Red Factopm: Guerrilla: Tip (Troubleshooting Patch Installation Problems)

This tip is for those who cannot patch a pirated version of Red Faction Guerrilla.

So what needs to be done?
1. Download Red Faction Guerrilla.reg – this is the registry file (it is in WinRAR-archive)
2. Extract the registry file to any location (you need an archiver WinRAR) so that you can edit it
3. Click on this registry file RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON – select item “Edit
4. Change the line “InstallDir” = “E: \\ Games \\ Red Faction – Guerrilla” on “InstallDir” = “your drive: \\ your game folder \\ your game name”

Then run this reg file and enter the data into the registry.
Well, after that – calmly install the patch you need and enjoy the game (just don’t forget to install NO-SD).

Attention, the register is made on Windows 7, and tested on Windows 7.

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