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July 14, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Spore: Faq (Secrets and Easter Eggs in Spore)

* If on the screen of the galaxy in the “Laboratory of Spore Creatures” quickly “scroll” the image of the galaxy with the mouse, the image of Will Wright’s face will appear and disappear on the screen; if you do the same in a full-fledged Spore game, the faces of several developers will appear on the screen.
* The game has an exact copy of the solar system (Sol). Planets: Mercury (T0), Venus (T0), Earth (T1) with the satellite Moon (T0), Mars (T0); gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune have their own moons. The relief of the Earth is completely similar to the relief of the Earth (North, South America, Eurasia, etc.). There are craters on the moon. Mars has a red soil color. Venus and Mercury are hotter. The solar system is located at angle 225.06 – the distance from the center of the galaxy is 7295.43 pc. To find it, you need to find the bright white stars that form the letter T. Not far from it is the solar system. For the destruction of the earth is given the award “O humanity”.
* When you dive into the center of the galaxy, a flying saucer (named Steve) will talk to you, invite you to visit the third planet from the Sun and give 42 Staffs of Life (a tool that allows you to form a T3 biosphere on the planet). Probably, the mention of this particular number is associated with the “Main Question of Life, the Universe and All That”, on Earth there will be nothing. Apparently this is the groundwork for the following additions.
* Groxes are very similar to the dominators from the Space Rangers, the Gremlins from the movie of the same name, and even a little to Cheburashka, and ideologically – to the Borgs (Star Trek) or even Necrons (Warhammer 40k).
* The idea of ​​the monolith is taken from the movie “A Space Odyssey”
* If at the end of the “Creature” stage you have representatives of a different species in your flock, then at the “Tribe” stage these representatives will be your pets.
* You can make peace with the Grox if you break the Galactic Codex next to them. But relations with other races will decrease by 200 “for an alliance with the groxes”, and the ship’s health will also increase by 3600.
* Groxes, despite the HUGE amount, can be destroyed. If you do this, then relations with all races will increase by 200. You will also receive a special insignia.
* Also, if you bring the terra-index to T1 on a planet with Groxes, they will simply die out.
* A mechanical rattle serves as a hymn to groks and in later stages – poetry of the Vogons.
* The flying saucer that grants the staff of life is very similar to the saucer from the cover of SimCity 2000.
* If you have several different inhabited planets in the game (in the main menu). Then, playing for any of them, you can fly to the planet on which you have saved another game. And if there you are also developed to space, then you can improve your relationship with them and help in the fight against other races!
* When replaying (at the “Creature” stage) it is possible to find the crash site of a UFO.
* Also at the stages “Creature” and “Tribe” you can see the ship abducting animals. This is often a grox ship. By the way, this ship can also capture your creature. In this case, the creature is considered dead..
* When passing the game on the “Creature” stage, you can find the remains of an ancient civilization, like the local Stonehenge. If you “fly” over one of the opponent’s cities during the Civilization or Space stage, you can hear a melody from the game SimCity 4.
* When approaching the core of the Galaxy, the speed of movement of the spacecraft significantly decreases and some other game characteristics change, which corresponds to the concept of “zones” of the Galaxy by Vernor Vinge

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