S.W.I.N.E. : Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

There is a strong strategy in pig:
In multiplayer, when you enter the host magic words no atom no cheat no 2 vs 1.
Then take buy 1 command of 5 rocket launchers (upgrate armor and a booster for movement), 6 mortars (the same upgrate) and work like this:
1. At mortars, retract the barrels (button X).
2. Put the rocket launchers on 5 – rocket mode.
3. Attack mortars with mortars, and attack enemy rocket launchers with rocket launchers, if there are none, attack mortars.

In the mission “Morkovkino” you can quickly pump XP to the command vehicle. When the attacks are over, drive the command vehicle to the large bridge and order an air strike on the other end of the bridge. As a result, a heavily mined field is no longer a hindrance..

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