S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat: Council (weapon editing)

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September 28, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat: Council (weapon editing)

To edit the recoil, open a text document with the weapon you need (let’s say VAL) there, look for such lines, those lines that you need, I will highlight in bold

cam_return = 0
cam_relax_speed = 4; return speed is the speed with which the scope will lower to the initial position of the shot … you can not touch it shorter
cam_relax_speed_ai = 360
cam_dispersion = 0.005; increasing the angle (in degrees) with each shot if set to 0, the recoil will again disappear =)
cam_dispersion_inc = 0.25; increase cam_dispersion with each shot
cam_dispersion_frac = 0.7; the barrel will rise to cam_dispersion * cam_dispersion_frac + – cam_dispersion * (1-cam_dispersion_frac)
cam_max_angle = 5.0; maximum angle of recoil if you want to remove recoil write 0
cam_max_angle_horz = 50.0; (degree) maximum shot horizontal degree
cam_step_angle_horz = 0.7; (degree) size of step camera moved in horizontal position while shooting

It’s so simple to remove recoil and give accuracy, and in order to increase the distance you need a line
fire_distance = 200 the more the better
so that people fly away the line:
hit_impulse = 500
To change the ammo line:
ammo_mag_size = 20
These lines are responsible for wear:
misfire_probability = 0.005; probability of misfire at maximum wear !!! old – now not working
; deterioration, at which there is a chance of misfire
misfire_start_condition = 0.00000000000000000006
; wear at which the chance of misfire becomes constant
misfire_end_condition = 0.00000000001
; chance of misfire when worn is greater than misfireStartCondition
misfire_start_prob = 0.0000000000004
; chance of misfire when worn out is greater than misfireEndCondition
misfire_end_prob = 0.00000000000057
; increased wear on a single shot
condition_shot_dec = 0.000000000011
; increased wear when fired in burst
condition_queue_shot_dec = 0.000000000013

Bullet speed … little needed but still
bullet_speed = 1300
The weight:
inv_weight = 1.5
Damage, the higher the number, the better … do not hesitate to put more than 3 weapons of enemies, it also improves, and then you will receive a PZDTs))
hit_power = 1.42 – in the head, 0.92 – in the neck, 0.62 – in the torso, 0.42 – in the legs

This is how you can easily improve / worsen weapons

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