You came out of the bank alive!

Near the store there is a house with a boarded-up door, if you go around this house, there will be an unburned door. Enter this house, there will be a fallen beam – leading to the roof. Find an electrical wire that extends from the roof, along which you can get to the roof of the store. Get down from the roof on the stairs, there will be a bunch of cats, a shotgun, donuts. This wealth will be there every day.

In the first mission there is a task to buy milk.
If you don’t pay the seller, he will attack you, kill him and then you can go quietly. And you can run away from the cops by climbing on boxes.
If you feed a dog a biscuit, it will protect you..

1) In the “Happy Gapesh” go to the door with the inscription “Wrong entrance denied”
2) Kill the “suicide bombers” attacking you
3) Don’t go upstairs! You won’t find anything you need there. Use your foot to smash the crates; there is a hole under one of them. Jump into the hole.
4) After walking some distance, you will see a hole with burnt dogs (there is a grenade launcher and grenades in the hole).
5) If you read other Postal 2 walkthroughs, it said that these dogs are immortal, but they have a weak spot!
6) Pick up the Tora-Bora chemical rocket launcher and shoot the dogs with it!
7) To your surprise, the dogs will start attacking each other!
8) This will continue until there is only one dog left!
9) You fatten her up and take a weapon.
10) It’s much easier than fattening a pack of these dogs!
11) Thank you for your attention!

If you cut off the Boska to someone near your house and kick it, the dog will eat it.

Actually, this is the Tora Bora gorge (where Osama was hiding). There is an underground bunker, you need to go through it, then you will have a Chemical Weapon. Even on the ground floor, we need to rescue American soldiers. :))) Plus in one of the barracks you can find a cow’s head.

Only I have a question: how to get out of there?

Interesting place, library. Walk along it until you see Osama bin Laden, he is standing in front of a shelf with books whose theme is “Weapons, armored vehicles, explosives”.

You can enter the secret room on the first day of the game. It is located next to the bank where you want to take the check. There are two buildings: in one there is a woman, and in the opposite there is a staircase leading up and down, there is a grate below. We kick the boxes into the grate, it starts to climb out of the wall, when it gets out, we kick it with our foot and go inside and enjoy what we found.

Well, there are people in the cantor’s game, there you have to take a check, go in and to the right of the table at the door there is a window, bend down and jump into it, and there is a pack of attendants, a little, but enough for a while. Also next to the place where you buy milk – Happy Ganesh there is a house for homeless people, boarded up, kick out each board with our foot and climb into a room with a passage to the roof, there on the wires and along them to the roof of the Ganesh, there is even lower on the roof tier and along stairs down, there are 6 cats a shotgun and a lot of rubbish. and the end is a glitch sometimes in general, we type behindview 1 and on the stairs there may be – the Dude is climbing upside down!

To make a lot of money, in the building where you kill the rioters, break the glass in the big office and jump out. Go left where there are tables. There will be a lot of money on one of the tables. You can repeat this operation every day..

Behind the van, where you live in the bushes, there is a passage to the sewer (the base of the Arab terrorists). Immediately enter the code for invisibility, if you can walk there, you can find a passage to another level of sewers, then you will find yourself in the mountains, go forward, then you will get into the catacmobs immediately, you can take a kitty bazooka (it is not in the codes), the catacmobs are very large, there are many weapons, many Arab terrorists and there is still a laboratory.

In the basement of the “Happy Ganesh” besides the dog and the bazooka, there are grenades.

At the meat-packing plant, MPO of evil butchers and weapons.

If you go down from the railway station along the map, you will stumble upon a platform car, go into the building (“Incomprehensible store”), kick the box to the green boxes, climb onto the platform with a barrel (there is a fish radar on it), go to the opposite cornice, there lies the MAGIC VOODOO FISH !!! pretty funny mini-game weapon, for the best results there will be prizes!

If passers-by are shooting at you, stand behind the back of a policeman or “riot policeman” without taking out your weapon. After the guardian of the law sees that they are shooting in his direction – you can go – they will sort it out further without you.

In a store where there are suicide bombers, there is a place upstairs with a bag and money.
The bag is just a beautiful hand-drawn texture, but there will be at least $ 1000 worth of money! The main thing is to run for 2-3 minutes, search. Advice: without a code for invulnerability it is better not to go there.

1. In the eastern part of the store (where you need to get krochchi) there is a pet shop with cats. So we approach the cash register, we see the door behind the seller, we leave through this door. On the contrary, there is nothing remarkable – only one ventilation hatch. We break it out, bend down, crawl through and rummage from top to bottom.
2. You can enter the restaurant area and rob eateries by entering through the service entrance.
3. We leave from the same supermarket through the second floor to the parking lot. There are cars. We approach the farthest of them (we get up to the opposite wall), we are looking for a ventilation pipe, we try to jump on it. Then we go in the direction of the pipe, if necessary, jumping to others, and we are looking for a voodoo toy and a bunch of money.

