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March 23, 2020
17 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Star Wars / Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the round where you and the other Jedi must find the tomb of Rangos, there is a door that must be opened. Black squares stand out on the wall near the door. With the help of them, you can open the door. To find out which three stones to push, use the FEEL OF POWER (or MIND POWER, depending on the translation). When you do this, some stones will start to glow with different patterns and there will be three symbols on the floor. Use the PUSH OF POWER to push those squares that have the same symbols into the wall, and the door will open. Good luck!

Any Jedi can be defeated VERY easily with the help of STRENGTH ACCELERATION, the enemy does not have time to swing, and you have already chopped him to pieces.
So I went through the final battle in one minute!

So here are a couple – three tips for the game:
1) Character selection.
This is rather not advice, but an explanation that for any character of any gender you will not have an advantage, you will not be able to gore the enemy or frighten him with your ugly appearance, so it does not matter who you choose.

2) What strength to choose the first time.
I advise you to choose Force Heal, and if you want to attack, then lightning.
P.S. each ability can be developed up to level 3.

3) Tactics of fighting the Jedi.
There are two types of Evil Jedi in the game:
1.With a sword or other light weapon.
2. Without a sword.
It is better to fight against the naked by force, since they jump well, and use force a lot, if you have developed absorption, then turn it into battle! And against the second, it is better to fight by turning on the protection, and chop nafig.

3.Which is better sword staff or double.
A better staff has more techniques and you can always turn off one half of the sword.

With the help of a mind game, you can move into a monster and no one will notice only the body, protect.

If you are tired of fighting all sorts of dark Jedi, and there are any gaps nearby, you can use Level 3 Force Grip to raise them and drop them into gaps.

If you get the moral pleasure from trying to attack Katarn, Luke Skywalker is your worst enemy, and you gladly wet Roche on the penultimate level, then here’s a tip:
Open console [Shift] + [~], enter npc spawn jan. Jan will appear – a girl with a blaster, possibly Katarn’s wife.
npc spawn luke – for Skywalker
npc spawn kyle – for Katarn
god – to survive.
After loading any of the above Jedi (you can create an army from them), load Jan and kill her. Now all the Jedi will rush to kill you. A couple of tips: Kyle Katarn is an ace in killing young inexperienced students. It is extremely difficult to kill him. But Luke will die quickly. Plus, he doesn’t use any bad power..

All game archives assets1-4.pk3 are freely openable by Winrar.
It is very interesting to change the characteristics of swords. They are in ext_data \\ sabers.

Also, the main bosses use special styles. These are desann (a mixture of strong and fast) and tavion (fast automated style).

I don’t know about the others – but in this game I feel like a god….
Especially when, at first, games with the encouragement of cheats to study all forces at once and go to scatter imperial stormtroopers with lightning in different directions….
I get great pleasure from sword fights….
Especially on difficulty Jedi Master….

A couple of tips:

1. If you stumbled at some point in the game and cannot go further – well, you just can’t open the door or something else – make it easier – press Shift + ~ and enter:
devmapall – activation of cheats
noclip – Flying and passing through walls…
Walk through any chasm or door, even if it is closed….
Just don’t abuse it – you don’t have to fly the whole level – the plot thread is lost….

2. I noticed such a joke – when almost at the end of the game you have a choice to kill Rosh Penin or leave him alive – you can stay on either side – light or dark….
BUT – if you stay on the dark one, then in the next mission your former allies – light Jedi will also attack you, and this will not depend on whether you attacked them…..
And IF you stay on the light side, then in the next mission you will be able to kill Light Jedi as well as in the above case, but with one big difference – they will not attack you….
So what urine do you want!!!!


IMPERIAL STORMERS – swing lightning to stage 3 and scatter them in different directions….

IMPERIAL OFFICERS – of them, the security keys are constantly falling … wet them with a choke – lift them into the air and throw them against the walls with all your might – fun….

FLYING STORM TRAVELERS – real freaks … they pissed me off …. throw a laser sword at them – or shoot with plasma….

MERCEDES (Tatooine, Coruscant), ABORIGEN (Sandmen) – Similar to STORMER….

DARK JEDAI STUDENTS – they look thinner than teachers, usually in red clothes (one of them is found at the very beginning of the game – near the academy …) – soak them with a choke and one sword (light style)

TEACHER’S DARK JEDAI – looks pumped up, comes in blue and red – kill with a choke and medium sword style….

DARK JEDAI MASTERS – similar to teachers, but with two swords – or with a double … – soak with two swords or double, lightning and a choke….

MASTERS OF POWER – The guys are Jedi, but without swords …. usually they hide behind the back of another one who has a sword …. WELL POWER, but very weak …. one hit with a thrown sword – and they lie….

BOBA FET is a bald freak … he really pissed me off too … he flies as if nothing had happened, and I’m trying to hit him with at least something … pretty steamy type … wet it better from a plasma gun, and when it is on the ground – then with a sword – you can do it in one … easy style

ALORA – Apprentice TAVION – soak her with two swords, periodically jumping on her, sucking the power and do not forget about the choke…

TAVION is a mischievous aunt … you can figure it out anyway, better with a double sword, avoiding unpleasant waves from her scepter … which will take you quite far, and will also hurt you…..

