Stellaris: Advice (Adapting old mods for your version of the game)

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April 6, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Stellaris: Advice (Adapting old mods for your version of the game)

It happens that the game has been updated, and the mods with which I played before – the new version does not support, and there are no updates for them, and maybe it is not expected or will be, but someday, and that is not a fact. But this is not a reason to abandon them, since you can adapt them for yourself, moreover, without bothering much and do it using the game itself (or rather, its launcher). I will explain with a personal and illustrative example: yesterday I updated from my 1.4.1 to 1.7.2, all the mods that were previously – on this version became obsolete and unsupported. Some time ago I downloaded the Faster Gameplay mod from here, so let’s take it as an example. Launch the game (or rather, its launcher), go to the “Mods” tab, remember the name as it is displayed there, click “Editor” at the top right and “Create Mod” in it. We enter the name of our mod, in this case – Faster Gameplay, on the line below – in small letters together, without spaces, write the name of the folder in which the data related to this mod will be stored, and put at least one tag. It is not necessary to put all 4 marks, you can do with one. You do not need to specify the version of the game, because it is already there initially, and it is for it that the mod is created. That’s it, click the visa to the right “Create mod”. But now the fun begins: go to Docs / Paradox Interactive / Stellaris / mod. Most of the mods downloaded from the Internet have a name in the form of a series of numbers, such as “694585917”, in this case you just need to climb through the folders and look for the desired mod. Sometimes – there may be an archive with all the mod files, and sometimes – files and folders (that is, in full). If there is an archive, then we unpack it right there, or immediately into the folder of our mod, which we created before, if there is no archive, but only files and folders, then we can safely select it all, without exception, and copy it to the folder of our mod. If you unpacked the archive into the same folder, then delete the archive, and transfer all the data from it to the directory of our mod. Launch the game launcher again, go to Mods, and there we find this our recreated mod and click on it to activate it. It will highlight, and that’s it – the mod has been successfully activated. Its previous version, which we worked with before, just like the file with the .mod extension, which belonged to the old version – safely delete.

Thus, you can remake any mod you like for yourself, be it even for version 1.0.

P.S. If the mod is outdated and not compatible with the version of your game, then it will have a red icon like “[!]” To the right of its name.

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