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August 27, 2020
16 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R./Call of Pripyat: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Corrections for those who want to beat the game in CRYSIS style.

Change the values ​​in the configs \ creatures \ actor.ltx file:

max_item_mass = 1000
jump_speed = 20.
max_walk_weight = 1000

Change the values ​​in the configs \ system.ltx file:

max_weight = 1000

Where to find the tools?
A total of 6 boxes with tools, two of each type, that is, 3 in the hands of each master. On the Zaton one at the sawmill (rough), the second at the substation with mercenaries (exact). They ask you to devour – if you don’t want to kill anyone for nothing, then take a couple of loaves, a couple of sausages and canned food. Jupiter. On the territory of the plant from the south-west entrance there is a small building (exact), the composition that stands under the bridge, an electra anomaly flies in it along the cars (rough).
Pripyat. Two calibration kits. The first one is the building of the old KBO on the second floor, where the little man will show you where the instruments are. And the second one is in a department store, or rather, under a department store.

A couple of tips for a stalker. In Skadovsk, we take the task from the bartender to disrupt the deal between the Dolgovtsy and the bandits (for this we had to play against the bandits before). Having found Morgan’s PDA, keep it with you until the second location. There it can be sold for 4000 to the leader of the debt + access to the warehouse with weapons. And when the Svoboda activists go to recapture the warehouse, the stalker in a yellow exoskeleton will have a Veles detector. On the bridge, in the east of the Zaton, there is a bunch of weapons in equipment, and in a box in Gazik there is documentation that can be sold. Found cool caches in the second location. 1st near “Jupiter”. There is a bunker to the southwest of the factory. There are several brick “walls” next to it. One of them has the upper part destroyed. It contains “Thunder” with cartridges. 2nd – there is a house opposite the entrance to the Yanov building. Near its side wall there is a booth, inside which a brand new curtain with optics and cartridges.

If you want cool weapons at the beginning of the game, then go to the location “Burned out farm”. There are two partially burnt houses on the farm. There is a burnt bed inside one of the houses. It is on this house, on the roof, that Vintorez lies. Good luck!

At the location of the Anomaly “Sawning” you can find an unmanned reconnaissance. To do this, go to the location, as you came – go further north, and you will see the same scout. You can pull out a reconnaissance module from it, which can be deciphered by a technician at the Yanov Station, this will cost you a pretty penny, but after decryption, several caches will be marked on your PDA.

– How to climb a plateau to search a crashed helicopter?
– Only through an anomaly in a burnt village. It is possible to do this through a cave filled with snorks, but through the village it is easier.

– Vintorez in the first minutes of the game.
– Burnt-out village – on the second floor of the building.

– What to do with compasses taken from Noah?
– One compass will be needed for the quest. Upon completion of the “Tempting Business” for Beard.

– Where to get the Veles detector?
– 1) Give for completing the task of bloodsuckers.
2) You can find it at the “Pripyat” location, namely – remove zombies from a cold corpse (this is how lucky).

– Where to find the OASIS?
– You can get to the Oasis in this way: If you go along the railway road to the south towards the tunnel, on the left there will be a room with zombies, through it you will get to the Oasis. More details – location Jupiter, ventilation complex. To get there, you need to solve the puzzle with the columns, go through them in a certain order – it’s easy, I think, anyone can handle it (to the west of the ventilation shafts such as the railway station. This is where the entrance to the mines is).

-Quest “Bloodsuckers”.
-We take it from Capercaillie in Skadovsk. We follow him according to the sign, after which, having found a dead bloodsucker, we go down with Capercaillie to the basement, where it will be possible to find a cloud of sleeping bloodsuckers, and also collect a decent swag – first behind bars right along the corridor, look at the killed stalker – IL-86, Night artifact Star – 4800 rubles, “Bear”, then a bunch of pomegranates under the grate, as well as a funny sausage warehouse right next to one of the sleeping flukes; and if you do not jump over the pit at the very end of the dungeon, you can find a bottle of Hercules. Next, we report on everything to Boroda, he sends us to Sych, who gives for 2000 information that there is a lost military column on the bridge with an abundance of swag, among which there are important documents, as well as a poison gas cylinder. We go to the Preobrazhensky bridge, however, in order to avoid the tedious bypass of anomalies, we rise from under the bridge along the stairs. We take the key and documents in the UAZ, go upstairs and carefully pass the other anomalies along the pipe. We search all cars and find that 2 more keys are needed. He is in the fallen UAZ under the bridge, there are also the remaining documents. We take all this, open the box, rake in the cylinder and move to the den, or rather to the ventilation system. We install the balloon, turn the valve and enjoy the dying squeals of the suckers for 2 seconds. Then you have to kill / run away from 2 enraged creatures. Now we run and report on everything to Beard, we get “Veles” and 5 pieces of wooden rubles. Do not forget to drop by Owl to sell the documents. After that – attention! – we wait a couple of days or go to the harbor cranes, where we find Comrade Tremor, which, it turns out, killed the stalkers to drink their blood. After a heartwarming story, he shoots himself a skull, and we go to report everything to Beard, we get our well-deserved 10 pieces and the “Detective” award.

