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August 11, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Prison Architect: Tips (How to Make Escape Prison Easier)

Surely you want the process of creating prisons to be easy. So that you don’t have to add a bunch of generators, don’t worry about money, income, etc..

I can help you with that. In this guide, I will tell you what needs to be changed in the saves, what mods need to be installed in order to facilitate the process of building a prison. I strongly advise against using this advice for just an ordinary game, it will get bored very quickly, because there is no test. The guide will be divided into 2 parts. Part 1 – how to independently (without any mods) facilitate the construction, and the second – how to do the same thing, only with mods.

The first part is changing the save file.

Prison Architect: Tips (How to Make Escape Prison Easier)

To find your jail save file, you just need to follow this path: C: \ Users \ Your profile name \ AppData \ Local. The path looks like this: Then we find the file name_your_prison.prison and open it using any text editor. I used a regular notepad.

Let’s take a look at the lines that can be useful (they will most likely be at the very top and you won’t have to search for them for a long time):

  1. EnabledElectricity true
  2. EnabledWater true
  3. EnabledFood true
  4. EnabledMisconduct true
  5. EnabledGangs true (or false)
  6. EnabledDecay true (or false)
  7. ImmediateFoundations true (or false)
  8. ImmediateObjects true
  9. CheatsEnabled true
  10. Balance 30000 (number may be different)

So, now I will explain what these lines are responsible for..

1 line: EnabledElectricity true – this line is responsible for whether you need electricity in your prison. The default is true. You can set it to false, then all items that require electricity will work without it. You will no longer need to install generators with capacitors and you will not need cables either.

2nd line: EnabledWater true – this line is responsible for water. All the same, if you replace true with false, all items that require water will work without it. Escaping through a tunnel will become more difficult.. Attention, do not turn off the electricity and water at the same time, the “Engineering” tab will become inaccessible, and you will not be able to put many things, for example, a door drive.

Line 3: EnabledFood true – responsible for the need for food for your prisoners. If you replace true with false, then you will most likely no longer need dining rooms and chefs. Not tested by me, so turn off at your own risk.

4 line: EnabledMisconduct true – is responsible for whether your prisoners will behave badly. If you replace true with false, then the prisoners will become vegetables with no emotions. I do not recommend turning this on, because if the player in the “escape” mode attacks a prisoner, he will not hit back. Very cheating function.

5 line: EnabledGangs true (or false) – Gangs. If set to true, then gang members may appear in your prison. If false, there are none.

6 line: EnabledDecay true (or false) – defeat conditions. If you forgot to turn off this setting when you created the prison, but noticed it only when you had already completed almost the entire prison, then just change true to false. Not tested by me.

7 line: ImmediateFoundations true (or false) – is responsible for the instant construction of buildings. Usually, it is enabled immediately if you set the “Allow the use of tools and cheat codes” option. If true, buildings are constructed instantly. If false – builders will build them themselves. Not tested by me.

8 line: ImmediateObjects true – is responsible for the instant construction of objects. If true, it will be built instantly. If false – builders will install themselves. Not tested by me.

Line 9: CheatsEnabled true (or false) – Enabled cheats. If you set the setting “Allow the use of tools and cheat codes” – you will have true. If not, false. If you did not set the setting in the jail creation, but changed false to true, you will simply have the “(Location”.

10 line: Balance 30000 (the number may be different) – the amount of your money. You can put any number instead of 30,000, no more than 10,000,000 (because an error may occur and the amount of money will become negative)

I also did not mention the line UnlimitedFunds true (or false), it is responsible for whether you have an infinite amount of money.

In any line you can put true or false instead of false or true, change only these values! Otherwise, you can crash the save! Also, don’t edit the file if you don’t understand how. It’s even better to manipulate the save after the jail is created, because if you accidentally crash the save you won’t lose much..

The second part – using mods.

1 mod: “Not original developer menu”.

2 mod: More Quick Build Rooms! – Mod adds more rooms for quick construction. I could not translate it.

3 mod: Free and instant research – Simple mod. All research becomes free and instant. No translation needed.

These are all the mods I could find. Yes, not enough. But what can I do? All mods are in the file.

It’s all!

Thanks for reading. If there are 7 likes, I will write a guide on “mods and tips to make jailbreak harder”

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