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June 16, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

STALKER: Clear Sky: Tips and Secrets

Tips and secrets of the game STALKER Clear Sky Articles

I broke the article into chapters:

1 Artifacts
If an artifact is in your field of vision, but you are not close enough to it to become visible, save and load the game – the radiation of the artifact will become visible for a few seconds, which will greatly facilitate the search.
a) There is a twist on the railway tracks of the Agroprom location. Near the tunnel where the Bandits first settled. Between the tower and the cars. (It seems so, if not, then just walk along) I found a detector bought from Sakharov (a thousand and something rubles).
b) There are two “Moonlight” artifacts in the building where earlier (In the Shadows of Chernobyl) the Mole hid from the military. Now there are electrons and psi zones. We save ourselves from the first by pressing the body against the wall)) On the second floor lie.
c) The artifact kolobok is also on the Agroprom location. In the very swamps where the deserter used to sit. Not far from the house (he is there alone) in the direction of the transition to Amber, deep in the crack and reeds.
d) Also in the same place near the only one on the location of the anomaly “Symbiont” lies the “Night Star”.
e) At the Dump in the cemetery of radioactive equipment, where the Imp once was, there are artifacts “Fireball” and “Mom’s beads”, and in the same location Two “Chunks of meat” in acid swamps.
f) When crossing from Kordon to Dump, without crossing the outpost, looking to the North, turn right. We stumble upon Anomalies – in one of them “Night Star”.
g) When the Forester gives the task to bring him an artifact compass, on the way to it (artifact) there is a ladder downward. Go down there (before that it is better to save), there will be many poltergeists. Go straight. There will be an artifact..
g) the artifact “Battery”, there is in the Dark Valley on the territory of the Freedom base, there, nearby, in the tunnel, the heat flies back and forth … here, the current I got there was the “Night Star”
h) At the beginning, on the Swamp, I found 5 artifacts, I will try to roughly describe where they are:
1) in the anomaly, how the current left the base to help fight off the monsters, if at the beginning they did not know how to look or simply ignored the tower is in the west, go back and find it.
2) go to the north there is an anomaly and pick up an artifact chemical burn.
3) right in the Burnt Farm there is a ruin with an anomaly there is a fire artifact.
4) there is an anamaly of fire to the north of the machine yard 50 meters.
5) if you then walk to the east about 200 meters of an electrical anomaly, there is an artifact of an electric shock … a dumb truth.
By the way, I hope you know how to use the map and where the north is =)
i) In the red forest (where you accompany stalkers) in a very large anomaly (in the form of such fingers) there are 2 arts … which – I don’t know, I couldn’t get it.
j) There is very good art on Yantar. Gives -6 to radioactive contamination. There are several reed-covered puddles just behind the scientists’ base. There is still a constantly green fog swirling. If you throw it with bolts, you can not get into anomalies, but it will still be poisonous.
j) In the red forest, on the way to the tank with the teleport, you will meet a group of stalkers. You will be offered to bring them to a certain place and for this they will promise an artifact. It costs a lot (against the background of most art). If you do not let snorks, dogs and pseudo-giant devour them – get it. With snorks and dogs, it is quite simple – get ahead of the group and throw grenades at them. But the giant is very fat. Run backwards and shoot back. MAIN IMPORTANT do not run too far, keep close enough to him, otherwise he will switch to stalkers and quickly devour them.
P.S. Artifacts with a minimum discount are bought by Sidorovich and scientists.

2 Money
Money can be earned endlessly. At each point that any group can occupy, there is a special box in which supplies are stored. The more the force and resources of the grouping, the more the item is in the box. The contents of each such box are frequently updated, so you can simply walk around the points captured by a non-hostile group and collect cartridges, first-aid kits and food.
a) An interesting way to earn extra money: At the Swamp location, the main task is to capture and hold the main points. As soon as all positions are captured by the Chistonebites, we go to the main base and get a reward of several pieces of money and a suit of a clear sky.
But the Renegades periodically respawn and the rod to the Mechanical Yard. We do not interfere, let him be captured, and then we fight off again and, as soon as the ChN detachment arrives, we again receive the main task of capturing all points. And again we get money and overalls at the main base
b) As soon as we leave on Cardon, a machine gun smiles at us. We do not leave such raids with impunity, we immediately go to the soldiers at the checkpoint, and then, collecting trophies, I found a box in the barracks where there were VERY many different cartridges. He didn’t even take everything to Sidor, he put everything in a box there, and when he returned, the soldiers appeared there again, they had to fight a second time, but the box was filled again!!!

