Spore: Tip (Solving the problem with the Dark Inection mod)

I think many people had such a problem that when they tried to save a creature with the Dark Injection mod, the inscription “This object cannot be saved” came out. Many forums talk about conflicts with mods, and that this problem is precisely because of them. In fact, this problem is solved by adding two lines to text documents. Let’s get started.

Open * \ SteamApps \ common \ Spore \ DataEP1 \ Config … (The beginning of the path may be different depending on whether you have a Steam license or a pirate, so look for yourself: P)

Open with any text editor ConfigManager.txt.
Then we scroll the file to the very bottom, on the last line we poke Enter and on a new line (empty) we add “boolProp disableValidation true” without quotes.
Save changes naturally.

Open with the same editor, only now Properties.txt is all in the same directory.
Then we do exactly the same action as in the first .txt file, only this time we add “property disableValidation 0x055d7ca1 bool true” again without quotes.

Launch Spore GA and start enjoying the game with this mod ^ _ ^.
As far as I understand, these manipulations with files also remove the “Save Lock” with any other mods that also make changes regarding the editor and saving.

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