Red Faction: Guerrilla: Tip (Resolving Save Games Issues)

I took it from What I didn’t try, saves did not turn on after Russification.
Instructions for turning on the Russian language
1. Open the file “Red Faction in Guerrilla notebook \ build \ pc \ cache \ langs.dat”
2. Change US FR to RU
Instructions for enabling saves:
1. We see a message that you are not logged into Live
2. We press that we want to register
3. Click, create an account (or something like that, the link on the right will be)
4. Create an offline (offline) profile
5. We play!

Nope! We are not playing! saves don’t work anyway. Now we need to crank the number with the movement of the folder my documents.
start / my documents / properties / move. Create a folder called my documents on disk “c”. Here we move to it.
But even after these manipulations, the game is not saved for everyone. We do the following:
you need to rename 3 files in the same folder Guerrilla \ build \ pc \ cache \:
voices_r.vpp_pc to voices_r_RU.vpp_pc,
soundheaders_r.vpp_pc to soundheaders_r_RU.vpp_pc
personas.vpp_pc to personas_RU.vpp_pc
The files voices_r_FR.vpp_pc, soundheaders_r_FR.vpp_pc and personas_FR.vpp_pc CAN BE DELETED here French speech (about 1 GB free)

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