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April 28, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Tip (For beginners to play this game)

First of all, DO NOT buy this one for 3500 rubles or more! This is a good project, but never a masterpiece. The game is pretty short, even with a collection of everything and everyone. Judging by the reviews, almost everyone regretted it. Wait discounts, for your own good. Of course there is also a torus…

Okay, let’s move on to the game itself. A few things you need to know from the start:

1. The game is similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. But cannot be parried in this game every attack enemies during their combo and reflect each blaster shot back. Instead, the block needs pinch at such moments, or escape from the attack after parrying.
In addition, if you are knocked down, Cal can be beaten while he stands up and you can do nothing about it. You could also be stabbed to death. Pretty unfair.
Therefore, I advise twice think if you decide to beat the game on one of the last two difficulty levels, especially awards they won’t give you anything for it anyway.

2. Leveling up in the Fallen Order is quite simple and you can easily take all the skills, unless you run through the story completely ignoring the exploration of the world. Collecting echoes and scanning everything is quite useful not only for getting lore, but also for filling the experience bar.
In Game ten healers, but access to them will be opened only as you progress through the story and gain new abilities. I strongly advise you to find a video with their location, otherwise there is a high chance that by the end of the game of stimulants you will have everything 3 or 4.

3. Speaking of abilities. The game is made according to the canons of metroidvania, so no one will let you explore everything and everyone from the start. Access to many places locked, and until you have a double jump (or even better, have climbing gloves), collecting everything on the location will not work.
The main problem with this one – complete lack of the ability to teleport between “fires” and even the option to quickly return to the ship in the same way. And the elevators take a very long ride.
To save tons of time, carefully plan a route along the holo map, do not forget to open the sidetracks and thrice think if you want to go to a non-plot fork without the above abilities.

4. Well, and the most useless things in the game. Crates (not counting the yellow ones with heals), plant seeds, and a boglic companion.
The boxes contain only parts for customization lightsaber, coloring pages for clothes of the main character, his robot and ship. It doesn’t give you quite nothing but a change in appearance, especially since the starting coloring is quite good. Collect them only if they are for you really are needed. The same with plant seeds. – exclusively visual.
Boglik (cute little bug-eyed animal with Bogano) can be taken by Cal on board. Absolutely undisclosed character in the game. He constantly hides in the ventilation of the ship and does not even allow himself to be clearly seen. Neither pet the animal, nor feed it, nor show it to the team. All that will remind you of this goddess is the replicas of the protagonist’s comrades and his squeak from the ventilation. It’s a pity.

I hope these tips will help you get a more pleasant gaming experience, save money, time and nerves while playing this game. Good luck!

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