Serious Sam / The First Encounter: Advice (Tips and Tactics for Serious)

Level 2. At the exit from the first canyon, we go to the right of the exit and jump onto the platform, come close to the wall. Behind the wall are two harpies, armor, submachine gun cartridges, missiles and something else. (6 of 6)
Level 6 (Oasis). As soon as you fell into the lake, turn and jump over the waterfall. In the cave there is a bag and armor. (4 of 6)

On the first level, you can find a rocket launcher and cartridges for it.
You can find them like this: from the very beginning we go straight up the hill and on the right we jump onto the curb, go along it and jump over to the building to the right (it is lower than us), there we find the rocket launcher. Same on the other side (rockets).

In the game serios sam, at the second stage, I found another secret.
You can find it like this: from the very beginning we pass through the canyon at the beginning of the game, and then we do not go through the door, but we go around this building on the right along the hill and there a door will open in the wall, in it we will find armor and cartridges.

1. Go to the desert. There, on the left is a small oasis where you will find secret health and ammunition.
Beware! It’s full of biomechanoids, and then the harpies will come….
2. Having climbed to the first floor – go to the corridor on the left, there go to the door and open it.
3. Having climbed to the second floor – go to the right – you will find the second Colt.
4. And here you need to try. After rising to the third floor, go right to the end. Now jump on
railings and from them – to the post. From there, to another wall. And then the XPML21 reactive plant is your!
5. Now the same thing – on the left – there is ammunition.
6.Now go through the columns on the right side (where you got the rocket launcher) to the very end,
turn left and walk all the way. Do you see a piece of the wall is slightly different in color? Come up
and the door will open.
7. The last one is behind the door on the first floor on the right. Break it down with a reactive mindset!

1. In the desert – go to the exit, look to the right, to the mountains – see a tree? You need to try really hard
and get there. So take your time to kill the bull – he can help you.
2. Again at the exit from the desert – climb the wall on the right side, and jump onto the ledge – there is a secret door.
3.In the hall with a torch in the middle – immediately go to the right, there is a piece of the wall, different in color, go to it
and get the Thompson M1-A2 machine gun
4. Entering the next hall, immediately go to the left behind the column, there you will be caught by a catapult.
Catch your armor!
5. Having risen a little higher – see the window in the wall? Enter this hall – and go to the descent from the left side – there, bend,
and you will find another secret.
6. Once in the desert – try to jump onto the roof of the building when you exit. The best way to do this is with a bull. 🙂

* Tomb of RAMSES III *
1. Having risen, you have come to the hall with columns. Go to the arch on the right, go up and jump from there.
to the adjacent site.
2.3 After passing through the corridors and going out into the next hall – raise your head – upstairs, on the beam, you can
see a large heart. To get it, go to the stairs, and on the right side,
jump onto the parebrick (the torch will help you) go to the heart. Go back the same way – and
and you will find a secret passage.
4.5 Having dealt with the arachnoid, you find yourself in the next room. You need to climb the stairs
turn left and climb onto the platform.
You can now see the rocket launcher. To get it, go to the very edge of the platform
and turn right. Go there – see the glow? jump!
6.Now go up the stairs. Opposite the door – turn back and walk along the beams
onto the platform where the health bottle is. walk along the beam to the right to the end.
7.8 In the next hall. you must have noticed the armor next to the arkhanoid! How to get it? Go up the stairs
to the exit from the hall. Turn around in front of the door and go to the opposite wall. Now turn around
to the left – and you will see a secret passage.

1. Break all the statues on the level. If you do this, then in addition to this secret, secret number 3 will open itself.
2.In the hall with the pyramid teleporter. After shooting all the jumpers, go through the door to the site.
There, facing the pyramid, go to the farthest right corner, behind the columns, at the edge.
Find the catapult.
3.4.Before the bridge – go right until it stops. Turn around – you see – a swing is pressed against the rock?
Break the rock and jump on the swing to get to the other side.

