Sid Meier’s Pirates !: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

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January 21, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sid Meier’s Pirates !: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

The game is generally very cool, perhaps it cannot be compared with the Corsairs 3. But it is more interesting, that’s for sure, now I’ll tell you about the many possibilities of the game.
First, you have to swim a lot.
The ship is a means of transportation, try to sail with the wind, the wind indicator is a red arrow at the bottom. Try to find a barometer so that storms do not harm you and when you see it swim, your speed will increase under it. and the item will not allow damage to the ship.

About battles at sea.
You can choose buckshot, knipels, but they are not given right away, they must be installed. And all the nuclei are given, just figure out the trajectory and shoot.
BOARDING. You fight the captain if you have a much larger team, take a saber and defend yourself. If less, then rapier and beat him quickly so that the team does not die.
In 1v1 battles without a team, take a rapier on a lyubak, they don’t defend here, but you need to bludgeon the enemy. Another variant of the battle is the capture of cities, here the strategy is turn-based, there is nothing to think about, we take the shooters and put the fields in the shelter, and the pirates forward, try to cover the officers until they reach and enter the battle. Well that’s all with the battles, now about life.
Urine everyone and often swim to different colonies, getting ranks will give land.
Girls – there are three options for girls, the governor’s daughters 1-uninteresting 2-attractive 3- charming. I advise you to think about the wedding first, because the level needs to be raised, so we swim in different colonies and look for a charming girl. Having found it, at first play at a low level and start better even as a student, although I am experienced and I dance coolly for beginners in the storm of the seas. So get a hat, this is a special item and even a charming girl with a low level will invite you to the ball, look for a charming girl according to your taste. So dance, try well, then sail away and immediately swim into the city, present a ring or necklace. Then defeat her fiancé and dance again. Then they will steal her, save her and it will be possible to marry, that’s all. I will not talk about the salvation of relatives, there is a passage. By the way, defeat all the pirates – the videos are funny.

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