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February 3, 2020
10 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms: Game Tips and Help

Nice old school RPG with its own chips.

For those who do not like to delve into!

We swing the archer. From the start, we throw 500 into ranged combat and 300 into speed (and then 2 to 1). Choose the element earth (i.e. a bow with the element Earth). Gifts: Hawkeye (1,2,3), Intuition, Path of the Spirits (can be changed towards the end of the game), Protective Aura (1,2,3), Trainability (if you don’t need much experience, change to “Power” (1,2,3)), Stunning Shot, Soul Thief, Grasping Roots (Earth), Poisonous Arrow (Earth), Stone Aura (Earth), Sura Path (1 -10 for 285 thousand gold)), Gifts for + to damage to certain opponents (on the constant “Spirits scourge”, “Thunderstorm of people”) as you progress. If the slots remain, but already at the end of the game – Endurance, Agility, Resurrection.

Free slots for Gifts are given 4 from 0-level, +2 slots for every 2 levels. I have 24 lvl, there were 16.

Weapon Bow. 2 onions are required. One bow with the Earth, the second for your taste.

Armor is not. Use the Gift “Protective aura” + “Aura of Water / Air / Fire / Stone”. Speed ​​and crit are our everything. Shield – the smallest, and then only because of the requirements of the Gift of “Learning”. In addition to Gifts, we also rely on dodge.

  Alas, the game is linear. And strong Gifts will open only as you progress through the main plot (((The first steps of the Gifts will be at 7-8 lvl. When you open the location Kjallisar; the second steps at 10-13 lvl. You will open the Temple of something there, the Third steps and 4 circle of magic location Black Rock Fortress and beyond.

General. Start and pumping.

  1. In the early / middle stages of the game – I really don’t recommend melee. Swing the archer or magician, it will be easier and more convenient. At the beginning of the game there are a lot of opponents, and you have little HP. By the middle / end of the game, your opponents start to pass critical damage very well, one crit hit is enough to make you go to the Spirit World forever.
  2. The most optimal swing is 2-3 points in swing profile (melee, long-range, magic combat) and 1 point in speed. Skills are graduated from E to S. One climb requires 100 skill points. From 1-10 level they give 100 points, then from 10-15 to 150 points, 15-20 to 200 points, 20 and above 250 points. If you complete all the quests and search the Spirit World. You can generally pump everything all the way.
  3. Immediately you are given 4 slots for Gifts. Further, +2 cells for every two levels. At level 24 I had 16 cells. They will always be missed, select the Gifts very carefully.
  4. From the start, be sure to take: Trail of spirits and Scourge of spirits (Gift from the medallion that the master will give you at the beginning of the game). For the initial 100 seconds in the Spirit World is very little.
  5. Search locations in the Spirit World. Usually, in each new location, you get from 40 to 60 skill points.
  6. Be sure to learn the Gift – Training 1 (+ 10% to experience), 2 (+ 25%), 3 (+ 50%). They are all taken from shields, and you also need to always carry an equipped shield with you. If you don’t want to lose speed, wear the smallest shield. And if the Gift of “Teaching” – 1 can be neglected, then the next steps are not worth it. Alas, shields with 2 and 3 steps will appear after 60-70% of the passage.

Receiving Gifts and using them.

  • Considering the system of receiving Gifts. Try to swing the Gifts on all things.
  • As you progress, you will come across more cool Gifts, but the requirements will increase. Graduation “Essence of Spirit” (falls in the Spirit World from ghosts). Initial Gifts of 1 es of spirit to 2 progress points, medium Gifts of 1 es of spirit to 1 point of progress, Strong gifts of 1 es of spirit to 0.5 points of progress. It will be the same with killed opponents.
  • Gifts are changed by fires and during sleep.
  • Read the requirements of the Gifts carefully. Even if your Gift is in the active slot and worked, as soon as you violate the conditions (for example, change the element), the Gift will immediately stop working. And you can’t change Gifts without a fire.
  • The number of Gift slots is very limited, use it wisely.
  • If you open the list of active Gifts, and a Gift is highlighted in red, then you have violated the rules for using the Gift. For example: “Scourge of the elements” – it works only in the World of Spirits, although the elements are visible in both worlds.
  • To simplify your task, when visiting a new location, you can immediately enter the Spirit World, clear it all, collect all skill points, and clear all chests / boxes. And then put on the found things and swing in the world of the living, cleaning the location.
  • When the Gift from the item is received, the item can be sold. The gift will work with any item of this type..
  • Gifts that require an element will only work when you have a weapon with the corresponding element. Only weapons give element!
  • There are samples of weapons in which a certain element is required, and the weapon itself is simply neutral. It turns out that after you open Kjallisar, there will be a magician who can change the element into a weapon, at your request. Immediately about 250 gold, after completing quest 20.
  • For a normal life, I advise you to follow the path of the earth / water element. For these elements allow you to slow / freeze.
  • In some locations, monsters are restored, partially tied to your level. It is at such locations that you open Gifts on things that are inconvenient for you. I used to swing weak staves and melee weapons this way. For my archer to swing melee weapons on monsters of equal level was just suicide.


