Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones: Advice (How to Fight the Vizier)

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March 20, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones: Advice (How to Fight the Vizier)

Stage 1: we just stand and wait for the Vizier to want to attack you, as soon as he starts attacking you, we press and strike. The main thing is not to get carried away and always be ready to “bounce”. You need to do no stand in the block, as described above, the block helps only when the Vizier hits with one claw, and he almost never does this, so you will stand in the block until he hits you, as he almost always hits with two claws on the legs. Maybe this is so in the English version, but it won’t work in Akell’s. Bouncing and Striking Back. “Having received” a little, the Vizier will rise up and throw something that looks like tree trunks at you, maybe it’s stones. The main thing here is to be away from him, when the stone flies, just roll to the side. After that, you can somersault so that the Vizier calms down, because he still releases some kind of ball, and then pounces on the Prince. We just ride and wait. To “jump and hit” again. This will happen three times (the number of stone trees will increase: 1,2,3, respectively). With successful actions, you can not lose life at all.

Stage 2: The Vizier will destroy the upper part of the arena. The stones will start flying in a circle, and the Vizier, hovering near the columns, will release balls at you. Here you need to quickly run from the center of the arena to its edge. And run along the edge of the arena running up to the column near which the Vizier hovered to run at it and give a speed-kill. There will be three speed kills, three hits each. First, you will cut off one wing for him, then the second, and then drive the sword into him and remain with the dagger, but more on that later. The trick is that after a successful speed kill, the Vizier starts flying around the arena faster. So when you go to the third speed kill, it’s better to run along the edge of the arena in the opposite direction from the Vizier. The vizier flies clockwise, and you run counterclockwise. When you get under it, the direction of the camera changes, the camera becomes “straight”. Pay close attention to the “sparkle of the blade” or the screen, that is, blows that are hard to see, that the blade is lit up. When running along the edge of the arena, there is the possibility that you will “meet” a cobblestone flying in the same circle where you are running. From some you can hide behind a column, and some will crash against you. You can rewind time and run around it. Or you can just get up and run further, because the lump that crashed on the Prince will no longer appear on this circle. And you can safely run into the column and carry out a speed-kill. But as soon as you do it, the lump will reappear on this circle. When carrying out a speed kill, you can “rewind time” if you miss with the next hit, because The prince makes many movements before “the blade lights up”. After three kills, the Vizier will soar higher.

Stage 3: Everything is quite simple, you need to run and jump quickly, accurately. This will seem difficult at first because you do not know the roads and maybe because of this you will have to replay the whole battle several times. But once you have passed this path, you will not forget it. At the top, jump on the Vizier, wait for the “blade to light up” and make the last blow.
If you don’t reach and you have to start all over again, then the introductory video, when Fara spits at the Vizier, can be skipped by pressing the “space”.

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