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December 20, 2022
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

S.T.But.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky: Tips And Tactics
1. The best weapon from the very beginning of the game is a hunting rifle. Go with him until you find Kalash – it will appear soon.
2. Collect the cartridges of different calibers in the amount of 150-200 pieces (they will be useful for side missions for different clans). Particularly popular with single cartridges for a shotgun – fraction and 9 * 18 on a gun, so collect more.
3. If you need to bring something (help the clan), for example, first aid kits – give immediately and go to the database for a reward. You will get money more than the cost of this Khabara. Do not be afraid to give grenades – they can be found almost every corpse.
4. The best weapon in the game is Abakan. Cartridges can be found throughout the area! Freely pump it in full, do not regret money! Another good gun is TPC, but complete with an hour and shop on 45 rounds.
5. The best gun is 919. Pump it in full, and it will be generally super weapons!
6. The best suit is Seva. When buy it, immediately shook the strength of + 50% (6000r), and then quickly breaks!
7. For melee, I advise you knife! But only against stalkers and blind pieces. Especially helps when the weapon cries.
8. Do not attempt immediately after you got to the cordon (for the first time), make the warpage of the military. Will not work (except to play with a mod, but it’s not interesting).
9. After you take a warrior there – do not relax, they will gradually approach the barrier (not that right near the building).
10. After jumping to teleport, which is located above the destroyed bridge, find yourself in front of the tunnel, in which there are cartridges for the shot and the corpse of the warrior. But you can’t get there – will throw out before teleport. You can get there only after you took the task from the driver of the Khaletsky sheep – to take the PDA to his comrade in service – which is just in this tunnel!
11. During the emission (which rarely happens), hide in buildings or basements.
12. When Sakharov asks to find a group that was lost on the territory of the X-16, just go around the laboratory area from the swamp (in which you can find a couple of artifacts). After the usual corpses, pseudopsy will attack you, but you will handle!
13. Automators can only pump on the territory of debt, not earlier! Pistols already on the first base. Costumes are similar.
fourteen. How do you go on the location where the debt is located in the tunnel with snarles – run ahead, not paying attention to the attacks of mutants, to come down to the first-aid kits and climb up the stairs.
15. In Limansk, near the houses, there may be mines. In this city it is convenient to use the RP-74 machine gun.
16. After bringing an artifact to the forester, which he asks to pick up from the bandits, the forester will give a reward Vintar! (This man also can repaire guns!)
17. The six-track grenade launcher “Bulldog-6” can be found in Limansk in one of the buildings that you clean together with the “clean sky”. Grenades – in the garage, in the same location (there should be a cache icon). This garage is located near the building after the transition, near which you will see how the “clean sky” wets the monolithmets.
19. Against snarles and bloodsucms advise Chaser.
eighteen. On the Chernobia, after watching the screensaver about where the arrows are located, throw away all your things (except for the weapon that the Lebedev gave you is a suit and aidhekk9), run a little ahead, take a comfortable position for shooting and pawing on it from Gaus until his death.
19. In S.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R. There are two mini-games: Raven shooting on the territory of bandits and a database on the database.
twenty. RPG-7 lies in the drawer near the tank in the warehouses.
21. Desert Eagle can be found in many of the liberty. According to the characteristics – middling.
22. Vintar from the roller lies at the top, in the center of the location of the swamp, but it must be completely repaired.

P.FROM. The game passed without the help of artifacts. So as soon as you find them – sell and better pump armor. Help more often in the side missions, such as “clean the territory”. Mutants or bandyukov there is little there, and the money is not unnecessary!

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