* MOON MOUNTAINS (secret level) *
1. On the fourth bump – go around it along the very edge
2.From the fifth bump – jump into the waterfall.
3. Behind the waterfall. If you are facing the waterfall – walk along the narrow path to the right between the waterfall itself and the stones.
4. You passed the round waterfall and go to the exit. Vpam need to jump down. Take your time but walk
along the edge to the wall.
5. Entering the hall with bridges – turn around and shoot at the panel above the entrance.
6. Having fallen into the water – swim strictly to the left, climb the stones.
7.Now go back to the tunnel.

1.As soon as the level starts – jump back into the waterfall.
2.3.4 In the building – \ “eat \” the health pill to the left of the statue, then slowly go to the next pill.
After – go to the room with ammunition for the grenade launcher. There, raise your shield armor. Now head back to the hall and break
climb onto the pedestal.

5.6 You are in the hall with a red backpack with ammunition. Break the wall on the left side, between the second and third columns.
Go inside, go around the perimeter, but do not take the ammunition. Take them back later.

1. You are standing on a hill. Before you is a palace. Now you have to run in the desert. 🙂
First look to the left – see a palm tree? go to it and blow it up.
2. Standing by the former palm tree – look back to the hills – there you can see a green bottle with
Go to her.
3. The starting position is in front of the palace on the hill. Go right – look at the hills. There you will see great health (white cube
with a cross)
Pick it up.
4. Now go further in the same direction – and you will see an oasis.
5. Inside the palace. Blow up the Column Right Pedestal.
6. Now you need to contrive and jump onto the left pedestal. There go to the farthest nook.

1. Starting point – just outside the gate. Go to the left wall and walk along the houses. At the fourth house
turn left and go into the nook.
2. We go further along the same side along the houses. You see a palm tree grows between the eighth and ninth houses?
Break it and go into the opened passage.
3. Second yard. Walk along the right wall all the way.
4. The starting point is the gate of the second courtyard (entrance). Walk on the left side – again behind the fourth house of secret places.
5.6. Starting point – exit gate – facing the door. Go behind the left and right columns.
7.Now jump into the sewers – take your time to move, look around – and you will see a secret passage.

1. At the very beginning. You need to go down to the bottom. A secret corridor is located directly below the ground entrance.
2. We swim to the next hall. If there is enough air, swim through the columns, and after the second row
turn right immediately and see the armor.
3. Climbing to the exit – jump onto the floors.
4. You left the hall and go down the stairs. As soon as you go down, turn left. There in the corner
there is a secret passage in the niche in the floor.
5.You have passed a half-flooded basement and are about to leave, when suddenly the panel above the exit moves away
and the Aludran reptilian appears. You need to have time to jump to where he stands! The panel will then close,
but fear not – there is a lever to open it.

1.After collecting the speedmen, you entered the next courtyard. Without going downstairs, immediately turn right and break the wall at the column.

1. At the second pillar on the right side – turn left and go into the depths of the desert – there is a palm tree with ammunition.

1. To get the first secret you need a good reaction. As soon as the level starts –
quickly, without hesitation, turn back for a second and try to run through the closing doors.
2. The first hall. Go immediately to the right to the wall. Look there, and you will see a lever on one of the columns. The same is with the left
3. You are in the yard with a large swimming pool and a stella in the middle. dive into the pool and swim forward. See – cannonballs to the cannon?
Take them, and at the same time open the passage.
4.Now swim to the right side of the pool – there open a darker section of the wall.
5. You swam out of the tunnel into the next courtyard. Turn around – and go back – there, on the wall behind the columns, find two levers. They are
will open
secret passage. You can enter it later – it is open in the previous yard,
on the pedestal of the stele. (on the surface)
6.In a hall with two pools – dive to the left and look for a spot on the wall with a great color.
7. You are in the last yard (right after the yard with the sphinxes). Go to the left wall, and there, by the very ground, look for a small cache.
8. The same cache on the right side, but you can only open it after you
will say that \ “secret health is available \”.

