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September 3, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut: Tip (Chao Eggs)

It’s no secret that new Chaos can be obtained not only by crossing existing ones.
individuals. Eggs with them can be found during the game. Truth to get the most
rare specimens are not so easy.

Silver Chao Egg:
Found in the Mystic Ruins. Touch the large slab on the right
from the waterfall. In a few seconds, the silver egg will be washed ashore. Take
him and go to the cave to the left of the waterfall. Get on the trolley, it will take you to
transport to Chao Garden.

Golden Chao Egg:
It can only be obtained after completing the Windy Valley level. Station Square.
Go to the house in front of which Sonic’s first battle took place at the very beginning of the game.
There is a stone egg on the lawn in front of the house. take it and go to the antique shop.
There is a golden egg in the window. Take the golden egg leaving a stone one instead.
Take the find to the Chao Garden. The eggs will hatch a gold and silver chao, and the shell
can be profitably sold on the local market.

Black chao egg.
On the Egg Bearer (Amy or E-102, but what’s the difference) near the so-called “Amy Prison”
(on the right) lies a black chao egg. If you’re playing Amy, it’s best to start first
beat Robotnik’s record, otherwise the egg will disappear during the mini-game and you will have to return
egg again.
Shell cost in the store: 500 rings.

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