Sword. Bow. Magic. The fight.

  • Melee is a very dubious thing in the early / mid game. Pros: the largest base damage, a huge crit damage multiplier, simplicity, a large selection of attack speed (from fast to heavy). Cons: small chance of crit, a lot of situations where enemies are in groups and you aggro all at once.

I advise you to take melee as a second class, after swinging the bow / magic. And towards the end of the game, when very cool Gifts appear (“Endurance” – doubles HP, “Agility” – allows you to completely avoid critical damage and others)

  • Ranged combat is the best choice (in my opinion). Pros: very long range of arrows (100% farther than magic), high crit chance. blow, endless arrows, most of the bows have similar models for 4 elements. Cons: low crit multiplier. damage, normal attack speed.

When taking Gifts: Hawkeye 1, 2, 3 (-50% attack speed, crit chance multiplier * 0.5, * 2, * 3) and Stunning Gift (enemy stumbles with your crit). We raise the speed to the maximum and the archer mows everything that exists, not allowing anyone to approach him.

  • Magic combat is a good choice, but there are nuances. Pros: area attacks, good damage, various post effects, spells do not need manna. Cons: spells occupy a gift slot (there are 4 spells for each element in total) small range of staff magic projectiles, completely absent crit.

The mage can control enemies only with spells, or special effects of elements and Gifts. It is very expensive to get free cells of Gifts, from 2 to 4 will be occupied by spells, i.e. most of the game, spells will occupy 40-50% of all active Gifts (((And this is grusnenko.

  • Boy himself. Increase speed (optimum 2 mains + 1 speed)

Forget heavy armor. A full set of heavy armor, although it gives super protection, it reduces the attack speed by almost 100-120% + heavy shield another 35%. You will deal damage so slowly that you have time to sleep. The speed of movement also decreases, which turns out to be fatal.

Use the Spirit World. This is especially convenient for archers and magicians. The enemy approached, went to the World of Spirits, moved away to the screen from the enemy and start shooting (through the held Shift) in his direction, exit the World of Spirits and the enemy immediately starts to bump into your arrows, and so we repeat until victory. But before that, it is advisable to cleanse the World of Spirits completely, otherwise you can unexpectedly receive bribes there too..

Save often, because from the middle of the game, your opponents will have very rare but instantly killing crits.

Carry at least 2 weapons / staffs with different elements with you. Especially towards the end of the game. For opponents with full immunity to a certain element will begin to come across. It’s easier to change weapons, to lose some of the Gifts, but inflicting at least some damage. Than not to change, and with all Gifts, apply 1 unit. damage. Optimum elements of earth and air, because only final bosses were immune to these elements.

I ADVISE TO PUMP INTO THE ELEMENT OF THE EARTH. Almost no one has a resist to her. The Grasping Roots gift reduces the speed of enemies by 50% and affects everyone. Only this Gift allowed me to survive normally the last battles that took place on the same screen (there are only 2-3 of them, but the opponents are there with 32000 hp and there is nowhere to maneuver). The Aura of the Stone Boon gives you a huge boost to the Protective Aura Boon. Although the elements of fire and water inflict maximum damage, they do not slow / stop your opponents at all. And towards the end of the game opponents will have a lot of HP, and they will also be very playful. No fire / water can be saved.


General Tips.

  • Carry bags with you and change them as you go. For the inventory of the GG will not expand in any way. I usually had the top row filled with healer and bags. Used bags cannot be sold, just throw them away and put more volume. In the beginning, you can buy a couple of pieces, then levels from 5-6 will begin to fall from robbers quite often and you can not buy at all.
  • Valuable drops from opponents: Weapons with aura, Bibs, Helmets, Rings, Expensive stones (not all), the rest is just cheap slag. When a Gift is received from an item and you do not need it, sell. Quests Arena in Kjalessar give a good profit. Do not store gems and books, they are not needed for anything.
  • Save money by the end of the game. When the Black Fortress location becomes available, there will be an NPC who will teach Daru “The Path of Severe”. 10 steps of this Gift will cost 285 thousand gold and you will have +35 attacks (no requirements)
  • The way you play does not particularly affect the ending, everything will be decided before the final battle, where you will decide what to do with the Godslayer.
  • Do not neglect to reconfigure Gifts before story missions. If there are undead in the dungeons. Place the Gift of “Scourge of the Undead”, etc. But on a permanent basis, you can leave “Scourge of spirits” and “Thunderstorm of people”, these 2 types of opponents you will meet most often.

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