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July 31, 2020
13 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Serious Sam / The Second Encounter: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

At the second level (where the jaguars are) there is 1 joke, we immediately go to the left, everyone’s urine, then even more to the left and we found the mountain CROOLIWOOD – local Hollywood. Even on the pre-before the last levels (the very first castle), the moment when you enter and stumble upon it. … FOG in it, in addition to tasks and monsters, there are graves, we open, and there are samas with the heads of creators, saying – GO TO DADDY. And the final of the race. … a family photo of the creators of the game on the wall in the 2nd castle.

At the very beginning, swim not forward, but backward. There you will see a secret weapon and a phone booth on which Sam will call)).

Then go left when you exit into an open area. There you will see the remains of a tram (As well as a secret ammunition for the cannon. When you take them, go back, and on the curb you can see a bright place. When you shoot a cannon there, angels will come out from there and lead you to the disk).

Remember the level with caves (in chapter 3) there is lava and all sorts of monsters and idiots, and so – after this level there is another level (of course). It’s kind of snowy. So that’s it. There is a small village with a mill. And on the mill press the button and PRiKOL.
Then in the village you will see Sam in the costumes of Ded Moroz. If you shoot at him, then good will fall out of him. And at the end (if you haven’t killed him) he will climb into the pipe (like Santa). And then it gets stuck. WELL EVERYTHING!

In the snow level, wet ALL snowmen without exception. Everywhere, as I remember, there are secrets. One is reduced, the other is explosive, one has a lever.

At the last level, at the second turn, a section of the wall is highlighted.
If you shoot at him from a rocket launcher, a portal to the Pumpkin Field will open.

At the beginning of the second chapter of the Valley of the Jaguar, when you exit at the place where the suspension bridges, going down, we see a red heart at the top, to get there we need to shoot from the left of the rocket launcher into a large stone and there will be a cave.

There are several secrets in the death corridor:
1. At the very beginning, near the door, there is a light section of the wall. Shoot him with a cannon and take what is.
2. At the corner, it seems, the first, there is a window, and in it is a little man. Shoot him and get super damage.
3. Somewhere there, there is still a light section of the wall, you need a gun into it and you will have a pumpkin field.
4. Somewhere else there is again a light section of the wall, into it again with a cannon, and you find yourself in a museum. There are two mountain reptilians and three very scary exhibits. Well, another heart, armor and something else, I think, a backpack.

There is also a secret that has not been described here..
At the level where we are required to find several tablets (like 3) there is a small joke. At the very beginning, where we just tumble out to the door and they tell us – Go there to that door and put on the signs. We stomp directly to this door, but DO NOT TURN to it. We run into the wall. There we kill everyone who appears. Something like a sphere will fall from above. We go in and find ourselves in a film studio. We look at the last level of the first SAM, as there is a monster sticking out in front of the pyramil, and the SAM shoots at him.

At the very beginning of the game there is a secret underwater there is a rocket launcher with five missiles.
In order not to drown in the water, you need to press [Ctrl] when you float down and [Space] when up.

At the tower of babel level, there is one secret in the cave of space, when you go down the elevator, there are holes, if you shoot there from a cannon, then small bulls will run out from there.

On the level “Yards of Gilgamesh” after you take a laser gun and leave the room on the left there will be several pillars on one of them there is a light area and on it the button into it is best to shoot from a sniper rifle and a sweat room will open.

At the level of the Citadel, where you have to go up and there is still a clockwork there is a red heart. In short, we dive into the water from the side where the gentle descent goes down to the bottom and turn 180 degrees. and we sail forward.

A window with a secret awaits you at level 6. Look for an area with two sections: right and left. In the story, you have to clean it two times. The joke is on the right. Go to the opposite edge from the entrance there is a statue of Pegasus Collect the tablets, an inscription will appear. Look up, one of the windows is ajar. Shoot him, a reptilian will appear. Don’t kill him, see how the window handles him.

Also at the level where “we are told – Go to that door and pick up the tablets” (Tower of Babel). After nadybali all the plates, we leave from the opposite side. And we climb back into the corridors with the signs. Secret mochilovo opens.

At the level of the city of the gods, there is a steep descent (there Sam still squeals with joy) into a room with dogs, if you climb under this descent you can take a bunch of hearts and backpacks, but I don’t know how to stop without codes, there are thorns at the bottom….

On the first level in the temple there is a place where you need to run under the walls, which either go down or rise. So, if you look back, you will see a dark wall (in fact, this is a darkened passage to the secret area). When you enter this room, you will see something like a rebus below. There are several highlighted letters. You need to jump on them to get the word MENTAL. If everything is done correctly, then on the spot with the bulbs there will be a passage where life lies +100.

On the third level (where you have to go along the floor with holes, and at the bottom there are spikes and blows from the walls) climb into the first hole in the wall. In a secret corridor you will find a small pumpkin monster with an impressive chainsaw and some nice bonuses.

At the City of the Gods level, go to the mask of cruelty, turn right, there is a passage blocked by blocks. Shoot him with a rocket launcher and he will fall apart. Go straight, there you will find a door. Come in – there will be a cannon, shells for it and a superbomb.

