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July 1, 2020
12 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat: 100 tips for survival in the zone

Tip 1. Vodka is a cheap alternative to anti-radiation drugs and the most affordable way to reduce the effects of radiation on the body.

Tip 2. The properties of weapons, protective suit or helmet can be improved by technicians in stalker camps.

Advice 3. The amount of carried weight directly affects the decrease in stamina. Heavy weight will limit mobility, and overload will prevent movement at all.
Advice 4. With the help of filters in the PDA, you can hide and display various types of marks on the map. Filter control buttons are located between the map image and the line of the active task.
Tip 5. Some suits come with integrated helmets. Wearing other helmets with these suits is not possible..

Tip 6. You can safely wait out the release in a reliable building or underground. When an ejection approaches, the location of the nearest shelter will be displayed in the PDA.
Tip 7. Flatness is a weapon parameter that affects the trajectory of the bullet, and comfort – the speed of the sight return to its original position.

Tip 8. To stop bleeding, you can use a bandage, an army first-aid kit or the drug “Periwinkle”. Bleeding that is not stopped in time can cause significant damage to the body and end in death.
Tip 9. The effect of taking medications is not instantaneous, and some have a very long-lasting effect. Repeated administration of the drug overrides existing similar effects..
Tip 10. The details of the current task can be found by holding “TAB”.

Tip 11: To replenish ammo supplies, unload the found weapons. To do this, right-click on the weapon in the backpack, and then select the appropriate command in the context menu.
Svoet 12. To quickly use the item, you need to drag it from the contents of the backpack to one of the four quick access slots.

Tip 13: A detector is required to find artifacts. Better detectors make it easier to find and help find more valuable artifacts.

Tip 14: Stalkers do not allow people with weapons at the ready into the camp. To hide a weapon, press the corresponding key (“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”).

Advice 15. The boundaries of the anomaly can be determined by “probing” them with bolts. To prepare a bolt for throwing, press “6”.

Tip 16: One of the most common dangers in the Zone is radiation. Strong exposure to the body leads to a deterioration in health, and without proper treatment, it can lead to death..
Tip 17: Food not only satisfies hunger, but also slightly improves health..

Tip 18: Energy Drink Temporarily Accelerates Stamina Recovery, Which Increases Potential Mobility.

Tip 19 When going on a long outing, you need to take a supply of food with you. Severe hunger negatively affects stamina and health.

Tip 20: Lack of stamina can result in loss of mobility at a critical moment and make you vulnerable to the enemy.

Tip 21: The degree of visibility to the outside eye can be controlled using the noise and visibility indicators. Both indicators are located in the upper left corner of the screen.
Tip 22: A detector in one hand does not interfere with taking a knife, pistol or bolt in the other.

Tip 23: Some medications increase the body’s resistance to harmful effects and may be the only salvation during forays into anomalous areas.
Tip 24: The blood drop symbol in the lower right corner of the screen warns of unstoppable bleeding. The color of the symbol indicates the intensity of bleeding.
Tip 25: The radiation hazard symbol in the lower right corner of the screen warns of radiation exposure to the body. The color of the symbol indicates the intensity of exposure.
Tip 26: Relationships with others directly affect the price of the goods and services they offer. If you have a bad relationship, don’t rely on discounts; good relations, on the contrary, will push the merchant to offer a unique product for sale.
Tip 27. For items in a backpack, you can call up an additional context menu by hovering over the desired item and pressing the right mouse button.

Tip 28: Despite all the useful properties, most artifacts are radioactive. This effect can be compensated for by artifacts that absorb radiation..
Tip 29 The knife is ineffective against enemies armed with firearms. Its area of ​​application is hand-to-hand combat and silent elimination of the enemy..
Tip 30: A detector is the only reliable way to check for artifacts in the anomalous zone.

Tip 31: Most artifacts migrate inside anomalies and are not visible to the eye until they are detected with a detector.

