SpellForce 3: Advice (Low enemy damage in the campaign (any difficulty level), changing the characteristics of items)

Very low damage to any enemy in the company (any difficulty level), go to / bin_win32 / configs in the balance.txt file find the lines and replace them with:


// Enemy Hero spell power
SpellPowerValue HeroEnemy Easy 0
SpellPowerFactor HeroEnemy Easy 0.1

SpellPowerValue HeroEnemy Normal 0
SpellPowerFactor HeroEnemy Normal 0.1

SpellPowerValue HeroEnemy Hard 0
SpellPowerFactor HeroEnemy Hard 0.1

SpellPowerValue HeroEnemy Insane 0
SpellPowerFactor HeroEnemy Insane 0.1

// Creep Spell Power
SpellPowerValue Creep Easy 0
SpellPowerFactor Creep Easy 0.1

SpellPowerValue Creep Normal 0
SpellPowerFactor Creep Normal 0.1

SpellPowerValue Creep Hard 0
SpellPowerFactor Creep Hard 0.1

SpellPowerValue Creep Insane 0
SpellPowerFactor Creep Insane 0.1

// Unit Spell Power
SpellPowerValue UnitEnemy Easy 0
SpellPowerFactor UnitEnemy Easy 0.1

SpellPowerValue UnitEnemy Normal 0
SpellPowerFactor UnitEnemy Normal 0.1

SpellPowerValue UnitEnemy Hard 0
SpellPowerFactor UnitEnemy Hard 0.1

SpellPowerValue UnitEnemy Insane 0
SpellPowerFactor UnitEnemy Insane 0.1


// Enemy Hero Attack Power
AttackPowerValue HeroEnemy Easy 0
AttackPowerFactor HeroEnemy Easy 0.1

AttackPowerValue HeroEnemy Normal 0
AttackPowerFactor HeroEnemy Normal 0.1

AttackPowerValue HeroEnemy Hard 0
AttackPowerFactor HeroEnemy Hard 0.1

AttackPowerValue HeroEnemy Insane 0
AttackPowerFactor HeroEnemy Insane 0.1

// Creep Attack Power
AttackPowerValue Creep Easy 0
AttackPowerFactor Creep Easy 0.1

AttackPowerValue Creep Normal 0
AttackPowerFactor Creep Normal 0.1

AttackPowerValue Creep Hard 0
AttackPowerFactor Creep Hard 0.1

AttackPowerValue Creep Insane 0
AttackPowerFactor Creep Insane 0.1

// Unit Attack Power
AttackPowerValue UnitEnemy Easy 0
AttackPowerFactor UnitEnemy Easy 0.1

AttackPowerValue UnitEnemy Normal 0
AttackPowerFactor UnitEnemy Normal 0.1

AttackPowerValue UnitEnemy Hard 0
AttackPowerFactor UnitEnemy Hard 0.1

AttackPowerValue UnitEnemy Insane 0
AttackPowerFactor UnitEnemy Insane 0.1

If you want even lower then change 0.1 to 0.01 and there will be practically no damage.

You can also edit many things (for example, any color hood of concentration (rare) from end + 10) at / bin_win32 / configs / conditions_creatures / open the item_conditions.txt file and find the line in the // Helmets section:

Condition (7408, “10_Focus”)

and add different bonuses, for example it will look like this:

Condition (7408, “10_Focus”)
        Modifier {ImmunityInterrupt}
        Modifier {ImmunityCritical}
        Modifier {ImmunityDebuff}
        Modifier {ImmunityTumble}
        Modifier {AttackSpeed, None, Factor, -100}
        Modifier {HealthPoints, None, Value, +150}
        Modifier {FocusPoints, None, Value, +150}
        Modifier {SpellCooldown, All, None, Factor, -99}
        Modifier {SightRange, None, Factor, +200}
        Modifier {MoveSpeed, None, Factor, +50}
        Modifier {BlockChance, Linear, Value, +40}

Modifier {ImmunityInterrupt}, Modifier {ImmunityCritical}, Modifier {ImmunityDebuff}, Modifier {ImmunityTumble} – immunities (check for yourself),
Modifier {AttackSpeed, None, Factor, -100} – attack speed (was 0.5 now 2 hits / sec.)
Modifier {HealthPoints, None, Value, +150} – +150 HP
Modifier {FocusPoints, None, Value, +150} – +150 end.
Modifier {SpellCooldown, All, None, Factor, -99} – east speed. skills (almost instantly)
Modifier {SightRange, None, Factor, +200} – view radius
Modifier {MoveSpeed, None, Factor, +50} – walking speed
Modifier {BlockChance, Linear, Value, +40} – block chance

This is only a part of all the modifications. You can put them on any item, knowing the item ID or at random. Bonuses in items will not be displayed in the game. But keep in mind that if the enemy is wearing it, he will also receive these bonuses. Who knows the ID of the items, unsubscribe. Yes, and always make a copy of the file before editing..

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