To avoid going to the laundry, put on a police uniform, and then a dude’s clothes.

The game explodes not only cars, but also a gas pipeline (yes, there is one in the game. At first glance it looks like a green fence, but it is not!). A bull’s head is being brewed in the building to the left of the Polischey area. By the way, the game glitch annoys me – if you put a bull’s head into the crowd of dancing in the bar “Now it will explode”, then it will disappear :(.
Even if you walk from the railway station in the direction of the industrial zone, you can see cops searching a prostitute. On the second floor of the clinic, where you need to get tested on Friday, you need to do the same on another day and instead of medication, you will have a smoking pipe (although for someone like :)).
FISH !!!! Hit of today! Everyone knows about the voodoo fish near the railway station (I personally call them Champi – from the inscription on the box), but few people know about the other. On Tuesday, entering the library, turn no matter right or left, and going down the stairs, you will see the protesters. So, don’t go down the stairs, but jump into the corner. There will be ventilation. Do not hit it, but push it away. You will find yourself in a dungeon with burnt dogs, but instead of a bazooka there will be a 200% body armor. By the way, at the tip of my classmate Oleg, it is better to set fire to the dogs (if there is no food or bazooka from Tora Bora. I still haven’t found Tora Bora – well, I don’t have any hole under the trailer). In short, the most important thing is, when you hand over the book and the library is set on fire, do not leave it, but go into the dungeon in the same way! There will be a Sacred Voodoo Fish! There is also the Sacred Voodoo Fish in the landfill, on the highest barrel. If you walk from the cemetery along the planks in a small poisonous swamp, this barrel will be on the left – you will see it.
Now I will try to explain how I found other fish, although it is difficult without screenshots. We go down from the side of the railway station along the rails. We reach the collapsed train (on the left there will be a blue inscription “Chug Crack Cola”). On the train, we climb to the 2nd floor of a dilapidated building, take a bulletproof vest and climb onto the roof using the fittings. We turn left and jump down to the 2nd floor. There is “Bigmouth Perch” – a plug-in for the radar. (By the way, an interesting glitch was found here. If you walk on the roof further we will see that not all textures are loaded. If you jump down, the Dude falls under the city! From there, you can kill a man with a sniper rifle passing over you). We jump off, go further, turn left. In front there will be a shovel stuck into the coal, on the left – a ladder. We go up the stairs to the building, go up to the 2nd floor, try to jump onto the wire. Navigate the wire and find the Piranha plugin.
And finally. Idle-XL, Crocchi can be purchased on Friday, not Thursday. And if you go to the police station on the same day, then on the 3rd floor in the cell you can meet old acquaintances – Gary Colman and Krochchi. They need to be soaked, and then we will find in their cell … right! – Crochchi’s toy. In one of the rooms you will also meet a homeless person with a pistol.
Funny: when you hawa everyone with a Voodoo fish, if they shoot at you, your lives are not taken away from you!
P.S. In general, I rarely play – I just have a QUARANTINE now. Thank you for attention. Good luck to all in passing the game and do not forget to throw your jokes on stopgames!

On Friday, when you chase after a parcel, there is a two-story house, you can still see the first one inside from the second floor. We go up the stairs, we see the door on the right, we go in. We kick the far shelf and see a room with all sorts of bonuses.

1) In the forest, near the parking lot, if you walk in the mountains, there will be a bunch of cartridges for a gun and much more.
2) Near the psychiatric hospital there is one interesting house, inside there is a valerian and a cartridge to the radar, and if you go up the mountain on the left, there will be terrorists, if you do not have immortality, You can just shoot a rifle and see how they take off, and if there is, then stand there and fly too (it’s cool)
3) In the suburbs (where the package is) there is a ledge on the fence, go along it and find
cremated dudes, a burnt but alive cat, a cow’s head, and in the bushes lies Chompi!
4) If you eat a dog bone, Dude chokes + 1% health
5) Want to save your burning dogs, stop time with playersonly code and cross the nearest tunnel
6) In the RVS area there is a canyon, there is a cow boshka, and if you walk up the stairs from sticks, you can find something useful
7) If on Mon you want to go to a napam plant or somewhere else, and the road is blocked, dial ifeelfree and fly over the barriers. and then type ifeelfree again and wait for the download

Catnip MAY lure cats, just throw it (X).