Tip 32. Night is the time of activity of mutants, so stalkers prefer to make sorties during daylight hours.

Council 33. In case of strong radioactive exposure, you must use anti-radiation drugs or contact a doctor. If this is not possible, you can use a first aid kit to urgently reduce the negative effects of radiation on the body..
Tip 34: Most stalkers can guide you through the surroundings, but only an experienced guide will lead you to distant places quickly and safely. In any case, guides usually value their services at a considerable sum..
Tip 35: Profits can be brought not only by artifacts, but also by the sale of surplus equipment. It should be borne in mind that merchants will not pay the full cost of equipment and will not buy damaged items..
Tip 36. To repair a weapon, suit or helmet, you need to find a technician and, after selecting the desired item in the upgrade window, click on the repair button.
Tip 37 AC-96/2 has a unique firing mode with a cutoff of two rounds. In this mode, both bullets fired hit the same point..
Tip 38: To disconnect a silencer, telescopic sight or grenade launcher mounted on a weapon, right-click on the weapon icon in your backpack and use the corresponding command in the context menu.
Advice 40. In order not to make unnecessary noise, you can move in steps by pressing “SHIFT”, or sitting down by pressing “CTRL”.

Tip 41: The shotgun is a short-range weapon: the further away the target is, the less effective it will be.

Tip 42: When choosing bullet cover, you need to consider the material of the obstacle. Wood plank or thin sheet metal will not provide reliable protection – unlike a reinforced concrete wall.
Tip 43: Don’t underestimate pistols. They have a high lethality and are very effective against weakly armored opponents..

Tip 44: A direct bullet to the head is deadly for most opponents..

Council 45. Each type of Zone mutant has its own manner of defense and attack. With this in mind, you can significantly increase your chances of survival..

Tip 46: Grenade throw range can be adjusted by holding MOUSE 2.

Tip 47: Opponents can – and will – actively use grenades. If you see a grenade symbol on the screen, immediately leave the intended area of ​​destruction.
Tip 48: Using a running jump, you can overcome large holes and cracks.

Tip 49: Key indicators – health and stamina – are located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Tip 50: Sniper rifles, due to their high flatness and accuracy, are ideal for destroying opponents at long distances. However, in close combat, they are not as effective..
Advice 51. The accuracy of firing in motion is much lower than from a more stable position – standing or sitting.

Tip 52: Weapons and protective coveralls wear out quickly in the harsh conditions of the Site. Worn-out weapons shoot less accurately and begin to misfire, and worn-out overalls lose their protective properties.
Tip 53 The zone lives its own life. This means that there is always a chance to meet a mutant or a hostile stalker in an already cleared area..
Tip 54: The Zone must not be vigilant and rely on old information. Once in a certain anomalous zone again, you may find that it cannot be overcome on the previous route..
Tip 55: Usually, artifacts are not static and gradually move within anomalous zones. As a result of thoughtlessly following an artifact, you can easily fall into an anomaly..
Council 56.Some medicines have unique properties – for example, the drug “Hercules”, which allows you to temporarily increase the weight carried, or the drug psi-blockade, which increases resistance to the effects on the psyche.
Tip 57: Some stalkers may offer information for sale, a unique product or provide an order for a specific artifact.

Tip 58. When communicating with ordinary stalkers, you can find out useful information about new places or about recent events.

Tip 59: After being ejected, new artifacts may appear in already explored areas.

Tip 60: Slots for placing weapons allow you to use any type of weapon. Try to choose the most convenient combination for you: machine gun and shotgun, pistol and sniper rifle, machine gun and grenade launcher, etc..
Tip 61: Each trader in the stalker camp has his own special range of goods. Let’s say that the best choice of medicines will probably be with a physician..
Tip 62: Once in a stalker camp with radiation or injury, you can count on free help from the local doctor.

