Sky Rogue: Tip (The easiest way to hack money)

Normal instruction

Well, now let’s begin. In order to hack the Heavenly Outcast, we need any text editor. Although take a notepad, the main thing is to write and erase it. Go to the root folder of the game → Save. Find the PlayerProgress_1 file there and change the amount of money in it. line {“cash”: 500, (you can have any other value there instead of digits) simply replacing these digits with any other number (you naturally put 9999, you are a cheater). In the line alltimeCash “: 500 (you again . may be a different number) we change one unit more than what you entered in the last line, i.e. in the first line you have 9999, and in the second 10000. We go into the game and rejoice, cheater.

Quick instruction

If you are a very busy cheater, you can simply “Root folder of the game/ Save “replace the file PlayerProgress_1 with the one I left. Will be a lot of money.

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