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February 14, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Tips (Tactics for the game)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Tips (Tactics for the game)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Tips (Tactics for the game)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Tips (Tactics for the game)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Tips (Tactics for the game)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Tips (Tactics for the game)

The Become a Legend mode is by far the main introduction to the new Pro Evolution Soccer. We are free to create our own athlete, and starting from the very start of a career, bring him, if we are lucky, to the football Olympus. And even though this type of game was licked off by its main competitor (FIFA), it was in PES that it got almost complete implementation. Well, the time has come for you to become a legend!

Player creation

Our career begins, of course, with the creation of a protégé. Unfortunately, you cannot select an existing player – you can only create your own. It comes with an advanced editor that allows you to customize everything to the smallest detail – from height and weight to color and length of gaiters. There is an opportunity to “stick” your own face from the hard disk, but this will look very bad even with the most pedantic image settings.

However, if you don’t like the personally created avatar, you can change its appearance at any time. Only the characteristics that directly affect the player’s skills – height, weight and build – remain unchanged. What is the correct approach to the distribution of these indicators? A football player with a large height jumps high (therefore, hits his head well), but is not very stable. The “dwarf” runs fast and demonstrates good dribbling, but larger opponents will knock him down with ease and without breaking the rules. You should not create a protagonist that is too thin or too fat, nothing good will come of it, since they are also endowed with defects. The best option is to put your own dimensions.

After the outer shell of the player is created, it’s time to choose the last name (entered once) and how the commentator will call us. With the latter, it turned out to be quite deplorable – for some reason the announcers are not trained to pronounce the name we entered. You will either have to be content with the proposed “nicknames”, or refer to the number.

Finally, we come to the choice of position. Of course, 70 percent of gamers will prefer a forward. Honestly, this is not surprising – playing as a striker is the most interesting thing. However, we advise you to look in the direction of the flanking midfielder, who may also be interested in handing out passes and flank canopies. But the goalkeeper (oh, what a pity!) And the defender cannot be chosen. Although in the latter it is still possible to transform over the course of a career, but how exactly – we will find out a little further.

General game settings

Finally, the footballer has been created for our taste, now it’s time to think about an equally important thing – settings. Many people underestimate the importance of this aspect, play “as is”, but forget that unnecessary complications have not benefited anyone yet.

First of all, it concerns the time of one match. If we talk about the usual modes, then 10-15 minutes will do here, but in “Become a Legend” it is best to set 5 minutes. The fact is that our success depends little on individual fights, because the task is not to focus on a specific mast, but to pump an alter ego. This can only be done by playing often and a lot. Accordingly, with large hourly rates, we will drag out one season for a whole month.

It is equally important to choose the appropriate difficulty. There is nothing special to catch on the first two levels – you can beat the whole team with one of your players already during the first season. Nevertheless, even if you are a true professional in standard modes and crush Barcelona on the highest difficulty, these skills are unlikely to be very useful in Become a Legend due to a completely different algorithm. Therefore, we advise you to start with the “craftsman”. Difficulty cannot be changed between matches, but it is allowed in the offseason (that is, once every 20-30 matches). Very well conceived, we hasten to note. Played, grew up in skills, and increased the difficulty.

For the first time sitting down to play in “Legend” it is also quite difficult to decide on the camera. Many are “bought” for the original view of the review – from a third person. Of course, this is the most spectacular angle – the camera moves in different directions, we literally “flow” into the atmosphere of the game. It’s definitely worth trying to play a couple of matches like that, but no more – the fact is that it is absolutely impossible to control what is happening on the field in such situations. The best option is “wide” with a ball orientation. After all, we have a radar, guided by which you can safely move. But you can’t keep track of the ball with one radar…

Field behavior

So, when the referee blows the whistle, and the stands explode with an unmuffled roar, the match will begin. There will be only one player under our control, who will have to steer during the whole match; the rest of the comrades are controlled by artificial intelligence. And even it is impossible to manage substitutions / placement – the virtual mind also leads the coach.

However, you won’t be able to get on the field right away – for this you still need to prove yourself in training. Only by showing the ward the best in the teachings can we be entrusted with a place among the eleven lucky ones. First, they will start releasing a replacement, then, if we play well, the starting lineup will shine. When we settle down at the base, the training will stop, but it is worth being removed from the application, as they will resume. There are times that the whole match will have to sit in reserve, but you should not worry about the burdensomeness – a fight that takes place without our direct participation can be skipped at an accelerated pace.

The only offensive is that we are always replaced. That is, no matter how the controlled footballer shows himself during the allotted minutes, at the end of the fight he will definitely be replaced – even when there is a final of some competition, we are the team captain, but we are still sent to rest. However, there is a remedy for this – you just need to try to keep the ball out of the field until the end of regular time..

So, for the whole match to get into the team, you need to demonstrate a good game. What is a good game? It is a collective term for ball control, goals scored and assists made. No matter how we run, no matter how hard we try, if none of these points is fulfilled by us, we will forget about any achievements. Most likely, just control the ball for a long time. For example, a one-touch forward depends more on luck than on his own skill, because it is not a fact that he will receive that very accurate pass and he will have a chance to score.

