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January 13, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sacred 2: Council (exploding NPCs)

Playing the subject, I was pleased with how the “assistants” I called for explode and scatter to pieces (for example, the inquisitor’s enslaved souls playing on his side, after a certain time, begin to explode into pieces, a lot of blood, blah blah blah). But, unfortunately, I did not observe such an effect when destroying the enemy. Always dying, falling to the ground.
While playing Subzh: Ice and Blood, I drew attention to the fact that the type of enemy is a zombie, dying exactly as I wanted to see, that is, it explodes, scattering into pieces. The idea came to my head, to find the file, which contains the characteristics of the enemy – zombies, and find something special that distinguishes him from the rest of the NPC. While browsing the contents of the Sacred 2 FA (I&B) folders, I came across the creatures.txt file. Obviously, this file is responsible for the features of all Creatures in the game. I was not wrong.
So, the path:…. \ Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel \ scripts \ server \, the Creatures.txt file is in the [SERVER] folder. Having opened this file, since the extension is .txt, it opens, respectively, with a notepad we have a set of parameters and values ​​of the Persians. Each Persian has a parameter [has_corpse = 1,], usually it is the third from the bottom (if the creature is not endowed with special abilities and there is no spels line …). It is this parameter that is responsible for how the reptile will be destroyed..

So, in the line [has_corpse = 1,], change the value to = 0, it turns out [has_corpse = 0,] and enjoy the meat.

Since in this file (CREATURES.txt), each type of NPC has its own subspecies, so in order for all the undead to die meaty, using the search (in notepad: first ctrl + f and then F3) I entered the search word SKEL (that is, skeleton) and assigned the value [has_corpse = 0,] to me and to all skeletons. Now the undead when dying do not fall to the ground, but are scattered to the bones.
I also changed the meaning of death and kobolds, changing all NPCs that have the word Kobold in their estate.
For clarity, I attached the Creatures.txt file, with the changed deaths of undead and kobolds, which, as a reminder, must be dropped into the SERVER folder (…. \ Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel \ scripts \ server \) confirming the replacement.

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