Stronghold 2: The Council (Rogue Camp game)

1.Create an arbitrary map in the editor

2.Choose a military scenario, go to the map and set up a camp of robbers

3.Create a flag for the appearance of the castle (anywhere)

4. We go into the function of the military scenario, and select any color except red (that is, except ourselves, otherwise the token with the camp will not work), which will lead the castle

5.Save the map under any of your names

6.Go into single player, path of war, customize, and your map should be listed

7.We go, we try to highlight the robber who will appear soon

8. Done, you play on behalf of the outlaw camp, + this is the only option I know when you can play as a color other than red

P.S if you place predators on the map, then they can also be controlled

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