To know exactly the algorithm of behavior on the field, you still need to decide – whether we are going to play out our role-playing character, or whether we set ourselves the task of becoming the best. The last task, oddly enough, is much easier – we spit on the positions, on the coaches, on the success of the team and impose on everyone our own game aimed at consolidating in the squad and developing characteristics. The “role-playing” orientation, however, is much more like real football – after all, we act on the team, we fulfill the coach’s orders, in general, we feel like a real athlete.

In the role-playing case, you need to play out your position purely, stand in anticipation of the ball, moving only in a given lane. The egoistic approach makes you run around the field, pretend to be a “libero”. This, after all, can also not only pump endurance, fast running and other characteristics, but also get marks of a different position. As a result, everything may end up with the fact that in a few years you can completely move to another club not as a striker, but as … a defender. So we found, by the way, the method mentioned at the beginning of the article to become a football player of the “last frontier”.

Of course, it is very important to control the movement of the ward on the field, because without this, you cannot grab the ball. Especially for this, the function of automatic movement of the player has been introduced (we advise you to score the “Q” key under it). Not only does the athlete move independently, he also tries not to get into an offside position. The fact is that at first it is always difficult to follow the player..

However, the main thing here is not to play too much, because the automatic movement will never make super-original combinations, it will rarely profitably open a football player and will not sneak left and right from the defenders when giving a corner. Therefore, after two or three seasons, it is generally worth completely switching to manual control..

Influencing your teammates, as noted above, is impossible, but at the right time you can ask them to transfer. Our subordinates raise their hands at this time, and the footballer in possession of the ball, if possible, will pass on us. It is better not to overdo it here – if you give a signal, for example, when a partner is physically unable to pass the bag, then he may give it a little later, but exactly in the place where he was asked. And this means that by that time we may already be far away or the enemy enemy will easily guess our plans and outwit us.


To reach the top, we are given exactly 18 years: that is, we start at 17 and end at 35. During this allotted period of time, it is necessary to raise a star of world magnitude. The play shown on the field is certainly important, but it is equally important to control the process from the outside thanks to the local role-playing system.

Initial stats are allocated based on size and the first match played (played by fictional teams). So we are trying in this friendly match to show those properties that we are going to swing in the future. The pumping of the basic characteristics will begin directly on the fields of matches.

In one fight, we can raise this or that indicator by 5-6 sub-points, and not move the other at all. The set of experience depends on several indicators at once: on the age of the player (the younger, the more experience he gains, and vice versa), on how the match was played (with more goals and assists) and on how much time he spent on the field … And, of course, from the settings in the player’s menu, where you can set which indicators we are going to pump upwards.

Here, by default, we are given 8 points, and they will have to be done throughout our career. We advise you to do this immediately in the first meetings, and finish the rest only if necessary. The distribution is influenced primarily by the position of our subordinate. For the striker, strikes, dribbling and speed are very important, for the extreme half – speed, passes and balance, for the “defensive player” – strength and endurance. In any case, “making” a universal footballer with all the “top” characteristics a la Cristiano Ronaldo will not work.

The only depressing thing is that upon reaching the age of 30, when you can already end your career, some characteristics begin to fall. There is nothing you can do about it, you just have to put up with it.


We will sign our first contract right after the first match. We advise you to choose existing teams or leagues – there is no point in playing in unrealistic lineups. There are only four leagues – Spanish, Italian, English, French. For some reason, the Dutch league available in ordinary masts has sunk into oblivion.

Demonstrating a good game, standing out among our teammates, we will receive offers from other clubs during the transfer decades. The main (by mistake) criterion, many in this case, consider the salary. Don’t believe it – bonuses in this mode have absolutely no effect, they are often offered only by clubs much lower than the current rank in order to attract a talented athlete into their ranks..

By the way, speaking of European cups – despite the small (compared to the closest competitor from EA) number of club teams, interstate competitions are constantly held between them. Competitions are of two types – the Champions League and the UEFA Cup. To get into them, you need to take a certain place in the national championship..

The Regalia are positioned as follows: 1-2 – Champions League group stage, 3-6 – qualifying round of the same tournament. If we fly out of a group in the League (3rd or 4th place), then we get into the UEFA Cup – a competition with a lower status. But the cup inside the country, unfortunately, does not give any privileges, except for personal achievements.

Of course, another of the main tasks of our career is getting into the national team. To become its player, you need, first, to choose when creating a football player from those teams that can be played in normal mode. If you have patriotic feelings for Montenegro or Moldova – this, of course, is not at all shameful, but then you can forget about the games in these teams. To get into the national team, you have to play long enough and at a high level in the club. The national teams will have to solve the same problems – to participate in the World Cup and in the continental championships. The main and most interesting thing is that if you just don’t show yourself properly in the club, they will immediately stop calling us into the team. In general, enjoy the game – everything is like in real sports, comrades!

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