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April 29, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Still Life 2: Tip (How to replay the ending)

For those who did not save Polomna and want to watch a good ending without going through the game again.

If you ended the game with a bad ending, and to see a good one, the option with deleting the file does not help, then there is one thing in the game for you. I don’t know if this is a glitch, or it was conceived by the developers, I also don’t know if it works on all builds of the game, but it works on mine.

And so, load the last save before entering the room with Polomna.
It is not necessary to enter the room with Polomna. Basically, you won’t miss anything.

The missed plot is as follows:
Two options for freeing Polomna.
1) Behind the chair on the floor, shoot the lid of the box, cut the insulation off the lid with a Hawker cutter and block the rheostat with it. Now, using the Hawker’s lockpick, free Polomna.
2) Collect the electric clamps and hook them onto Polomny’s wrist and anklets. You can use all 4, or you can use 2 or 3. With 4, you Polomne will provide a comfortable release, and with 2 or 3, it will shock her with a current, and the indicator on the wall will show a voltage drop, the main thing is that it does not reached the red mark.
Opening the handcuffs, Vic yanks her out of the chair. They hug, and the meter on the wall stops. After the end of the veal tenderness, they look at the counter, and he started counting again. Time bomb was activated.
Polomna yells: When will this all end?.
Vic: Don’t panic, go behind the glass behind the computer and look for hidden commands to open the hatches.
Polomna: We have to get out of here. It will be a sensation and only on the fifth channel.
Vic: Really and what I have only thought about so far.
At this, Vic Polomnu sends him to hammer on the keys of the computer, and you have to find and defuse the bomb. You go to the brush on the wall to the left of the door, open it, it all burned down. But it contains a working digital panel. Take it and leave the room.
Well, then everything is the same.

And so, in case of a bad ending, load the game before entering the room with Polomna. From Hawker, you only need a PDA to get the password for the cabinet with the bomb from it. Only wire cutters are needed from Hawker’s room.
The room where Hawker was killed has three doors on one wall, no code panels. You need the left one in the corner. Approach it, fumble around the place for the code panel with the mouse until the key cursor appears, poke it. The camera moves to the other side of the room, at an angle to the door, Vic says that she has seen such a panel before. You need exactly this position of the camera, if the camera has not moved at an angle to the door, then go to the middle door so that the left door between the wall and the cistern is visible. Move your mouse just above the code panel on the left door, look for the mouse cursor in the form of a magnifying glass. When he appears, poke them. You will see a screen with a code panel. Under the digital panel, between the light bulbs, the mouse cursor is activated to take this panel into inventory. Take it. And now you go to the cabinet with the bomb and insert this panel into it. The panel can be inserted into any of four cabinets. On the wall with three cabinets, the left and middle panels are not working, the number 1 on the right panel does not work.
You defuse the bomb, and, unlike the storyline, you have unlimited time to defuse. And watch a good final video. Polomna herself, miraculously, will free herself and come to you.

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