Here are a couple more jokes:
1. Before you go into the pipe behind the trailer, feed the champ, then he will follow you. after going into the pipe, quickly go down the stairs. turn around. the champ will descend after you. cool sight.
2. if you want to enter the code many times, it is better to minimize the game, type this code somewhere, press Ctrl + C. Returning to the game, call the console and press Ctrl + V. Enter. and so many times.
3. a joke with a bunch of meat. we type fly in the console, we climb onto some building (it is better that there is a lot of free space in front of it), then the console again, we type a lot of cats, about 200 and catnip (from which everything slows down). go to the edge of the building, select the grenades and right-click to throw about 20. eat the mint and when everything slows down quickly press the “X” button (very fast).
cats will fly. when they land, everyone will run in the same direction, towards the grenades….

You can enter the secret room on the first day of the game. It is located next to the bank where you want to take the check. There are two buildings: a woman is sitting in one, and in the opposite one there is a staircase leading up and down, there is a grate below. We kick the boxes into the grate, it starts to climb out of the wall when it gets out, kick it with our foot and go inside and enjoy what we found, and there is also a secret passage to the bank’s vault, you just need to urinate on the door. And everyone also says that they found Tora Bora behind the trailer, and I first found him in the cemetery..

The Paradise Grounds has a large plaza where musicians walk and play trumpets, and elephants follow the musicians. If you shoot into elephants (or hit them), they will go berserk and start wetting everything that moves.

If a crowd of angry citizens (butchers, opponents of rws, anyone) is chasing you, then do the following. Take out a can of gasoline and pour a little on the ground. After that, set it on fire, select a cat in your inventory (it should be uvas anyway) and “release it free” (X) standing in front of the fire. The cat flares up and begins to rush, burning everything in its path.

There is a glitch in the restaurant where you need to vote. If you spill gasoline on the mirror on the top floor, then fire will go out of the glass, like from a flamethrower.

On Monday, the napalm plant can be accessed as follows:

1) Stand with your back to the toilet (which is not far from the terrorists) on the “Bank” map.
2) Pass the urn to the fence.
3) Jump on it and jump over the fence.

The worst “joke”: pour gasoline on a passer-by and throw a match at him. Eat catnip and start urinating on the unfortunate person until he goes out (you must first enter the code for infinite cartridges). If it works out, then he will not die, but will crawl on the ground burnt. If it doesn’t work, it’s worth trying again. And when he crawls, get the shocker, and shock him for a while (the more, the better). This will “reanimate” him, he will get up and run. Looks gorgeous like dogs in a grocery basement!

In the supermarket, where you need to find Crocchi, there is a very interesting joke: using the IFeelFree code, you need to fly through the ceiling near the place where Crocchi is standing – you will get into a room with partitions, there will be many Harry Colemans and Crocchi, and they will fight each other with friend. The sight is funny!

At the elephant ranch, dial codes for catnip and cats (many, many). Then you devour all the mint and throw all the cats into the fire (do not touch the elephants and people). It will be a lot of fun.

You can make a nice mine out of weapons in Postal. To prepare it you will need:
– Grenades (as many as you want);
– Molotov cocktail or matches;
– Bull heads (optional);
– Gasoline (to taste);
– Car (if any);

Cooking method:

1. Drop the grenades with the right click (alt. Shot) in a heap;
2. Add bull’s heads there (also with alt. Weapons);
3. We pour a puddle of gasoline so that this whole pile will fit;
4. Further to choose:
4.1. Add Molotov cocktail by right clicking / just throw;
4.2. Throw a match;
4.3. Shoot grenades;

This recipe is the most commonplace, try experimenting.


If in a restaurant (polling station), add gasoline to the pot where the cow’s head was cooked, then you can see a small glitch – a column of fire will burst through the wall.

Carefully!!! There are bushes behind the Postal shack. Right next to the mountain. So, in one of them there is a secret passage to the Taliban base. When you are looking for a secret passage, bend down to go into it. Further. When you go to the base, rummage downstairs – there will be a drain, which can be opened only when you shoot the power supply. Go into it, and then rely on your instinct and discretion. Know – there, the further, the more dangerous.

If you catch on fire, don’t panic. Open the fly and urinate straight up. The dude goes out.

Carefully!!! There are bushes behind the Postal shack. Right next to the mountain. So, in one of them there is a secret passage to the Taliban base. When you are looking for a secret passage, bend down to go into it. Further. When you go to the base, rummage downstairs – there will be a drain, which can be opened only when you shoot the power supply. Go into it, and then rely on your instinct and discretion. Know – the further, the more dangerous. And, yes, more – you will have a “bonus mission” when you reach a certain point.

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