Secrets of the Sierra de Chiapas level.
1. As you fell into the water, immediately swim to the bottom, there is a rocket launcher.
2. When you swim out, do not rush straight ahead, swim to the back island, there is a telephone booth with the help of which you can call.
3. In the same place, on that island there is armor.
4. Run all forward, destroying enemies, of course. When you reach the temple, turn left, left to right, until you see smoke. Run there and find the wrecked van that was used to save you in the opening cutscene..
5. From the van, run forward, you will find cartridges for the rocket launcher.
6. Run back, do not waste ammo on the appeared kamikaze, they will be useful to you. After having dealt with the kamikaze, pay attention to the piece that did not merge with the color of the temple. Shoot a rocket launcher there, angels come out.
7. Enter the place where the angels crawled out, you will find a cool joke: there is a scene, Sam with a big head comes out, and says something there, after which he will be surrounded by two boxing gloves and killed! And after that the disco will begin!
8. Leave the party and go further and further until you find the first trap: huge crushers are falling from above. Go back into the dark passage, turn left, then right, and we see a large keyboard below. We type the word “MENTAL” on it, and then a heart appears. But be careful: look up.
9. Having overcome the traps of the temple, we go out into the fresh air. There you can see an island in the distance, and there is a heart on it. Alas, I haven’t figured out how to get there yet.
10. There is a first aid kit in the water at the bottom.

Tower of babel level
My favorite secret is how you go out into the “light”, you see in front of you a kind of bridge to the closed door of the Babel tower. Go left. There is a lonely column against the wall. Shoot at it with a rocket launcher, you will see a portal to the shooting studio. It was like they were filming Sam. There are reduced copies of Ugh-Zan Trtyo and so on and so on. But that’s not all. If you shoot a rocket at the Great Pyramid, a heart will appear from there.
And a couple more secrets for a snack:
1) when you collect all the pills, do not rush to go to wet the monster in the Tower of Babel, go around the second circle for pills, there you will find a small surprise;
2) when you go to the exit to the courtyard with the vav. Tower, take the pill near the steps. An Overgrown Swamp Jumper will appear. If you kill him, he will explode into a bunch of microscopic jumpers..

Here are all the secrets of the Sierra de Chiapas (Palenque) level:
1. When we fall into the water, we swim down, we find a rocket launcher.
2. We emerge and swim to the island behind, there will be a secret phone booth and…
3. … armor.
4. Having dealt with the 1st portion of monsters, we go to the site (where the rifle should be obtained), but we turn to the left, we pass the 1st valley, we go into the 2nd one and find the remains of the secret trailer (which knocked us down!). We go a little further and find …
5. … ammunition.
6. Turn back and deal with the kamikaze, but do not spend the missiles and look at the wall. Do you see a dark (or light, I don’t remember) square ?! We shoot there from a rocket launcher, angels come out of there. If you need glasses, kill them (count as monsters) and go inside…
7 … there will be a party and lots of rocket launcher ammo!
8. When we reach the 1st trap (where there are many blocks) … If you look directly at it, we turn back, there is a shaded corridor. We go there, we find a secret room. Jump on the letters MENTAL (in that order), and you will have a heart.
9. Going out into the air, we wander to the edge of the abyss and see there a rocket launcher. To jump to it, you need to jump not from the very edge, but a little further so that you fly next to the rock. With a flamethrower illuminating the platform you are standing on, find the edge and jump into the teleport ball.
10. Then take the “official” rocket launcher and come across a mixture of kamikaze and bulls. You kill them. Look to the left. See the rock. You can see that it is slightly shaded, but there is a light piece that seems to stick out. We break this piece of rock with a rocket launcher and find a secret entrance to the cave.
11. Let’s swim and go to the heart.
12. In the last pond below health.

Secrets of the City of the Gods (12 of 15)

1.To the right of the entrance to the 1st courtyard there is a tree that blocks the passage. Saw it up, move on and get a first aid kit.

2.There are cores on the left.

3. Go to the upper left corner of the door. There’s a pill in there. But then red biomechs will appear.

4. Go to the temple with the Mask of Cruelty. The passage to the right at the exit from the temple is blocked. Shoot the rocket launcher and go into it.

5. In the courtyard with the minigun, you need to go behind the Temple, from where the zorgs appear. Take Secret Cores.

6.Opposite the exit there is a tree with a portal to the courtyard with heads carved out of stone.

7. In the residential part, go left along the wall. You will reach the first aid kit.

8. In the temple, on the residential part, on one of the ledges with a toothy bottom, there is a heart. Shoot it with a rocket launcher and it will fall to the ground..

9. In the “arena” with skeletons, there are two secrets. There is a secret place on the right side of the slide in the middle.

10 on the other side, the Zumbula are playing poker.

11.In the spiked passage, climb into the first tunnel on the right. This is a secret passage.

12.In the lava cave, go right to the ruined house. There are secret rockets on the lava side.

Additional Secrets of the City of the Gods.
In the residential part there is a single building with a Two-Headed Serpent. Come into it. There will be a Spanish cannon firing.
In the secret passage in the temple with the mask of Cruelty, there is a cannon in addition to cannonballs and a serious bomb. To get it, you need to destroy the pillar in the middle.

I found a powerful bonus in THE CITADEL mission! After you jump out of the room with gears that rotate in the water (after secret number 9), we find ourselves in another mess, well, as usual, we win. After a glorious battle, we turn to the place from which we jumped out (there you will still see a primitive clock), turn to the right and see in the corner of this area a house, a shed, it doesn’t matter, they shot at the door two or three times. If after that the door does not open, try to run behind this pawnshop, there in a dark corner (right in the very depths) you will pick up a mega-strike and a midnight mega-secret. Good luck!

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