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April 17, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sabotage: Fist of the Empire: Cheat Codes + Tips

During the game, simultaneously press [Сtrl] + [Аlt] + [:] and:
[F3] – get 10000 money
[F7] – get all opyzhie
[F8] – no vulnerability
[9] – all life
[0] – all experience

Glitch in the game:
In the unapproachable version there is a fun glitch: when you press the [F11] key
all enemies in the environment die and you begin to experience it!
In this way, you can very quickly download your machine.

Armies and opyzhie:
At night in the CT-13 area (where the military academy)
They attack kamikaze and sometimes they are successful. Locked on
Locations for 10-15 minutes you can at once, from the beginning of the game to get on with the most powerful armor
and powerful opyzhiem.

Easy money:
In the area of ​​Spirits in the Agent-700 apartment in one of the rooms, there are forever 300 bottles.

The manager of the Bank (district of Sev. Eiffel, 3rd upper level) has a key
from the car. The truth of the car itself in the autoshop in Krytyx steel may not be,
but the key can be profitably sold.

Pick up BCE that you can pick up from the hit and from the secret boxes,
as soon as the weight is available – all this is sold in electronic stores,
the truth is at a third price.

Easy pumping:
Once in the subterranean City of Hackers, do not rush to complete mission assignments.
In the center, on a round arena you can play in battles and in peace
download the print.

In the Top plate, area Avalon, in the office, the key from the Volga car,
quiet and loud. Lost and forgotten cars are triggered by pressing
Key to the Inventory menu. After that, you need to go to the location and return
outside – the machine will wait. Sometimes they allow themselves to return only
after a new download of the game.

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