3 Weapon
a) The easiest way to get SVD at the beginning of the game is to remove one of the debt workers at Agroprom.
b) PSO 1 can be found on a tower in the swamps at the very top there is an open box inside the sight.
c) You can fix your weapon for free !!! So so .. in order. A broken trunk in his hands. Repair under 10,000. It’s a pity for money. So you need to find a benefactor who will subdue you for free. Who will do it. Bandits! We go to the parking lot of the Gopniks and look at the optics. We are interested in whether there are guys with pistols there and the more the better. If there are any, we rush to their parking lot and throw off the screw cutter. You need to throw in a place where you can lure this crowd to him. Please note that the guys with the pistols cannot ignore such a cool gun. They will not only grab it, but also charge and repair it. And then it’s a matter of technology. Turn in the forehead to your master and return your property. The state of the weapon has moved from the “full tryndets” mark to the 70-80% mark. With this state, you can already use it. Or finish it with a more qualified master. In this case, the cost of repairs will drop to ~ 1500 re. Just be careful not to get laid off from her ХD
That’s all .. The idea, by the way, was born as soon as he took possession of the killed gun. Purposefully went to the bandits and checked. Everything is working. It’s strange that no one has written about this yet
d) Vintorez can be found in a carriage next to the railway tunnel at Agroprom.
e) In Limansk, in the building where the bandits have settled, there is a “bulldog” lying around with a bunch of charges for it! Charging it is true for ages. There is also a bulldog in the cave, at the Kaper base, in the Red Forest, he is there on the lower tier in the toilet.
f) In the patched version, on the Swamps, on the farms which are controlled by Chistonebovtsy (not just captured, but where they have been standing for a long time), in houses in nychkas (in iron boxes), different cartridges are often found (5.45 for Kalash, 9.39 for Vintorez and Thunderstorms, 5.65 for NATO rifles) and first aid kits with bandages.
g) In the Army Warehouses next to the main building there is a tank, next to a box, in an RPG box

4 Miscellaneous
a) “Falling with minimal damage”, falling from the tenth floor will not work, but from the first or second – completely. The trick is that the main character takes less damage if, before falling from the roof, he fled. For example, the base of the Clear Sky, the beginning of the game – you can just jump off then the minimum damage will be received, or you can click on the “sprint” and slide off the roof – no damage.
b) In the Scrapyard, according to the plot, you need to go down to a small basement behind the Fang’s PDA, a banner explodes there and a couple of hoes will take away all the things of the GG. This can be partially avoided as follows: before the descent, we simply throw all our things on the ground, and then we simply pick up. True, money cannot be saved, so it is better to spend it prudently at the Freedom base, for example, on a brand new jumpsuit
d) Even a completely killed armor is better not to be thrown away, it always has some protection from bullets.
e) The contents of metal boxes now, when broken, can not only fall to the floor below, but also FLY THROUGH THE WALL TO THE ADJACENT ROOM, or TO THE UPPER FLOOR. Or maybe in parts in all directions.
f) Now it is easy to kill crows with any small arms
g) The guitar can be found at the Freedom base. Second floor, on the way from bartender to mechanic. you can’t pick up anyway
g) In front of the bandits’ checkpoints, throw out equipment, food and pharmacies somewhere nearby, and you will only lose money from the scum.
h) At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, it is not necessary to run after the Strelka, you can overwhelm him without leaving the place: when they give a gaus, walk a couple of meters to the piece of iron, sit down behind it so as not to shoot from the left, shoot at him and he will run down, then appear on the ground from the right in full view.
i) But just a joke. There is a stalker where Petruha used to stand on Cardone, he also looks through binoculars, but sometimes he forgets to take it and it turns out comically
Don’t waste your money! For 19 sput. you can buy a Seva suit from Sakharov on Yantar (10 sput. are given before that by the long-timers at Agraprom, and the rest can be scooped up on the bottom of the barrel – throw off all your left weapons at the Svoboda base – eat it there … oop and you will get the required amount). Sakharov also has advanced devices for finding artifacts. The inspector in the Agroprom cave in the traditional way (he hid behind a corner, waited and a bullet in the head) cannot be filled up. Here I have only one way – you run out on it close (but so that you do not tear with your claws) and roll the clip into the head with direct fire. The only way. I have not found anything more decent than the M-16 with optics from the weapon. Except that he took 2 of them and one modernized them for cartridges from Kalash. It is more comfortable. Armor-piercing cartridges solve many problems even without head shots. According to the advice so far.

Good luck STALKERS in exploring the ZONE!!!

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