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July 2, 2020
8 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sacred Underworld: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

To make money, you need to be able to disarm enemies. Then you can sell all the things that your enemies lost in battle and get money.

Easter Eggs: in the game you can find many gizmos sent by the author.
For example, boxes with a Game Box, a balalaika or even a rabbit, but what a riddle to do with them.
If you play as a Demoness, you can fly through the Druid forest and find a small gazebo, if you enter it you will find yourself in a cave where there are 2 rooms. In one room there is an inscription on the floor – If you go to ZHADUK you kill die, and suddenly some thing, if you approach it, it will soak you in the moment with a laser.

The game has a large number of large dragons (onyxia). The location of one of them in the desert near the city of Horad-Nur, maybe many people know about this, but I know a way to soak this onyxia quickly and without much effort, with any leveling tool. When you come to her and she begins to chase you, then you turn around and run towards the city there she can get stuck between houses and you can kill her without any problems or run into the house near which she stands and in the house she cannot hit you, but you calmly you can use some kind of general machine (Gladiator-Shattering Gaze).

I’ll start right away with my favorite – fashion. Simple advice, but at the same time necessary: ​​buy several sets of gear at once, as this will increase your kill rate depending on the enemy. And gear must be collected necessarily with mods, except in rare cases when the gear gives more than the modified one. Do not forget that this toy is full of quests, during the passage you will be given something important !!! So I collected a little less than 500 attack and 300 defense on artifacts and mods! By the way, do you like ghosts? I love! It was on them that I got to the 20th from the first level in an hour! And it is done this way: go north of Porto Draco, find there a hut with “blind man’s” in the basement, wet them, leave the basement. Then go in and find a new group of ghouls who want to bang you! Check this lope you need. Remember, in this place the ghosts are always higher, or which one you leveled. Nice to drive =) .

1. Before rushing headlong into the dungeons, it is better to pump the hero in the first part, at least to level 30, otherwise it will be oh, how not sweet.
2. Before going to the tower of Shaddar the Enlightened, go to the town of Purgatory (in Russian translation).
3. And before going there, stock up on the most powerful combo attacks – the zone will be densely populated by demons, global weapons will be required.

In order to earn artifacts at the very beginning, before you go for the reward in the quest, it is better to save and load until you are given an artifact.
Attention! Artifacts are only given by NPCs that do not exist in the original Sacred. And the artifact can be knocked out of a dude for 30-40 minutes.

There are 7-8 lines of original armor (green one) for each. Cool thing, read the specs carefully. It is especially lethal – this is a bonus – inflicting open wounds, imagine: a slowed down and bloody enemy is running after you, and from him, as from a bucket of blood, gushing blood. So, in Sacred Underworld there is a graveyard of heroes, there on the islands of pirates, when you go for the first part of the medallion in the dungeon. You can admire super-strong characters in original armor.

There is a bug in the game, after completing the quest, you run up close to the quest giver, click on it, the Persian runs at it. Without reaching 3-4 steps, press F9 (fast save), and then press F8 (fast load), many times (press the current immediately). Somewhere after 5-10 minutes of such a download, we press ok many times. And voila ekspa, gear, gold, there are a lot of skills.

There is a merchant in the Breivok castle, next to the teleport. Buy something from him, and then go up across the road, upstairs, to the house next to the waterfall. Inside the building, go down to the basement and immediately go outside. After these simple manipulations, head back to the merchant and enjoy a fresh assortment of things. Each time the merchant will have completely different lots. Thus, having a solid stock of patience, you can dress your hero in good “clothes”.

Approach the merchant, see what he has, buy if you like it. Go and teleport to another city, etc. Go to the merchant there and again you can buy, you can not buy and back. And so in a circle. The chance is small, but I bought a green little thing from a merchant for my demoness.

At the beginning, when you are already leaving the Colosseum, follow the road, and when there is a turn, you will see one grave below. Open it, kill the zombies and it will drop Arwen’s Swift Sword. This sword increases the chance of getting special items. I have silver on level 52 +32.

1) Export / import fraud (for everyone).
At the very beginning of the game, each character appears near a chest with some thing and a rune of skill. We start the game with any Persian, open the chest, select the rune, export the character. We leave, import the character and reopen the chest, take the rune and export – and so on until we get bored. In half an hour I collected a full backpack of runes as a seraphim, pumped the Persian and exchanged them with the combo master for those that were needed. True, the same rune always drops out, which, in principle, is not very good, since, usually, it is the most unnecessary of all the character’s abilities. But for a vampire, this is a big plus, because the claws of death fall out, that is, a strong blow.

2) Fraud with runes for 2+ lvl (vampire).
If you do a trick with import / export, then the character’s LVL should not exceed 2 or 3, otherwise the runes will simply not fall out, and instead of them balalaikas, bells and other burda will appear. But the vampire has the ability to fill runes for 3+ lvl: we take the vampire, import (preferably at least 10 LVL). We run from the house directly to the city, near the city we are met by a farmer and gives the quest “Margala wolf”. We find a wolf, extinguish it, come for a reward, export it. We import again (we already know where the wolf sits), go directly to the wolf, extinguish it and again for the reward. This is, of course, longer, but I have collected the shield, sword and armor of the recundis in addition to the runes. But the vampire must still be pumped for this, so as not to be extinguished with the wolf and sakar’rim for a long time, it is advisable to ignore everyone altogether, only to extinguish the wolf.

3) Scam with books (vampire).
Sometimes it is useful to talk to passers-by, they can tell interesting things. For example, I learned from a city dweller that books and stories (in a magazine) were not simply invented in SACRED. By collecting a series of books or stories, you can get bonuses. I don’t know what kind of bonuses. has not collected a single series yet, but found a way to collect them as vampires. Again, import / export. We take a vampire, 25+, so that she can be imported for silver. We import the vampire, and before clicking “start the game”, select the difficulty in the graph, not bronze, but silver. We start everything in the same house. As soon as you started, search the whole house – on the second floor, near the stairs, there should be a stand for books and scrolls, on the first – in the middle of the room. We select and read. Gamebox sometimes drops out. Why I need it and I myself don’t know, I just didn’t pick it up. Then everything is clear: if we have collected books / scrolls, we will export them. Re-import, collect books and export.

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