Tips for killing bosses in the Jedi academy:

Just wet it with the sword at first, light style is perfect.
As soon as two little girls begin to treat him, wet them with a sword or something like a rocket launcher. Most likely, soak them the first time. Then get down to Roche. Turn in speed and use attack-kata against him.

First meeting (Base on Hoth):
Everything is quite simple here. Use a rolling kick and a kick from below, or just pick up speed and run around it, hitting.

Second meeting (rescue or kill Roche):
It all depends on which sword you choose:
If the staff is then, strike butterflies, rolling strikes, kata, sword rotation. You can still use lightning, but then too much Power is spent.
If there are two swords, use swords rotation, rolling blows, butterfly forward, saber barrier.

Boba Fett:
As already mentioned a freak of freaks. It is better not to wet it with a sword, if you come close, it begins to extinguish you from a flamethrower. To kill him, you can use his own shells. Reflect sword shots and missiles with Force. Homing missiles can be used, but lightning or cantus rifle is better.

Luke Skywalker:
One of the most dorky bosses. You can wet him with ordinary blows, I spent about a minute to kill him, if you don’t use speed, and if you use, then about thirty seconds. The only thing is that he is treated so that do not let him do it.

Kyle Katarn:
Very cool boss. He not only fights with swords like hell, but he also uses the dark side of the Force. Mostly strangulation and lightning. So kill him like this: cut in speed, hit him several times and jump back, hit him with lightning from a distance, knock him down and strike him while he lies. He uses a heavy style, so try not to stand close to him for very long..

Bandit boss (he still takes the sword away from you):
Loshok from loshkov. You can kill him like this: from the very beginning of the battle, cut in speed and run to the very top. As soon as you are upstairs, pick up a flechet (a shotgun-type cannon), run up close to this horse and shoot, 3-5 shots are enough for him.

A surprisingly weak boss. It can be soaked like this: turn on the speed, run up to it close and deliver a series of blows or a kata attack, and it will p **** c.

Sword selection tip:

Two swords:
1) They are easy to use, suitable for less experienced fighters.
2) They are good at reflecting shots.
3) Deliver powerful blows.

1) Very fast weapon.
2) Many combos.
3) You can knock down multiple opponents.

Minus to learn how to use it well, you need to train a lot.

Power Upgrade Advice:
Many people think that from the beginning it is necessary to download the treatment, but I tell you, you better pump life to drink. And heal yourself and kill the enemy. As soon as you pump to the third level, start pumping lightning. You can also upgrade the Force Shield, you will really need it on Vyune.

May the Force be with you!

If you cannot defeat the Sith or the Sith, then in some cases you can use the force of acceleration and just run away, the Sith do not go for some distance. So for example, before the final battle with the dark side, there are 2 Sith near the path, you can run away from them.

I’ll tell you a secret how to get 200% strength instead of 100%. First, write devmapall in the console to activate the codes, and then write playermodel luke and after that write playermodel player you will return to your body with all the forces of Luke Skywalker.

At the 3rd or 4th level, in short, on a planet where you need to defuse 5 or 6 bombs, the level must be passed by moving clockwise – when you arrive on the planet and enter the first room, then you must go to the left, where there is monitor. Pass the level and return from the other side to the first room, and then to the ship. If you return to the left, the door leading to the ship will be closed, provided that all tasks are completed and you only need to move to the ship. Here is such a glitch (I got it).

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have problems with flying stormtroopers. They are advised to throw a sword or shoot THIS IS NOT SO. In order to calmly go through the whole game without being distracted by them, it is enough to pump the mind control to 3 lvl and then do this:
1) Hiding behind a sword, cast control on it control (Mind Control)
2) He will start extinguishing nearby opponents (if any),
3) We are waiting for him to turn off the engine and sit down (wait about 5-13 seconds)
4) Calmly extinguish it with a sword and he does not answer us!

If you write setforceall 10 in the console, then using the power of Deception of the Mind on the enemy, you can control him for a while.

Advice to one of the most recent levels.
The very first level in the tombs of Marka Ragnos on Koriban. When you get to the lower level of the tombs, you will cut the pillars holding the door, you do not need to run back to that hall the same way that you came running here. Next to the cut columns, there are two chains going diagonally upward. Just chop them up and the ceiling collapses. And you climb up the statues. I myself only noticed this possibility when I played the game for the 3rd or 4th time.

1. Do not enter setforceall 10. You must enter setforceall 5 since. 5 – the maximum level of some forces in the game (for the rest 3 – the maximum level).
2. You know that having the third level of power GRIP (choke) and PUSH (push) you can kill your enemies by falling even if there is no abyss nearby. It is necessary to take the opponent into a grip and sharply raise the cursor up (very sharply) almost simultaneously pressing the push, because of this the enemy will fly high and this height will be enough to break even the opponent’s Jedi (although if you yourself fell from such a height, then you would definitely did not crash). It is unlikely that you will succeed the first time, because a certain skill is required here. Don’t despair try again, someday it will work out.
ZY Using this technique, you can kill all opponents with lightsabers (but not the leaders) without much difficulty..

