Resident Evil 6: The Council (Emblem / Jake and Sherry Locations)

Chapter 1.1. It’s hard not to notice

second on the pillar

Chapter 1.2. After chasing Ustanaki, over the shower room (play Sherri)

Chapter 1.3. At the exit from the tunnel

Chapter 2.1. The first is on the mountain (the icy road leads to the tractor)

we follow further into the house (on the right is a flash drive with info). From the left window you can see

Chapter 2.2. This one is hard to get. We need to knock her down on a snowmobile. She will be in front of the cave entrance (keep to the right and you will see her)

Chapter 2.3. Cave. Labyrinth with beetles (at the exit). First take the emblem then go out the door.

Resident Evil 6: The Council (Emblem / Jake and Sherry Locations)

After the noise Ustanaka will come running to you, you can have time to escape.

Chapter 3.1. Playing for Jake. We remove the emblem with a camera with a machine gun.

After getting dressed, we run straight into the room. We look on the shelf

Chapter 3.2. In the statue. Will become available after the tank destroys the statue

Another at the exit from the mansion, behind the steps

Chapter 4.1. Chase. On the sign on the left (during slowdown when you need to destroy the truck with fuel)

Chapter 4.3. After destroying the helicopter, go to the streets

after falling from the balcony you will see another

later there will be a staircase, behind it you can see the emblem

Chapter 5.1. Take the weapon and then return where you were held.

Chapter 5.2. In a cabinet on a shelf (in one of the sectors, sector D if I am not mistaken), the lower one is shorter)

Chapter 5.3. Fight with Ustanaka. When you run away from him you can see her

Chapter 5.4. Boat center.

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