Tip 63. In order not to carry extra weight with you, you can leave your belongings in a personal box on the territory of the camp. As a rule, such boxes are located near resting places..
Tip 64. If you need to while away the time until a certain hour, you can take a nap in the camp. To do this, find a place to rest, press “F” and select the duration of sleep.
Tip 65: The basic helmet-mounted night vision device can be replaced with a more advanced second-generation device with much higher resolution.
Tip 66 Pay attention to the crackle of the Geiger counter – it signals radiation radiation. React also to the anomalous danger signal that begins to sound near the anomaly.
Tip 67: It’s always best to have a couple of spare magazines with you in the Zone, as they may be needed at any time..

Tip 68: Periodic saving of the game can save a lot of time, since if you die, you will not need to go through the same places again.
Advice 69. For the rational use of medicines, you need to know their properties. Read the description of each drug carefully.

Tip 70: To reach an enemy in cover, you can use a grenade. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the radius of damage by the blast wave and shrapnel so as not to harm the allies.
Tip 71: To throw an item out of your backpack, you need to right-click on the item you need and use the corresponding command in the context menu. Also, you can simply drag the item to the left side of the screen..
Tip 72: A separate item in the game settings allows you to enable automatic saving of the game at key points.

Tip 73: After returning to the camp, it is recommended to repair equipment, sell unnecessary artifacts and replenish stocks of ammunition and medicines..

Tip 74: The difficulty of the game can be adjusted at any time in the settings.

Tip 75: To reduce the harmful effects on the body during forays into abnormal areas, you can improve the protective suit, use the protective properties of artifacts or apply appropriate medications.
Tip 76: Each weapon has its own unique characteristics of accuracy, comfort, damage and rate of fire. This gives everyone the opportunity to choose the most suitable sample..
Tip 77: In addition to ammunition and weapons, other valuable items can be found on the corpses of opponents, for example, a PDA with important information.

Tip 78: Artifacts are more than just a valuable commodity, they often have useful properties..

Tip 79: In the conditions of the Zone, many objects have an increased background radiation, it is dangerous to approach them without appropriate protection.

Tip 80: Some weapons can be equipped with an adjustable rangefinder sight. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the aiming distance.
Tip 81: Automatic weapons allow you to fire in several modes. Use “9” or “0” to switch between firing modes.
Tip 82: Some places do not allow you to move even in a bent position. To sit down as low as possible, press “CTRL” and “SHIFT” at the same time.
Tip 83 – To take a screenshot, press “F12”

Tip 84: To reduce the likelihood of being hit by enemy fire, you can shoot from around the corner. To do this, you must hold “Q” or “E”.
Tip 85: Thanks to the built-in target designator, binoculars allow not only to examine distant objects, but also to detect the enemy among them. To remove the binoculars, press “5”.
Tip 86: To turn the flashlight on and off, press “L”.

Tip 87. To get the bolt, press “6”.

Tip 88. You can turn on and off the night vision device built into the helmet by pressing “N”.

Tip 89. Pressing “F1”, “F1”, “F1” or “F1” allows you to use the corresponding item on the quick access bar.

Tip 90 The PDA stores a map of the area, information about current tasks, personal statistics and message history. To activate the PDA press “P”.

Tip 91: To search for artifacts, you need to get the detector. To do this, press “O”.

Tip 92. To pause the game, press “PAUSE”.

Tip 93. Quick save occurs when you press “F5”. Loading the last save – by pressing “F9”.

Tip 94: Running is the fastest form of movement, although it leads to a rapid loss of stamina. To switch to this type of movement, press “X”.
Tip 95: Bullet aiming mode is much more accurate than hiding. Press MOUSE 2 to use the scope.

Tip 96. If you have a grenade launcher on your weapon, you can switch between firing modes from a grenade launcher and normal by pressing “B”.
Advice 97. If there are several types of cartridges for the current weapon, the desired type is selected by pressing “Y”.

Tip 98. To reload the weapon without waiting for the full use of ammo in the magazine, press “R”.

Tip 99: To drop your current weapon, press “G”.

Tip 100: To view the contents of your backpack, press “I”.

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