-Listen, how to find Snag? Search background. Not playing DO NOT READ!
-In general, I helped Snag to get his swag out of the fallen Zaporozhets. Divided and parted. Then after a while I went to Shustrom and ordered an assault rifle. Brought, took. I was about to leave the Skadovsk, so this Snag began to claim that it was his trunk. Well, he was sent on a walking erotic journey in a mild form. Well, and pulled back to Shustrom to find out. But it turned out that Snag is still yap. Well, a quest appeared – talk to him. I went down, and his trace was gone, well, I pulled to the Beard to ask, well, he said that Snag had faded to the Port Cranes. Well, I go there. And there are bandits. And let’s fill in, as if the snag from me promised swag. It didn’t work out. All died (the Sultan’s quests did not fulfill). Well, I took off the PDA from the leader, and with the end.

-Where else can you find calibration tools?
-Another set can be found in the Department Store on the central Avenue of Pripyat.

-Where to find the Svarog detector?
-“Svarog” is given for completing the quest at the Owl with three Veles detectors. To be honest, I did not see anything special in it, except that it shows anomalies.

-What is the order of the columns in the “Oasis”?
-I finally figured out the algorithm for passing (at least I got through this).
1: we pass the anomaly 1 time;
2: we hear a strange sound and see rain – we pass into it either from one side or the other;
3: we see 2 rain, just like in the first paragraph, we do;
4: we see 3 rains – here I guessed – the rains are located, as it were, in the opposite directions, i.e. they are like clones of the first two rains. We pass the first two rains, and then, we stand at the end of the room, as if this is the beginning of the room and remember how we passed the first rain.
5: 4 rain will appear, now: we pass the first 2 rains, as before, then we get up to the end of the room and we pass new 2 rains, like the old 2 rains (along the same trajectory), then we blow to
Anomaly, and it will no longer be (I checked this method 3 times – all the time the rains were in different places, but they were always opposite to each other, which gave me the idea).

-How to get through a minefield in front of a crashed helicopter?
-Throw the bolts. If a bolt hits a mine, a click will be heard (there will be no explosion, but you will know exactly where you don’t need to go). And on the way back there all the mutants will smash!

-Where are the calibration tools?
-In Pripyat, in the basement of a department store and in the old KBO upstairs.

-Where there are tools for rough work?
-One of the places is in the basement of a gas station, in a broken Zaporozhets.

-Where there are tools for fine work?
-In the attic of the warehouse (there is a bunch of Electra) next to the Jupiter plant. Need to get past the Concrete Bath Anomaly.

-How to get into a trailer with an electrical anomaly near Yanov?
-We must jump off the bridge onto the locomotive and walk to the end of the second carriage. A hatch will be open there. Jump over there. The tools are in the far left corner of the first car. Exit – in the far vestibule on the left.

-Where and from whom can the Gauss cannon be repaired?
-You pick it up on a quest from the Monolithians. And you carry it to the Backwater to Cardan. Blow into Skladovsk and chat with the mechanic. He will pass out, you can wander around the neighborhood for a couple of hours until he sober up. Then he will take the gun from you and give you a key card to the test shop, he is near the helicopter that fell into the power plant. There will be zombies and a pseudo giant inside. You can take a machine gun from the corpses of zombies; there is also a cache at the entrance to the workshop. Inside the workshop, it will be necessary to crawl through the ventilation into a closed room and from there take the documents on the gun. Then you need to go back to the mechanic and talk to him. If you return the key card to him, he will give you 3 first aid kits. After talking with him, you need to wait a couple of hours until he fixes the gun, then he will give it to you, completely intact.

-How to find the Joker?
-A skeleton will lie next to the “Sosnodub” anomaly, next to you will find a PDA and a Gas Mask – this is all that remains of the Joker.

