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January 31, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Splinter Cell: cheats and tips

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// Splinter Cell Codes

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Invincible – on / off invulnerability

Ghost – you can go through walls

ToggleGhost – on / off ghost

Health – replenish health

Ammo – Refill Ammo

summon *. * – summon an item (summon file_u.class_of_object)

StopTimer – stops the clock on the screen

PlayersOnly – Freezes all NPCs in the game

ShowNavPoints – shows the paths used by the NPC

reverse – the patrolling NPC you are looking at will go in the opposite direction

Stealth – action unknown

One of these codes made it impossible for me to bring up the menu. It is possible that it was a StopTimer, but I’m not sure about that.


Use the quick save key more often (default is F5). Will save a lot of nerves.

Save Ammo – Sam often smears almost point blank, so feel free to use the quick save – quick load combination. It is desirable to aim at the head, of course..

When, on assignment, you will have to extract some data from the computer in the office of the Combine Nikoladze, an alarm will be announced in the building and security will run into the office. You can hide from the guards by clinging to the edge of the window through which you entered the office. Go to the edge of the window and try to go down, Sam should hang in his arms. At normal difficulty, this trick should work..


In a mission on an oil rig, when you need to track down a programmer, after one of the explosions, the guards, along with the programmer, will go around, you will hear it. Walk behind them and you will hit the door. Read what is written on it, you will not regret it. For the full effect, it is advisable to know English.

In the same place: in pursuit of the programmer (already without protection), you will come across a poster with a woman depicted on it. Worth exploring.

In the Russian version, every other time the loading screen turns upside down, judging by the frequency, this is the norm…

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