So you are in the courtyard with a huge statue in the middle. To go further – you need to visit the outer courtyards. To
do not get confused, we will call them the right and left courtyard – if you stand at the entrance and look at the statue…..
1. The first right yard. Standing at the entrance to the courtyard, break two columns – the one behind the stele to the right and the one in front of the stele
2.Second right courtyard. Immediately after you entered – go left, along the wall. There is a catapult in the corner.
3. Second right yard. Before leaving the yard, turn around and jump onto the roof of the house. There, in the middle
the square is different in color from the main background. Stand on him and shoot him.
4. The first left courtyard. As we entered, we immediately notice the building on the left. There, on the roof – an ammunition depot. To get there you need
bull help…
5. Second left courtyard. Having received a golden heart, we go to the exit. Stop and move on before leaving
against the wall until the very end. There, in the alcove, is a catapult, which will throw you up, where there is another catapult, which
will throw you on the roof.
6.On the roof – go forward a little and destroy the wall between the columns.
7. You found yourself in the hall, where there is a deep hole right in front of the entrance. Jump over there.
8. So, all the amulets are placed and all the enemies are defeated. You go to the exit. Do not hurry.
As soon as you step through the threshold of the gate, immediately look to the left. There is a small door….

* SACRED LAND (secret level) *
1.At the beginning of the level. Eat the pill that hangs to the right of the entrance. Move on. In the next little
do not touch the tablets in the corridor, but when you go out into the hall with the pool, break the column in the middle of the pool.
2. You are standing at the Sphinx mechanism (the gate is behind you). First, let’s go to the left yard. As soon as you open the door
immediately run forward and shoot the rising platform.
3. There is another secret in this courtyard. To do this, you need to click on the lever near the far wall on the left.
A bridge will open behind the pedestal, and a lever under it. Click.
4. Now go to the right yard. To begin with, you can take a backpack with ammunition, which is waiting for you to the left of the entrance.
Once trapped, begin to methodically shoot enemies. And then you can see how from the pyramid on the clamshell
leaves a couple of \ “big-headed \”. Go there, and although they will persistently ask you not to do it –
press the lever in the alcove…
5.6 Walk around the pyramid. There in the corners you will find health and ammunition. Secret, naturally..
7.So. Now we return to the yard. What do we see? Swimming pool with platforms. Turns the central
platform to the right. We go along it. There, jumping to the wall – do not press the lever, but with its help
jump to the place where the arkhanoid was sitting. Taking health, we return to the starting point.
8.9. Turn the center platform to the left. Do the same manipulations. Now attention. Coming to
the edge of the platform, taking the armor, shoot at the square platform on the left, in the water..
10.Now turn the center platform straight. We jump, also, using the lever upward
and out the window. We take away the sphinx…

* Great Pyramid *
There are no secrets. 🙂

Found another secret at level 6 – Oasis
When we fall into a puddle, then if we immediately rush back behind the waterfall, we find ourselves in a secret passage, there is health and a backpack with cartridges.

In the temple of Hatshepsut, in the Oasis (Where the adult Biomechanoids are) you can cut down a palm tree, a bunch of harpies will appear.
We wet them, as a result there is still a secret!

A new secret in the Sacred Lands
We appear in the corridor in the fresh air. We kill everyone (do not forget to smash the pillar – there are a dozen frogs), we see at the end of the alley such a frail tree, very different from the rest. We carry him to hell. We look – a tablet appeared to the left of the exit – we take it, run back – the same one appeared to the left of the entrance. We take puschency, back up, take the pill backwards and immediately shoot forward at the appeared mechanoid, red with anger. If alive – inertan will tell about the found secret.

At the very beginning of Karnak, if you immediately gasp back through the closing doors, you will find yourself in the “Land of Plenty”, where there are a lot of golems and there is a mountaineer – Duncan McCloud.
There is a similar secret in the Mountains of the Moon, after that the highlander was filled up, we quickly run through the closing doors and there we get backstage.

Remember the hall in the sewers, where you had to go down under the water to turn the lever on the column? Having dropped to the bottom, we will find armor there. Now in this level all secrets are found.

