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September 7, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

South Park: The Stick of Truth: ArtMoney Hacking Tips

If anyone wants to read through artmani, here are a couple of tips:
1) money – it was not possible to hack on a straight line, but bypassing it completely, we go to the store on one of the bases (we need the ability to buy / sell) we buy the most expensive food and look for the quantity value, type 1 byte integer, as soon as we find the value we set 99 and we sell in bulk, then we buy 1 piece, put 99 again, etc. (I got 70 $ at a time) by the way, if you buy another product that is not in inventory, it will go to the same address.

2) experience – if you want a cool start, then it is better to hack at the second level, go through the training, look for 80 experience, type whole 4 bytes. then quickly go through the task from Kenya (Kenya is in the tent and the flower is on the left in the courtyard) and sift out 85, if you’re lucky it will be reduced to 2x – 3x values, moving slightly along neighboring locations or by poking you can reduce it to the 1st value and set 9999, after the battle with a gang of a snowman you have 15 lvl. Hacking on the 3rd level during battles did not give success (but also fiddled not for long)

3) Ability points – accumulate at least 3 points and then weed out and lower the type as a whole 4 bytes, the transitions between locations work unpredictably, or they will help to weed out or cocknut what is needed (did not reveal any dependencies) so it will be better saved before trying, and in general, the more points the easier it is to weed out.

4) Items – for consumables, the integer type is 1 byte, more details at the beginning, however, it is easier to buy since the value above 10 will be reset during the first use. Alas, unique items or collections cannot be hacked for obvious reasons.

I haven’t come up with anything else if you have ideas, please share

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