-How to help the Monolithians?
-In the bar on Janov there is a stalker nicknamed Flint (he hunts bikes that not he, but other people did) and so, at the first location there is a hunter, he gives the task to find Soroka (well, something like that), well
So Flint is that Magpie. You must complete the quests of St. John’s wort, the quests of scientists (more precisely, find the Oasis). After that, Flint will start baiting stories again, we approach him and say that he is yap. After the conversation, we go to Loki (the leader of the Svobodists), he says that he will check (the quest is considered completed, and Freedom is friendly to you), after that we tell Loki about the Monoliths – and that’s it, the quest with the Monoliths is completed.

From the very beginning of the game, go to the Frying anomaly, there help the free stalker (give a first aid kit), and he will give you a Level 2 “Bear” detector. At the beginning of the game, it helps a lot with artifacts, well, money will start in your pocket.

3 “Veles” can be found in the village, next to the Cooling Tower (in the excavator).

Many people kill Noah to get 2 compasses. What for? Better to take one, take to Beard and come for the second. I came, hiding from the release, and he, shouting that “he won’t save you from the release,” gave the artifact.
The gas station has a cache in the stones. It’s easy to climb there, but the priest does not fit back. I recommend that you grab a pistol and fire a couple of volleys, without stopping trying to get out. Sometimes it works out. But it’s better not to meddle there at all.
At the very beginning of the barge, where you pick up the steering wheel, you can collect several arts. To do this, you need to save the fool from frying and, with a new detector, search in the water. After leaving the ship on a normal road, do not fall into the water between the ladder and some kind of box. There is the same bug as with stones. You can get out of it.
If you run around the map for a long time with a detector in your hand (no worse than Wales), you can find an “eye” or some other art in an open field. It’s not clear where they come from, but they are common.
Helping Uncle Yar to escape from the mercenaries, don’t touch the zombies. They will perfectly distract the fire on themselves when it gets hot.

By the way about Snag. This wonderful person will fall into your hands after a while. The snag will arrive at the Yanov station, and then we will grab him. After a short skirmish, the reputation quest is considered completed. We, like real stalkers, go down to the basement to our personal box … and bang … and the box is empty, we ask the people “WHERE?” … the search leads us to the local doctor, and he, in turn, indicates where he went a thief, and moreover, he says that the thief is our old friend Snag. Well, then we find Snag, and with it our own and his swag.

From the very beginning of the game, you can find a good cannon (Desert Eagle). Go to the Iron Forest anomaly, Approach the Scat 2 helicopter, turn LEFT, there is a small building in the corner. We go into the room, and under the table are a pistol and cartridges.

You can find a stalker named BARZHA in the dungeons under the burnt-out farm, next to Skadovsk on the Zaton. It is located in the large Hall, behind the stones, in which there are 2 roaming anomalies, in addition, you can jump directly into this Hall through the crevice on top of the cliff. Together with the Barge, you can grab his PDA, armor and Kalash.

When leaving the lair of the bloodsuckers, when you jump into the tunnel, go not where the Capercaillie is going, but in the other direction – there is a cache in which medicines and 2 drugs to survive.

If the PDA obtained from Morgan is given to the leader of freedom Loki, you will also gain access to the warehouse, but if you then give Loki and documents from the Jupiter factory, then the Hawaiian merchant will have unique items.

I recommend killing Noah when you first visit the Ark. You will still get to the plateau to the helicopter by taking its PDA and, in addition, you can remove 2 “Compass” artifacts from the corpse (50,000 rubles from each for sale).

Instrument arrangement:

Tools for rough work are in the attic of a residential building in the “Sawmill” area.
Tools for fine work are located on the territory of “Substation Workshops”.

Tools for rough work are in the last car of the train, which is in the center of the location “Jupiter”.
Tools for fine work are located on the second floor of the western building of the Jupiter plant.

The calibration tools are in two locations:
1. In the basement of the Department Store.
2. In the Old KBO, 2nd floor.

Remember the mission where you are offered to pick up a chest with things from Zaporozhets? If you want to leave all its contents for yourself, you need to pick it up from the car and take the equipment to Skadovsk, and for only 500 rubles he will break the lock on the chest. It contains first aid kits, an improved pistol, a Kalash and a steel helmet..

Complete a minefield on a helipad without being blown up by a mine: snuggle up to the grid and walk slowly.
In order not to waste huge clips on the destruction of the burer, come close to him so that he cannot do anything to you, and cut with a knife (five punches were enough for me).
You can easily kill a chimera, stab her in the head with a knife and she will collapse.

Approaching the helipad, you can bypass the minefield – snuggle up to the grid (on the right) and slowly walk forward; when the wild boars run, jump onto the UAZ and they will not harm you.
In the tunnel leading to Pripyat, at the place where the door is de-energized, if you explore the area, you can find a second “SEVU” in a box.

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