The secret to the first part and which was not specified. The grenade launcher is located on the roof of the second upper tier, on the left side if you look at the oasis from which biomechanoids emerge (red with anger). A dozen rounds for the grenade launcher are on the right side of the other roof, that is, just the opposite. The door that does not open on the first level has one more secret, it needs to be slightly opened by pressing the trigger of the same grenade launcher.

There is another secret in the first level. When we get there, go up the stairs, go to the right or to the left to the end, jump onto the side and jump from it to the roof, there are either rockets or a rocket launcher (secret 5 of 7).

Secrets of the first and second levels.
“Temple of Hatshesup”
1. As soon as we got to the place, we immediately run to the right – there is a secret pistol behind the columns.
2. Then we run from the temple into the desert, there you can see a green speck – this is a small Oasis, there is a heart and cartridges for the rocket.
3. By the way, the rocket can be found at this level. To do this, you need to climb the stairs. There we jump onto the fence on the left side, and from the fence to the roof of the building. There is either a rocket launcher or cartridges for it.
4. Do the same on the right side.
5. We go from the teleport further, further, further until you find the entrance to the temple. We turn right and then left, even left and straight ahead. We go to a dead end, from which it is clear that a piece of the wall does not merge with the rest of the wall. We rest there. The wall will open, then there is a secret double-barreled gun.
6. Let’s go back. There will be two doors on the left and right. We approach the left. It opens and some big-headed Sams come out.
7. On the right side, too, the door is only closed. We shoot at her with a rocket launcher, and several more opponents come out.

“Sandy Canyon”
1. Alas, at this level one secret can be found only by choosing the “Master” difficulty level. We leave the temple, there soon a bull will attack you. Don’t kill him yet. He can help you a lot! We go to the entrance to the second temple. DO NOT enter. See the tree on the right? So there you go. This is where the bull will help you! You can’t get over those mountains. So stand exactly on the rock. And wait for the bull to throw you up to the tree.
2. At the entrance to the temple to the right again, but then to the left. There again we see a piece of the wall that does not merge. The door will open. A secret room will appear.
3. Finally, we enter the temple, there further until we reach the room where frogs will jump on you. As we entered, we go to the right, we see again a piece of the wall that does not merge. There is a machine gun.
4. There we go further to the gray room. We turn left, behind the column there is a place where we are thrown up. There we grab the secret armor.
5. We see the window. We jump there. Descent on the left. Secret health lies beneath the descent.
6. To the entrance to the last temple we turn to the left, there we climb the cliff and right to the roof to the secret place.

New secrets.
“Valley of the Kings”
1. We break all the statues from the beginning of the level.
2. When we see the teleport, from where the toads jump out, on the left we go into the door. There is a place with a small plate in it. She will throw us up to the secret armor.
3. At the end of the level, do not rush to go across the bridge. We go to the right along the cliff, look up. There you can see that a swing is stuck in the rock. We explode the rock with a rocket launcher. But if you have fulfilled secret 1, then the rock itself will collapse.
4. And now the joke. We need to jump onto the flying swing so that they carry us to the other side. Why jump on a swing when you can safely walk across the bridge, you ask. I will answer: because if you walk across the bridge, it will collapse. You will fall into the water. But with the swing, fly to the other side, and you will get to the secret level.

New secrets.
“Valley of the Kings”
1. We break all the statues from the beginning of the level.
2. When we see the teleport, from where the toads jump out, on the left we go into the door. There is a place with a small plate in it. She will throw us up to the secret armor.
3. At the end of the level, do not rush to go across the bridge. We go to the right along the cliff, look up. There you can see that a swing is stuck in the rock. We explode the rock with a rocket launcher. But if you have fulfilled secret 1, then the rock itself will collapse.
4. And now the joke. We need to jump onto the flying swing so that they carry us to the other side. Why jump on a swing when you can safely walk across the bridge, you ask. I will answer: because if you walk across the bridge, it will collapse. You will fall into the water. But with the swing, fly to the other side, and you will get to the secret level.

Level 6 oasis.
We fall into the water, float up, turn back – we see a waterfall. We swim up to it and jump. Behind him is a cave, in it is a chest with ammunition and 25 armor.

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