Any boss in the game can be easily defeated using the following tactics. We take a staff in our hands, run up to the villain, cut with a sword and jump in the style of yoda – we repeat the above actions to the bitter end. In this way, I killed Tavion in 15 seconds, and the spirit of Ragnos (which possesses Tavion) ​​in 20!

In a mission with Boba Fett you will be given tasks:
1. Destroy warehouses.
2. Run to the ship.
You can’t go through the mission, even the moron will cope, BUT when you reach the ship, a new item will appear:
3. Damage Boba Fett (not literal translation).
So that’s it. So as not to bother, wait until he lands and approach him at a safe distance (so that his “bullets” flew back into him). Since the skill of defending with a sword is the highest, it is very easy to do. After two such “visits” he will be completely angry and rush to you close. Here do not hesitate and chop him nafig, he will fly away mortally offended. Mission completed.
(The number of “visits” can be different, and in no case try to get close to him if you have not finished the first point (see above), otherwise he will fry you like a chicken. Just ignore him.)

And who praised Katarn there ?! Stupid boss! You will only fight him if you have chosen the Dark Side (in the campaign). And to defeat him is easy. You turn on the Rage of the Force and swoop down on him. If in such a state you bring him down without letting go, then you really can beat him in 15 seconds, maybe less. And no accelerations and jumps of iodine are needed. Only you need to pump the Fury of the Force to the third level – I had all the dark power pumped to the third level.

If you turn on the “sense of power” ability and pick up an imperial heavy magazine rifle, then the bullets will fly exactly in a row!

So advice from me.

1) Mission to Blangil (worms, first episode):

Worms are not as nasty as they seem.
a) They are easy to calculate by simply firing a blaster pistol, E11 or Bowblaster into the sand;
b) It is really possible to lure them away with the same types of weapons (just shoot where you need the worm to be, and wait – it will crawl there without fail …)
c) Worms do not crawl out of strictly limited areas, just remember their boundaries. Outside these areas, you can at least walk, even sunbathe, or even bury yourself in the sand…
d) For sadists: the worms are terribly hungry and will devour everything. Including grenades. And in the end they will get a hole in the stomach … Two grenades are enough to kill the worm. But it takes some skill so that he still eats them..

2) Coruscant (second episode):

Droids, droids … How to wet: take the EMP cannon (the one with the horn). After all, everyone knows that electronics and EMP are not friends … You don’t even need to approach.
By the way, contrary to the passage, four droids in our droid pirate’s office are EQUIPPED with shields.

3) Imperial base (without sword; second episode):

a) How to escape from the prison, go not where the path leads, but in the opposite direction, go around the prison on the other side and press against the wall right at the corner. Don’t stick your head out until Stoker stops pounding. The fat man will start shooting, but in the end he will hurt himself, but he will not hit you.
b) Fat Man and Turret.
Who said that you have to run to the turret? While you are doing this, you will be very thoroughly beaten. Better to quickly dive into the hangar and again climb into the AT-ST (This machine does not care about Stoker). Then go outside (NOT ON YOUR TWO !!!) and switch to the AT-ST side gun. About six or eight missiles – and the frightened fat man will run away inside. Remove the infantry on the cornice, drive the AT-ST back into the hangar (we are well-mannered people !!!) and go into the building.

4) Ord Mantell (Fett; Episode 3):

a) Very quickly (acceleration is the very thing) take out all the warehouses – in this situation Fett will run after you without a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle, only with E11.
b) How to return to the ship, having turned all the warehouses, quickly dive into a narrow underground passage – there is nowhere for Fett to fly, which means that it will be much easier to get into it.

5) Yalara (third episode):

At the very top, after the tower with the ramps, after the elevator, two rather steep Sith will be waiting for you, one with a staff and one with two blades, and they are thrown almost simultaneously. Quite an unpleasant meeting, so it’s better to know about these buddies in advance.

To Vyun (after the second block of missions), I advise you to learn the treatment (not suction) completely, the mental shield – completely, the physical absorption – at least somehow. The fourth force and the level of its development – at your discretion.

Any fight with a Jedi (Sith, Imperial …) can be quickly ended if you have a sword-staff. To do this, during the fight, we crouch and press “attack”. The strikes of the staff will come from below (so they cannot be deflected), and the attack of the sword will be like the spinning disc of the grinder.

In the passage it is said that Ragnos is to be thrown in the forehead long and hard. I played at an easy level, but at the same time the battle with the evil one lasted 10 seconds. Either I got into the scepter, or there was little life left (although the battle had just begun), the dude bent over instantly. I think it will be useful to someone. Aim the sword at the scepter. And also cast acceleration and defense – and forward.

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